ImagineAmherst Must be Stopped

The ImagineAmherst committee effectively kept the public away by holding two secret “public” meetings on July 11th & 12th at Sweet Home High.  The public wasn’t aware of these meetings where public input was essential to the ImagineAmherst Project.  The attendance by the unknowing public about these meetings was nil.  The committee itself was missing several members – only certain people received emails about the meeting.

Why is this committee rushing this project to get the Town Board to approve it?

Below is information about these meetings.  This committee has tried many different tactics to keep the public in the dark about ImagineAmherst, even after the State Department, who gave us this grant, stated we were to encourage robust public input.

ImagineAmherst is a spiked collar around this town’s neck which will eventually destroy Amherst as we know it.

Joint Committee Workshop

July 11 & 12th, 2017 @ 6pm

Sweet Home School District Offices (Enter Door #6)

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