Let’s Drain the Swamp in Amherst

One of the phrases our President has uttered that I actually agree with is that we must drain the swamp of the leeches; people who are owned by power groups and those who are incompetent who are given patronages jobs.

Our local government in Amherst has been hit with this cancer of patronages jobs. Patronage jobs given to crooked, dishonest people is the main reason developers call Amherst their “dream town.”

People like Robert Gilmour, chairman of the Planning Board, is a perfect example of being a developers baby. Gilmour already served the allotted time on this important board but last year he was switched from another board back to the Planning Board by his dear friend Fran Spoth, so he could control this important board in support of developers.

My stomach turned every time the people of Amherst were voted down by the Planning Board and the decision went to a developer.

Amherst isn’t the only Town who gives out patronage jobs to people who are total losers. The King of Patronages jobs is our Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz.  His infamous gift was creating a $102,000 job for his car driver Michael Szukala.  Mr. Szukala was originally given the job title Inspector General of Erie County. The title was changed to Inspector General of Medicaid. This is an important job at the state level not at the local level.

If the powers in Amherst want the engine of our town to start running efficiently, we must release the individuals who hand out useless patronages jobs and those who were the recipients of such patronage.

7 Responses to “Let’s Drain the Swamp in Amherst”

  1. Paul T says:

    Don’t forgot Debbie Bucki voted for Gilmour as well. She’s such a fake, pretends to care but doesn’t.

  2. JOE D. says:

    We need to ask ourselves why do we..the voters keep putting the same good ‘ol boys back in office…then complain when they dole out high paying, do nothing but a titled patronage jobs to their friends and family…this merry go round of politics will continue UNTIL the voters wake up, NOT elect career politics who owe everything , except the air they breathe , to their political party who supported them, and use them as puppets…The Erie Co. Water Authority is a perfect example of how NOT to run an efficient operation..a place where useless shelf life politically connected leeches go to expire while feeding off the taxpaying, water customers!!

  3. Lynne says:

    The Planning Dept., in synchrony with the Planning Board, are two of the entities working for every developer in town. View any of the meetings or visit the department, if anyone has any doubt. Taxpayers are paying for employees misguided goals.

    One has to wonder about the appointed board. Gilmour has a long record of voting for any development, in spite of overt problems. Guilani is another.

    One has to wonder why Spoth finds Gilmour so appealing when the evidence of his incompetence, bias and rudeness is obvious. Vacancy is unacceptable in these positions. If they are cut from the same cloth, both need to resign. They are not operating in the best interest of the public. They can’t be serving the public when their primary focus is themselves and their “friends.”

  4. Money Talks says:

    Paul T. if you took the time and effort to check the OFFICIAL Town website you would have found that Debbie Bucki was the only person who voted AGAINST Gilmour.

    Resolution 2017-62
    MOVER: Francina Spoth, Councilmember
    SECONDER: Barry A. Weinstein, Supervisor
    AYES: Barry A. Weinstein, Steven D. Sanders, Ramona D. Popowich, Francina Spoth
    NAYS: Deborah Bruch Bucki

    So either you are intellectually careless or intentionally deceptive with this comment. What was it?

    Resolution 2017-62: http://amherstny.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_LegiFile.aspx?ID=16336&highlightTerms=2017-62

    Please note: The Planning Board meets next on this Thursday, Jan 18, 2018 at 6:30 PM. They have their public work session half an hour earlier in the hard to find Council Conference Room.

    Agenda: http://amherstny.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=14&ID=2307&Inline=True


  5. Paul T says:

    Money talks why don’t you use your real name?

  6. Money Talks says:

    Why don’t you!

    “Paul T” could be anybody, means absolutely nothing, you know it and I know it. Pure hypocrisy.

    Are you just going to let your misinformation hang in the wind without an explanation? I know some now feel they can make up their own “facts” in order to hurt others. Are you?


  7. Peter says:

    Paul T., who cares who says what? I’m grateful to someone, anyone who presents documented facts, not ad hoc rubbish said or printed by a group of people who lost an election and can’t handle it.

    The public knows the truth. They made the right choice. The lying, stealing and general childish behavior did not work before the election and won’t after, either. It serves to underscore that these people are not worthy or capable of representing the people of Amherst, any longer. Amherst needs a lot of fixing. The public knows it and voted accordingly.

    Deal with it all you sorry, sore losers.