Licata’s Challenge at Timon-St. Jude Goes Well Beyond Coaching Football

Joe Licata has no experience as a high school administrator or head coach, but Bishop Timon-St. Jude supporters can rest peacefully knowing the Tigers are in good hands with him taking over as athletic director. He has all the qualities needed to restore order after Charlie Comerford resigned last month.

For starters, Licata is among the most upright and upbeat people you’ll meet anywhere on any level. He was a football and basketball star at Williamsville South and a terrific quarterback at UB, but he was respected in both arenas far more for the way he conducted himself than what he accomplished on the playing surface.

Licata seemed destined for coaching long before his playing days were over, a matter of time before he combined his football IQ with his friendly demeanor and communication skills. Spend a few minutes with him, and you understand he’s a natural leader with his head on straight.

On the surface, Licata is exactly what Timon needs while trying to navigate treacherous waters that threaten to sink the school. The issues run much deeper than having a competent athletic director and football coach. In fact, coaching football will be the easiest part of Licata’s job. It’s not a stretch to suggest he could help save the school.

Let me be clear: Timon isn’t in danger of closing any time soon, and Licata shouldn’t be considered a savior. But there’s little disputing the once-proud Catholic school has lost leverage in the community over the years.
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