HALLELUJAH!! Finally, a Resolution to Stop the Disregard of Town Code!

Important Resolution for all Amherst Residents.
Below is a Resolution that will be on the Town Board Agenda, Monday, March 20.

It is an effort to reaffirm the Town Code  203-8 that has been neglected.
Please let our Boardmembers know how important it is to approve this resolution to assure
residents of the endeavors taken for an open, transparent and honest government.

Will it pass?  Your guess is as good as any other.


Giving the Public Opportunity to Comment

WHEREAS, Town Code Section 203-8, Common Development procedures, sets forth the process for the review of project application by town departments, boards and committees; and

WHEREAS, this section details the manner in which such applications are first determined complete precedent to application review by town officials and the conduct of public hearings to elicit community comment on complete applications; and

WHEREAS, the Planning Department in an effort to provide some flexibility has over time interpreted these rules more loosely which has allowed the scheduling of public hearings on projects with incomplete applications so that the current practice is inconsistent with the plain language contained in the Code; and

WHEREAS, while there may be changes necessary in the review process prospectively, it is paramount that current processing of development projects is undertaken in a manner consistent with current code; and

WHEREAS, Town Code requires that only complete applications are subject to review by town departments, boards and committees and provides for a 30 day period for the technical review of each project component; and

WHEREAS, this review period also serves to allow the public to examine project documents during the technical review period; and

WHEREAS, current practice has diluted the due diligence undertaken during a completeness review resulting in incomplete applications advancing thru the review process prematurely; and

WHEREAS, the practice of ignoring the 30 day advance document submission requirements has resulted in the shielding of project submissions from public review and scrutiny, creating an undue hardship on community involvement; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that Planning Board, Planning Department and the Town Attorney together examine the requirements of the Town Code and immediately revise operational procedures to fully comply with the Town code in all respects; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all other Town boards and committees, especially the statutory boards and committees (Traffic Safety Board, Zoning Board of Appeals) revise their conduct to comply with the Bylaws they have adopted to govern their business affairs to be sure that the Public is provided ample opportunity to examine project or application documents and comment on matters facing the Town.

3 Responses to “HALLELUJAH!! Finally, a Resolution to Stop the Disregard of Town Code!”

  1. Lynne says:

    Hallelujah is right! But, it is very sad that a resolution has to be written on behalf of the public to remind the people in charge that they must abide by their own Town Ordinance.

    How fitting to have this exposure happen during what the Buffalo News calls: “Sunshine Week.”

    I say a unanimous vote on it. Would anyone dare condone this outrageous practice now that it has been revealed?

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Never attribute altruism to a politician when their actions can be more easily explained by a need for self preservation!

    Now that this apparent illegal practice has been exposed, they may just be trying to get ahead of it, to limit possible loses in the next town election. It might also even be an apparent attempt to prevent any potential investigation by the New York State Attorney General.

    This town government (especially the supervisor) has always tried to minimize any accountability to the public by hiding what they do. Once the election is over, they seem to think their own personal/political interests are the same as that of the public … even when the public tells them it isn’t.

    Sad! <–(joke)


  3. Jake says:

    They all must be scrambling to cover themselves. These are Weinstein’s puppets. Now that the public knows of the corruption, beyond a shadow of a doubt, keep an eye on what they have planned, under the table, behind closed doors with Imagine Amherst. Weinstein’s final gift to his developer buddies to rezone Amherst to their liking that will cheat and sell out homeowners..