Off Main Street 

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Members of the Amherst Planning Board couldn’t let Eric Gillert retire as the town’s planning director without having some fun with him at his final board meeting.

During the work session that preceded the Jan. 18 regular meeting, board members thanked Gillert, known as Rick, for his 18 years of service with the town.

“My father is retiring,” said Dal Giuliani, who filled in as board chairman that night.

“My son is an impudent one,” Gillert replied. “He has not learned a lot about manners under my tutelage.”

What’s going on with the familial nicknames? Giuliani explained they stem from the duo’s regular lunches at Johnny C’s Deli in Amherst.

“Once in a while he even pays,” Giuliani said, drawing laughs.

One day, they identified themselves as father and son, and the names stuck.

“We debated around for a while: who’s the father and who’s the son?” Giuliani said.

But Giuliani, who is 74, wore down Gillert, who is a few years older.

“I was a very precocious 3-yearold,” Gillert quipped.

Off Main Street is written by Harold McNeil, with contributions by Stephen T. Watson, Matt Glynn and Jay Tokasz.

4 Responses to “Off Main Street ”

  1. Sandra says:

    omg. i thought they were as thick as thieves. this proves it. and just WHY is Mr guiliani still on the planning board even after his “father’ was ushered out the retirement door?

  2. Lynne says:

    There is a bevy of gag-inducing operatives at town hall who have systematically promoted development that has not advanced the cause of a well-planned town nor the best interest of the people.

    Kudos to Kulpa for ushering the silver tongued, silver haired weasel out the door. His “son” needs to follow along with others that have had undue influence in damaging neighborhoods, with impunity, through ignorance or self-serving agendas.

  3. Don says:

    I attended this “Work Session” and the irony of this mutual admiration was not lost on me.

    It was primarily played out for Steve Watson of the BN to see and hopefully (for them) write about.. It worked, but only points out how gullible and naive this BN reporter is. It was self-indulgent political theater for two bit players.

    It’s now time to see how the new Planning Director, Dan Howard behaves since he also was flattered in the same insincere manner.

  4. Lynne says:

    Don’t delude yourself, Steve Watson has been all over the theater of Amherst for awhile and gets it.

    Remains to be seen how the new Planning Director, Dan Howard behaves since he was trained by his predecessor, the king of deceit.