An Act Too Low To Win An Election

BREAKING NEWS : The public can read this and make up their own mind.

There was a major incident this weekend.  Someone called the Amherst police concerning a person they witnessed taking down Brian Kulpa signs as well as other Democratic candidate signs.  The police witness recognized the perpetrator.  This “person of interest” was picked up by the police and questioned.  He/she admitted taking down those signs along with others valued at an estimated value of over $3,500.  The person kept the signs and didn’t destroy them.

The alleged perpetrator told the police someone of higher authority told them to do this act, but it was still this person’s choice.  This person works in the Amherst Town Clerk’s office and is reportedly related to Town Clerk Marjory Jaeger.

The most precious right we have as Americans is our right to vote. Any type of dishonest action must be brought forth to the citizens.

by James Tricoli, Editor of the

5 Responses to “An Act Too Low To Win An Election”

  1. William says:

    The police should be releasing the information, if for nothing else, a public service. Amherst voters need to know of the skulduggery emanating from the town clerk’s office. If this is the way things are done, in that office, petty and childish as they are, what can we expect of these same people running the town? Or, the same people running it for another four years?

    We are seeing over-the-top arrogance and abuses this election cycle. For example:
    Weinstein using the town seal to send propaganda about Marlette. The Marlette who neglected to explain town codes and the ramifications of them to the people on Millersport. The Marlette who worked against his neighbors to slip through the Hyatt Hotel on Main St. For what? Guess what?

    Stolen signs worth $3500. Isn’t that a criminal offense? A felony? There must be consequences. It cannot be ignored.

    As said before: Amherst deserves better!

  2. Alex says:

    The Amherst Times gets the story first, again. Thank you for trying to inform the public about the underhanded tactics employed by Republicans turned-Conservatives-Independents. The lies, distortions, character assassination, using innocent people for political gain has been disappointing and disturbing to watch. Stealing candidate signs to a felony degree, coming from Marjory Jaeger’s office by a “relative” is more than any Amherst voter should tolerate.

    Proves all the money from the developers and outside Amherst by friends of Baker-Langworthy hasn’t bought character or class,
    only more arrogance and propaganda mailers.

    On November 7 vote NO to ALL these Republicans, turned Conservative-Independent. They are a disgrace to all parties they
    proclaim as their own.


  3. Donna says:

    Stooping this low from Marjory Jaeger’s office makes you wonder what she/her department will stoop to in general. They all need to go. The public cannot risk this brand of “leadership” in any department. They’re
    all swamp dwellers.


  4. Money Talks says:

    Taking down the political signs of your opponent and replacing them with your own should be unacceptable to all voters regardless of political party. It reeks of dishonesty and desperation.

    Before you vote this year, think long and hard about giving your TRUST to those who do it. What other dishonest act may they do if elected?



  5. Lynne says:

    This is unacceptable behavior. It betrays a basic flaw that we do not need in our local politics. What would make them think this is okay to do in the clerk’s office? What else is going on in the clerk’s office? Character does matter.