Hopkins for Mensch, Heins for Mensch. The People Will Make the Right Decision

Six degrees of separation is so true.  You may be in line to pay for something in a store in Miami and you discover the cashier is from Amherst and both of you have a cousin in common.  This is what “six degrees of separation” means.

The Mensch Group is suing Amherst.  Sean Hopkins is the attorney for the Mensch Group when Westwood is discussed in town hall.  The law firm which is representing the Mensch Group in  court is Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP. Mr. Joseph P. Heins is a member of this law firm.

  • If the name Joseph P. Heins sounds familiar he is the the campaign manager for the Amherst Republican candidates running for the three (3) seats on our Amherst town board.
  • Heins is the person who said he will not let his candidates appear at the Open Government Meeting Candidates Forum on October 12th because this forum is biased.  The truth is that the Open Government group is comprised of people from all the major political parties in Amherst.
  • Mr. Heins’ greatest fear concerns the answers his candidates may give in response to questions pertaining to developers and development in Amherst, which he has said he thinks more development is needed to make Amherst like a little metropolis.
  • If these candidates decide not to show up for the Oct. 12th forum it may be their Waterloo.  The public will remember their names when it comes to election day no matter how much money they spend on TV or radio ads. This technique won’t work this time.
  • To be seen and answer questions is the only way you can be a formidable candidate.

8 Responses to “Hopkins for Mensch, Heins for Mensch. The People Will Make the Right Decision”

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks to the Amherst Times for exposing the tangled web connecting the attorneys representing Westwood’s Mensch group with the Republican candidates for the town board.

    Unbelievable! Joseph Heins’ law firm suing the town on behalf of Mensch LLC, with Sean Hopkins, in the mix? And, this is the same Mr. Heins, donning a Republican campaign manager hat? Why? To groom the Republican candidates to become the developer’s dream team and provide more jobs for him and his practice?

    The Westwood neighborhood and all neighborhoods who cherish green space, open space, wetlands, wildlife, trees, parkland and everything else that is natural, beware the tangled web being woven before your eyes. Heins, Hopkins and any other commercial real estate attorney are interested in maintaining their gravy train. It does not matter who or what suffers from their greed. According to the Board of Elections contribution lists, there are others wanting to buy a piece of Mr. Heins’ dream team. Looks, for all the world, like buying an election.

    Not surprising that the dream team is being advised by Mr. Heins not to face, head-on, serious questions and concerns from residents on October 12. It is much easier to send out tons of mailers telling of their non-specific, overplayed rhetoric that no one, grounded in reality, believes.

  2. Judy says:

    Astonishing nexus with Joseph Heins/Sean Hopkins representing Mensch and Joseph Heins directing the campaign for the Republican candidates. We can follow the dots. It is arrogance personified! These facts lend truth to the rumor that Mensch is waiting for a more favorable board to build out Westwood and flout any attempt to protect green space, wetlands and the quality of life for Amherst residents.

  3. Lynne says:

    I’ve been to the website. There may be 70 attorneys in the law office doing various type of law. But..quoting here..

    “Mr. Heins focuses his work in the area of commercial real estate, including leasing, sales and acquisitions, project development, financing and real property title matters. He has considerable experience in the retail sector, representing developers, landlords and tenants of shopping malls and other retail establishments.”

    Appearances and perceptions are bad. Campaign manager for the Republicans? Bad move.

  4. jjtric says:

    No way did I WRITE HE WAS THE ATTORNEY IN COURT DEFENDING THE MENSCH GROUP.Do you have a guilty conscience?

  5. Doug says:

    Many “professional” jobs come to my mind. Certainly not one who “has considerable experience…representing developers” and whose law firm is suing our town and taxpayers on behalf of Mensch, a developer. Nice try, though. Sorry, it looks sleazy.

  6. Sandra says:

    Kinda hit a nerve with the connection btwn developers and republicans and their handlers, huh? Sounds defensive to me. But connect the dots for yourselves. I dont understand the position on candidates running for town board afraid to face the public..Just what do they think the job entails. oh yeah..its meeting with developers and hiding from the public. But anybody who is connected to the developers favorite wind bag attny Hopkins has a strike against them in my book. thanks for the info.

  7. Ron says:

    You’re going to have to ask Mr. Heins who the developers are that has given him “considerable experience..in representing developers.” The quote is from his bio. What we do know is that his law firm is representing Mensch Developers in suing Amherst. For what? Favoring the public’s concerns, not theirs and denying them a rezone? Mr Heins represents developers. He is also directing the Republican candidates. Maybe Tom F. doesn’t get it, but the public does. You know, the taxpayers who are sick and tired of the unchecked development and the problems this has created in and around their homes?

    BTW. Why is Mr. Heins advising his Republican charges not to participate in the recorded Open Government, meet the candidates forum, at town hall, October 12? If they want to serve all the people and their concerns, they should be able to speak to them. They can’t rely on the pricey mailers loaded with platitudes. What about OPEN GOVERNMENT do they not understand? Would it be easier for them to speak to a room full of developers ready to plunk down thousands of dollars in support of the Heins dream team?

  8. Lou says:

    Never mind “astonishing.” This hustle is blatant and outrageous! Even the mob is more discreet.

    Anyone that votes for this developers’ dream team better be prepared to have all developers running the town and blowing it out with more needless development, less of, or no greenspace and, a topsy-turvy town for years.