Is That Jay Leno in Buffalo? Why Yes, It Is

Comedian Jay Leno, left, hangs out with The Buffalo News cartoonist Adam Zyglis.

And now, here’s Jay Leno … and a cartoonist.

The comedian, former host of The Tonight Show on NBC and noted classic car aficionado, was in Buffalo Friday where he paid a visit to the Pierce-Arrow Museum on Michigan Street and where Buffalo News cartoonist Adam Zyglis ran into him.

Leno is in town for a pair of performances across the border at the Fallsview Casino, including one at 9 p.m. today.
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Help Knock Out Pearson Syndrome

the Champ foundation

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No Media Or Citizen Is Allowed to Film Planning Board Meetings


The Planning Board held their meeting this evening. The only thing they did which affects the people of Amherst was to not allow filming or recording of their meetings or anyone who is in attendance.

They set up 8 conditions which must be followed including one that states you must be in the back seats if you want to film the meeting, no panning of the camera.

The Chairman of this committee made it a point to tell the media they will not to allowed to film or record  their meetings without following the 8 new rules the Planning Board put in effect as of the 21st day of April 2016.

It’s clear the Planning Board doesn’t want their special deals with developers to be exposed by the newspaper, TV reporters or radio stations.

If you are caught breaking any of the new 8 rules created by the Planning Board, the Chairman, Bob Gilmour, is the only person who can dole out punishment for any infraction of the 8 new rules.  He will decide whether you will be fined, arrested or escorted out of the meeting by an armed Amherst policeman  for causing the even flow of their meeting to be disturbed.

I will not be coerced into following any of their rules because they are contrary to the Town’s Open Meeting law. The Chairman Bob Gimour said the Town Attorney said they could do this action.I SPOKE TO THE TOWN ATTORNEY  TODAY HE SAID HE DIDN’T GIVE THEM ANY PERMISSION.

The Planning Board is again over stepping their authority. Their Chairman Bob Gilmour must follow the rules but again Bob Gilmour ego is as big as his dictatorial mouth.

James Tricoli, Editor of the Amherst Times

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District Council Is What Amherst Needs

I have lived here in Eggertsville for 53 years and seen how town services and resources never were, and now do not come.
Williamsville historically was the capital of Amherst, and everything else were the provinces and hustings.  Eggertsville was always a nice place in spite of the town – not because of it – when there was more private wealth here. that has largely left and moved east.
Southwest Amherst needs resources and renewal, which will not be equitably coming given the composition of the current TB.  we need district council for that.
In Amherst, if you are west of Harlem Road, you are on the other side of the tracks.  This area could go down hill fast.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Dan Ward

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How Did Donald Trump’s People Come To America


This morning on the Today Show Donald Trump held a Town Hall meeting.  He answered questions from the public. I couldn’t  believe what came out of this man’s mouth.

He was asked about a man who has lived here for 25 years, illegally.  His response as to what should be done to people who have live here in America for years illegally was that they must be sent back to the country they came from and start the legal process to enter America.  This man’s son is serving in our American Armed forces.  Should the family be sent back to the country they came from too?  I think it’s not only Donald’s hair that is a mess, so is his mind.

Trump has shown he doesn’t care about people but only his ego. He is a total self-serving person.

by James Tricoli

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There Is a Good Chance a New Face Will Be on the Twenty Dollar Bill

Harriet Tubman

It very possible there will be a female face on the twenty dollar bill rather than that of Andrew Jackson.  It may be Harriet Tubman.

Tubman was a rare woman who fought for the rights of people, mainly her fellow African-American slaves.  She is well deserving of this honor.  Years after her demise she is still fighting for women’s rights. May she see from heaven what her life meant on earth.

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Town of Amherst Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code Revisions Project

Amherst flag

This is one of those projects where BOTH Eric Gillert (TOA Planning Director) and Robert Gilmour (TOA Planning Board chairman) are working on together, so we know we have to watch out the standard bending of the rules. As rule bending goes, this project has much more than most.

This meeting is being held in the broom closet sized Village Hall meeting room as a way of limiting public access, and controlling public comments that will be recorded on video. The public must sit in an extremely small space at the back of the room not covered by video. They must ask their questions without the use of the single microphone that Dal Guiliani holds tightly in his hand.

The Village Hall meeting is so small that … the EXTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS of the video camera makes the room look like a beach ball. The tables needed to seat the 14 committee members, almost fill the room.

The meeting announcement can be found on the town website


Project Working Committee Meeting

The Town will be holding a meeting of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code Project’s Working Committee on April 26, 2016 at 7:00pm in Village Hall, located at 5565 Main Street in the Village of Williamsville.

(but curiously NOT listed on the official project website)

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Prince Dead at Age 57


Sadly the world has lost an iconic singer/performer.

The artist known as Prince was found dead in his Paisley Park studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota. He was 57.

RIP Prince.


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Many People Knew About This Corrupt Deal

Town of Amherst

I heard Dems will run Loughran vs Ranzenhofer – Loughran probably owes the party the run as he was part of the corrupt bargain that got him the Conservative line last year in exchange for Lorigo getting no Dem opponent.

Steve Meyer will be running again – claiming he is free of bosses – despite the fact he now works for a corrupt local boss – and had ties to Shelly Silver from whom he got his campaign funding last time around.

Concern Citizen
Peter T.

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Allen Retires as Head of Amherst IDA

Finally.  Halleluiah!

James Allen is retiring as executive director of Amherst IDA.

James Allen drove town development

James J. Allen, who played a key role in Amherst developing into the Buffalo Niagara region’s most economically robust suburb, announced Friday that he has retired as head of the Amherst Industrial Development Agency at time when town sentiment has turned against rapid, no-holds-barred development.

Allen oversaw the agency that grants tax breaks to construction projects for the past 36 years, an era when the growing suburb mushroomed into a residential, office and light-industrial colossus.

His retirement, which both he and the IDA’s chairman described as voluntary, came as the make-up of the agency’s board has shifted, with directors who tend to take a hard-line view of granting tax breaks gaining more sway.
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