“Imagine Amherst” Is The Butcher To Destroy Our Comprehensive Plan

First comment about Imagine Amherst
Barry Weinstein              Robert Gilmour                      Eric Gillert
Last night, channel 7 had a story on a meth clinic going into a residential neighborhood that the neighbors brought before the town board.

I watched the video of the meeting on the town website. Everyone should, if interested in viewing incompetence, ignorance, and corruption on full display.  Not sure, but it looks like the buck stops at the feet of the town’s uber liar, Eric Gillert, second only to Weinstein who is our local Sgt. Schultz. “I see nothing.  I hear nothing.  I know nothing.” It appears that no one knew anything, except Gillert. Is is possible that one man could have that power? Was Gillert aware that this would be

It appears that no one knew anything, except Gillert. Is it possible that one man could have that much power?  Was Gillert aware that this would be within walking distance of another problem area and could compound problems for two or more residential areas?  Does he care?  Do the rest of them care?

All I can say is these people need to be voted out in November. Amherst taxpayers deserve better. It is worth watching the video to hear the blatant, yet effortless lies that are told to the public and, hear the other talkers reveal the deceptive tactics practiced by persons supposedly working for the people with honesty and integrity.

The mug shots of the three posted here should not be in a position to dictate the future of Amherst and its people. They have overseen and directed enough damage.

This is the second comment About Imagine Amherst

The gig is up for these three. Their pattern of behavior has always been to work behind closed doors to push whatever is required to service their cronies. Residents be damned.

They just got exposed. It is fascinating to watch the “jig” they are doing now to distance themselves from the zoning fiasco on Millersport. Even the square footage of the property does not square with what we are being told. Lies, lies and more lies. These are the same jokers overseeing Imagine Amherst where they get to play with all zoning codes.

Gilmour has been their faithful water boy and a perfect shameless player to promote their agenda of the day. Do we need any more evidence of incompetence and corruption?

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