Neighborhood Forums Highly Informative

 May 15, 2018
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The town has just completed the first four public meetings in neighborhoods.

The well-attended Snyder session had about 100 participants. Neighbors were seated at round tables to discuss their vision of the future of the town. As the tables reported out, there were common themes brought up by many.

Snyder residents were interested in public improvements, trees, sidewalks and traffic calming, as well as bike paths, improved lighting, and parkland and green space.

Many spoke in favor of redevelopment and occupancy of existing vacant commercial properties. There was no appetite for large commercial buildings. There is no interest in buildings taller than two stories.

There was concern that the apartment building at Main Street and Richfield Road is the prototype for future projects in Snyder. While technically only three stories, the Lymstone Lofts across from Williamsville South is a scant 8 feet shorter than the six-story Iskalo Hyatt. It is 57 feet high in three massive stories.

The Hyatt is 65 feet, in six stories. It is incongruous to consider additional projects of this size and mass on Main Street on shallow parcels abutting dense residential in the town’s oldest neighborhoods while the Northtown plaza is rebuilt in a series of one-story buildings.

The good turnout in Snyder indicates that residents are interested in the town actions. To my neighbors who attended thus far, thank you all.

To those in areas yet to be scheduled, pencil that date on your calendar. The sessions are 90 minutes, fast-moving and informative. And hugely worthwhile. And beware the discussion of building height.

It should be discussed in terms of “feet” rather than “stories.”

Michele Marconi
Livingston Parkway

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