Jolly Boys Donates Profits of “OLD HOME DAYS” to Charities

People riding the Tilt a Whirl at the Old Home Days Celebration in Island Park, in Williamsville, N.Y.

Old Home Days are finished for this year. These are the traditional 4 days where people from the area and other places come to have a good time.  We have to thank the Jolly Boys who sponsor this event to raise money for different charities.

Since so many people come out and spend their money on food, rides and the famous beer tent, I think it would be nice for the Jolly Boys to put out a list of what charities they donate the profits from “Old Home Days” to.   I’m sure the public would be very interested to know who receives these funds.

Williamsville ex-mayor, Basil Piazza, who is a member of the Jolly Boys, promised me he would put out this list.  Since he is known as a man of his word I’s sure he will keep his promise.  I am looking forward to learning which charities are on the list.

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