Need A Job? Call Our Erie County Executive

A follow-up to the article: Mark Poloncarz is for “ImagineAmherst”

When Mr. Poloncarz was looking for a high paying job for his friend Mike Szukala he couldn’t find one that the public wouldn’t question.  To solve that dilemma Mr. Poloncarz created a job which he called, “Inspector General of Erie County.”  Since there wasn’t a job on the civil service list, and the State of New York already had an Inspector General of Medicaid, a fraud was incurred by Mr. Poloncarz.  No worries.  Poloncarz created a new job title, “Inspector General of Amherst” with the pay rate of $102,000 a year.

I have contacted the office of the Inspector General of Medicaid in Albany and was informed there is no other Inspector General of Medicaid in the State of New York.  Mike Szukala was given a made up job by Supervisor Poloncarz.  Szukala would no longer be a civil servant.  He is simply a person not subject to any scrutiny by any government agency.

Mr. Szukala’s main task is to spy on people and report back to Mr. Poloncarz.  What other duties he has I have no idea but for the money he is making he must be doing something useful.

9 Responses to “Need A Job? Call Our Erie County Executive”

  1. Hank says:

    You seem to be over the top on your concern about Szukala. Maybe even crossing a line here and opening yourself up to the kind of writing that could lead to legal action, especially in the last paragraph here.

  2. jjtric says:

    I have the truth on my side.

  3. Hank says:

    Sure, jjtric, however, here’s some more truth that challenges some of your assertions concerning the funding for this office, from my own research online:

    “With a new partnership with the New York State Department of Health (“NYSDoH”) and the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (“OMIG”), Erie County will is the ‘flagship’ of the State’s revamped Demonstration Project process and is the largest municipality outside of New York City to partner with the State on stamping out provider waste and abuse.  As part of their three-party Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”), the State has agreed to fully fund all costs associated with the startup and administration of the County’s efforts.

    “Eleven (“11”) other counties and New York City have participated in earlier versions of OMIG’s Demonstration Project and some have experienced success in not only deterring but identifying and recovering illegally obtained Medicaid payments to vendors.  Recent successes include Monroe County identifying nearly $12 million in Medicaid claim overpayments made to local providers, with OMIG taking action to successfully recover more than $4 million.   Monroe County’s local share of these collections amounted to $515,745.  New York City was also recently presented with $278,642, which represented their local share of more than $10 million in Medicaid funds recovered over the past three years.”

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    Hank, your original source is from the county executives’ self-promotion claims on the erie county website. It did NOT come any creditable INDEPENDENT news source.

    Why didn’t you just give everyone the original link so we all could know where it came from? And why did you leave out the first part of the promotional claims? Are you connected to the county executive or a political operative of his?

    PS: I have seen Mr. Szukala present his views about “Imagime Amherst”, and he appeared self-absorbed, out of touch with reality, and politically motivated!


  5. jjtric says:

    Erie County Executive Mark Polancarz signed a document which contained a passage where he states he created this job for his friend Mike Szukala.

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    Hank, it is about digging deeper, and getting more than a simple Google search will give you. Real analysis takes time and effort.

    On this project specifically I have done just that. I do not “attack” people, but comment on what I find. It is my interpretation of what I have come to understand.

    Mr. Szukala has never attended ANY “Imagine Amherst” related meeting of any kind in the past year and a half, but showed up at this rather important Planning Board meeting sitting next to and conversing with Ramona Popowich, Town Board member of the “Imagine Amherst” project working committee.

    Mr. Szukala is entitled to his opinion, and I respect that. But the opinions he presented to the Planning Board were not given as a resident of Amherst, but as an OFFICIAL of Erie County. Check the video of the meeting if you need confirmation.

    Clearly something political is going on here!


  7. Hank says:

    The, let’s see the posting of that document, instead of deleting my reply to Concerned Citizen where I stated some counterpoints to your original post, and the many other unfair posts against Mr. Szukala.

    Deleting legitimate replies simply because you disagree is NOT a legitimate response, sir! You might want to think about changing that approach. Just saying.

    So, did Berry Weinstein not select administrators for his d3partmwents in Amherst? I think not. Did Marjory Jeager not select personnel in her department as town clerk? How about pretty much every officeholder around do that.

    I was simply weighing in because I think far too much unfairness has been sent Mr. Szukala’s way, and I do not even know this gentleman. And, finally, I guess we could find Mr. Szukala’s credentials online, and then post them, all that work may be in vein because it may be deleted.


  8. jjtric says:

    My sincere regrets for deleting your comment. IF YOU STILL IT HAVE, PLEASE PUT It BACK UP.

    Jim Tricoli, Editor of the

  9. Hank says:

    OK, Mr. Tricoli, thanks! Glad to hear back.