Jerry Schad Weeding Out Members of “His” Amherst Democratic Committee

 The Chairman Of The Amherst Democratic Committee – JERRY SCHAD

Jerry's Pic

I’m having the last laugh.

I’ve received phone calls from individuals in the Amherst Democratic Committee telling me that Jerry Schad, Chairman of this group, has informed his intimate friends he is going to be very selective who will be ‘allowed’ in his Committee.  Many of the regular faces will not be there anymore including members from different parties.

He will be deleting those people who ask questions which are contrary to Jerry’s Democratic beliefs, and those people who ask questions about the Committee which only the leadership should be aware of.

Jerry Schad has gotten rid of some of these people already.  Those he has left in the Committee are his ‘clique’ who will blindly follow his line of leadership.

Written by James Tricoli

One Response to “Jerry Schad Weeding Out Members of “His” Amherst Democratic Committee”

  1. jjtric says:

    I’m wearing a badge of honor being one of the people Jerry Schad force out of the kingdom of Schadland. What he has done is create a kingdom of serfs he rules with the threat of shut up or your out.