How Our Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz is Trying to Take Over the ADC

Michael Szukala                   Mark Poloncarz
Did most of the citizens in Amherst know we had an Inspector General of Erie County? Well we did, for a short period, until the title was changed to Medicaid Inspector General.
There was an auditor who worked in the Buffalo’s Comptroller’s office named Michael Szukala.  He was a very close friend of Mark Poloncarz, our County Executive. Mark needed a personal driver whose loyalty was above reproach, a man who would do anything he was asked.

Mark was approached by a member of the Erie County Legislature to hire Szukala as his personal driver.  Poloncarz has a “plan” to take over the Amherst Democrats.  He needed someone to become part of the Amherst Democratic Committee to spy on what the Amherst Dems where doing.

Szukala left his job in the Comptroller’s office and became Poloncarz’s driver but he needed a higher paying job.  This is when Michael Zsukala was given a different job for which he had no qualifications.  He became the Erie County Medicaid Inspector.  This important job paid over a $100,000.  Isn’t patronage a wonderful thing?

Mr. Michael Szukala sticks out at Amherst Town Board meetings because of the white furry coat he wears to every meeting.  He believes he doing his job of making friends in the Amherst Democratic Committee but nearly everyone in the committee knows why he is there and considers him a joke.

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