I Won the Lottery – in My Dreams

I have never earned enough money in my life to be able to save for my retirement, and now at 55 and poorer than I have ever been in my life, I can’t afford to save enough to scratch the surface of what I need to be able to live comfortably when I retire.Financial planning experts would tell you to put away that $5 a week into a retirement fund, but in reality, what is $5 a week going to get me in say 15 years?

With the way that costs are increasing, and the number of retirement savings plans plummeting in value due to the economy, or crooks like Bernie Madoff, I believe that we are better off playing the Lottery instead.

By doing this, chances are we will lose. Of course we know that. However, since $5 a week would make precious little difference to our savings in 15 years, we both consider buying a couple of Lottery tickets a good investment.

Just imagine if we did win, even half a million pounds or dollars? Even a million is not a lot these days, but it could make a huge difference to our lies nevertheless.

If we did win the Lottery, we would definitely try to invest our winnings, and to live off just the interest, leaving our nest egg intact for our future, and for that of our children and grandchildren as well.

Hard to believe I know, but I wrote a poem about this…

My retirement plan it should be said
Is not the same as most
My money’s spent on house repairs
Or day trips to the coast

Some folks have planned throughout their life
And saved a pretty sum
But me? I had a spendthrift wife
Who left us practically none

At my age it is far too late
To try to save for when
I do stop work and need
A little extra now and then

And so instead I choose to spend
A small amount instead
To buy a lottery ticket each week
And dreams go through my head

Just think if we could really win
That Jackpot we desire
And have enough to live
So that we could both retire

It would be nice to have a house
That’s got an awesome view
And big enough for us and friends
It’s the first thing we would do

Before we had a spending spree
We would lay down our goal
To only spend the interest
And to leave the Jackpot whole

But chance of winning is so slim
And although I love to dream
It’s doubtful that this will come true
And make our life serene

So here am I just getting old
And working every day
Just barely making both ends meet
Our lives passing away

I still can dream of winning though
And ask the Lord above
That maybe he might send down some luck
For me and my sweet love

It would be so nice to have time
To see the wonders of our world
To share the joy with my dear wife
Our two sons and our four girls

But dreaming, sigh, is all
That I can do unless I win
Each Saturday I get excited
Although I know the chance is slim

But maybe, maybe just one day
Good luck will smile on us
I wish you luck on Saturday
May fortune shine on us

I hope you enjoyed that, and if you have brought Lottery tickets, I wish you luck, and hope that your numbers will be lucky ones.

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