Jolly Boys of Amherst Aren’t So Jolly

April 14, 2018

by Jim Tricoli

Each summer we celebrate “Old Home Days” in Williamsville. There are many positive features to these four days in July but there are also some dark side pieces.

If a family of four go to this event, within ½ hour they have easily blown $20 bucks on rides for the kids. The Jolly Boys of Amherst hires the company who supply all the rides and games and they “Boys” also run the beer tent, and the beer tent makes some big bucks.

This entire event is run by the Jolly Boys who say the money they make go to different charities or scholarships. The Amherst police, who protect the people at this event and guide traffic, are paid by the taxpayers of Amherst. The Jolly Boys don’t pay one red cent for the police presence. There isn’t any money coming from the Village or Town for that purpose even though the Town of Amherst does give the Jolly Boys $2,000 to help them out with their expenses.

I discovered that there was only one sheet of paper dealing with the Jolly Boys concerning ”Old Home Days.” There wasn’t any other information dealing with who took out permits for anything for this event. The reason there wasn’t any other paper work was no other paper work was filled out.

I started digging deeper and asked Basil Piazza, who is a member of the Jolly Boys, if he would give a list of charities his group gave money to and the years they gave it. He said he would. He never did. I’ve asked him several times.

Then, one day as I leaving Mass at my church, Sts. Peter and Paul in the  village, I was approached by a large, tall man who told me to stop looking into the Jolly Boys affairs.

I continued to dig and discovered other information about the Jolly Boys which I think needs to be investigated. The minimum would be that they start paying for the police service provided during Old Home Days.

3 Responses to “Jolly Boys of Amherst Aren’t So Jolly”

  1. JOE D. says:

    If fraud , theft or other illegal deiversion of funds suspected,it should be reported to the Amherst Police Dept, also if you felt threatened by this known? individual who attempted to intimidate or threaten you because of your inquisitive actions, that incident should also go on record in your police report.
    If this good ol’ boys club is being given taxpayer funded police services, why arent our elected officials questioning how and where the proceeds from this “charity event”?are being distributed, not to mention lack of proper permits, liability insurance proof etc.
    I t would be in your best interests to identify who the individual that approached you and his connection to the “jolly boys”.
    Obviously they have something to hide, illegal or otherwise, for the response that you received. Godd Job Jim…hope to read more on this situation!

  2. jjtric says:

    Thanks Joe D. I did not file a police report at that time. I have never filed a police report concerning any of the times I have been approached by anyone attempting to “intimidate” me. Following the church incident I did share it with my friend Dan Ward, only to get it off my mind.

  3. walt says:

    Why don’t you simply visit their website You will also find some of the members being former police officers, town judge, former head of the town’s youth services, local business owners, etc. If the confrontation did happen it is truly unfortunate, but wonder what may have precipitated such an action?