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NBA Draft Lottery: Raptors Should Take Point Guard

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The NBA Draft Lottery was held on Tuesday night and the Toronto Raptors walked away the winner. You will have to forgive the teams GM Brian Colangelo for not doing cartwheels or shouting at the top of his lungs. Unlike in years past there isn’t that franchise changing we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing at the top of everyone’s draft board. Instead of Lebron James and Yao Ming we get LaMarcus Aldridge and Tyrus Thomas. Although no one is sure what Colangelo or any of the other general managers will do, here’s what the teams with the top ten picks should do.1. Toronto Raptors. The Raptors should go unconventional and draft Uconn point guard Marcus Williams. Think about No one really knows whether or not Aldridge or Thomas or Italian import Andrea Bargnani can play, also you already have two pretty good big men in Charlie Villanueva and Chris Bosh. What you need now is some one who can get them the ball. Williams is a pass first shoot second point guard, who is not yet a great shooter but has the size to post up smaller point guards.

  1. Chicago Bulls. The Bulls should take the No.2 pick, package it with Luol Deng and Tyson Chandler and propose a trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Garnett. The only question is would Kevin Mchale be naïve enough to take this deal, and he might be. If Garnett wants to be traded then the Wolves should honor that for the years he has given to the franchise. Sending him to his hometown team would be a nice touch, also if there as high on Bargnani as everyone else seems to be then he would be right there for the taking.
  2. Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats are team that is on the rise Emeka Okafor and Sean May are good young post players and Raymond Felton isn’t that far behind Chris Paul as the best young point guard in the game. With these pieces in place they should draft Tyrus Thomas. For the Bobcats it’s not a huge risk. With the two big men there already it gives them time to bring Thomas along slowly.
  3. Portland Trailblazers. This is probably the easiest pick in the entire draft. The Portland Trailblazers, a franchise hemorrhaging money, a franchise that has lost a lot of it’s fan base because of the recent behavior of it’s players. (you guys remember the Rasheed Wallace, Damon Stoudamire, J.R. Rider era) They have to take Adam Morrison. Morrison may not turn out to be the next Larry Bird, but being a hometown product he will help the Blazers where they need it most, at the gate.
  4. Atlanta Hawks. Talk about a franchise that has no clue The Hawks blew it big time last year by not drafting Chris Paul, and there still in need of a point guard. The problem is in this mock draft Marcus Williams is already of the board. They should take Aldridge because even they have a lot 6 feet 7 inch swing men they don’t have a guy who could be a legit center.
  5. Minnesota Timberwolves. Suppose Kevin Mchale accepts the Chicago bulls offer for Kevin Garnett for the 2nd pick. You would have a nice nucleus of Deng, Chandler, Bargnani, and the guy who they should take at the No. 6 pick Brandon Roy. All of the NBA scouts say Roy is the player most ready to play in this draft.
  6. Boston Celtics. The Celtics like so many other teams in this league are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Should they draft another big man who could turn out to be more inconsistent then the two they already have. (Al Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins) or do they take a point guard. The Celts should take a big man here and his name is Shelden Williams from Duke. You know what you’re going to get from him because he played for Coach K. He may also be the most physically strong big man in the draft, and he has an underrated post game.
  7. Houston Rockets. What the Rockets really need is one of those T.V. faith healers to keep Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady on the court, but since that’s not going to happen they should draft a point guard. Kyle Lowry from Villanova seems best suited for this slot. Even though he is a combo guard he’s good enough to get guys involved and still get his, and if Yao and Tracy have another year like last year he’s going to have to get his.
  8. Golden State Warriors. Of all the teams in the lottery the Warriors are clearly the biggest enigma. This is a team that was good enough and should have made the playoffs last year. With Baron Davis and Jason Richardson in the backcourt and Mike Dunleavy Jr. upfront the Warriors need a rebounding and defensive orienated center. They should draft that with Bradley center Patrick O’Bryant. O’Bryant is not an offensive threat as of yet, but is a good shot blocker who could ignite their fast break.
  9. Seattle Supersonics. Like the Warriors, the Sonics were also a disappointment last year. Ray Allen is still the team’s best player but he is clearly getting up there in age. The Sonics should take Ronnie Brewer from Arkansas. Brewer is versatile and a good defender, which would do wonders for one of the worst defensive teams in the league. He also has an underrated offensive game,which would take some of the pressure not to mention some of the minutes from Allen.

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