From Kiss to Soda Pop: A Day With Serial Entrepreneur Gene Simmons

Sept. 18, 2018
Gene Simmons with his MoneyBag Soda. (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)
Gene Simmons with his MoneyBag Soda.

Forty-five years into his life as a tongue-wagging, blood-spewing, rock star business mogul, Gene Simmons knows his fit.

“I’ve worn these pair of pants every single day for a week,” he said, riding in the back seat of a dark SUV along the I-190, the Niagara River to his left.

Simmons’ business partner Paul Janik, co-owner of the Johnnie Ryan soda company in Niagara Falls, was driving. Seated up front next to Janik was Terry Wills, Simmons’ press agent. She has been traveling with Simmons as he promotes his new book, his restaurants, and the Simmons-branded soda he is now producing with Janik’s company.

He was in Western New York Thursday to promote that beverage, Gene Simmons MoneyBag Sodas, which is being manufactured in Niagara Falls by a Johnnie Ryan subsidiary, Rock Steady Sodas.
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Familiar Names Vie for Amherst Town Clerk Post in Special Election

Sept. 18, 2018

Democrats and Republicans have settled on their candidates for the special election to replace Marjory Jaeger as Amherst town clerk.

Town Republicans on Monday endorsed Jeff Zeplowitz for the race, said Amherst GOP Chair Joe Heins. Zeplowitz, 49, is a longtime state Assembly aide and executive with firms that do consulting and polling for political and business clients. His father, Barry, is the founder of a well-known polling firm and his mother, Penny, served on the Amherst Town Board.

Democrats are backing Fran Spoth, a Town Board member and the deputy supervisor, said Jerry Schad, the Amherst Democratic chairman. Spoth, 55, is a former Williamsville School Board member who has worked as a research and marketing specialist. The Spoths are well known in Amherst for their farming and produce operations.
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Monday Night’s Town Board Meeting Was an Honor to Attend

Sept. 17, 2018
by: James Tricoli
Editor of the

I attended last night’s Town Board meeting to stay on top of what is happening with our tax dollars and what new projects our town is planning to do.

Last night was  the first time I ever stood in awe. Our Planning Director, Dan Howard, was honored for serving our country for 40 years.

Lt. Colonel Daniel Howard just retired from our armed services. The list of honors he received in his 40 years protecting our country and us was remarkable.

This gentleman who served our country walks the town halls as a quiet giant. He is a giant of a man who I greatly respect and admire.

Lt. Colonel Daniel Howard may you have the best of every thing life can give to a man who served his country for 40 years with such devotion and love.






I att

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Catholic Health Dedicates New Drug Treatment Clinic in Amherst

Sept.. 18, 2018
A nurse holds a dose of methadone at the Niagara County Drug Abuse Program in the Trott Access Center. Sisters of Charity Hospital on Monday will dedicate its new drug treatment center in Amherst, where it will begin distribution of methadone next month. (Buffalo News file photo)
A nurse holds a dose of methadone at the Niagara County Drug Abuse Program in the Trott Access Center. Sisters of Charity Hospital on Monday will dedicate its new drug treatment center in Amherst, where it will begin distribution of methadone next month.

Catholic Health System and community leaders Monday dedicated its new drug treatment center in Amherst.

The Sisters of Charity Hospital clinic, which will provide daily methadone doses and other services to people with addictions, opened in mid-August in an industrial park on John Glenn Drive.

The dedication comes 17 months after news of the system’s plans to open a drug-treatment clinic on Millersport Highway in Eggertsville spurred opposition. In a compromise, Catholic Health agreed to find a new location and selected 210 John Glenn Drive.

The system spent about $600,000 on renovations to the building. Sisters expects 250 to 300 patients to receive methadone at the clinic within six months of its opening. That distribution will begin next month. The hospital already operated one clinic in Buffalo that provides methadone to patients.
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State Expert on Open Government Explained Executive Sessions

Sept. 17, 2018

Robert Freeman spoke about the Open Meetings Law, FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) requests and fielded audience questions for more than two hours on Monday night.  Freeman, the executive director of New York State’s Committee on Open Government, responded to general questions about government entities and more specific inquiries regarding actions taken at schools board and municipal government meetings.

Freeman, who is one of three experts on Open Government in the country, said the governing body can decide by a majority vote of its members to allow or prevent public comment.  He said the head of the board could not make the decision alone but is the person to implement the decision.

“Every meeting must be convened as an open meeting,” he said.

He listed eight areas that can be discussed behind closed doors by a board:

  • Public safety issues
  • Identity of law enforcement agency or informer
  • Pending or current litigation
  • Information about current or future criminal investigation of criminal offense
  • Collective bargaining negotiations
  • Medical, financial credit or employment history of particular person or corporation
  • Preparation, grading administration of exams
  • Proposed purchase, sale or lease of property

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The Amherst Town Board Needs to Give Back Their Pay. Since They Do Nothing They Should Be Paid Nothing

Sept. 17. 2018

There is a Town Board meeting tonight.  I went to the work session at 4:00 p.m. where they decided what will be discussed publicly at the 7:00 p.m. meeting.

There were 41 resolutions on the agenda for tonight. The Town Board put 40 of them on the consent agenda which means they will not be brought up for any citizen discussion.

Every citizen in Amherst must know these Board Members make $37,000 a year. Attending tonight’s Town Board meeting is a joke. You just sit in the audience and say nothing.

You are allowed to speak for 3 minutes at the beginning of the meeting and at the end of the meeting if you haven’t already spoken earlier in the meeting.

The Town Board doesn’t want anyone to come to the meetings. The last two meetings had a total of 8 citizens attend, and they were bored out of their minds.

No need to go to tonight’s meeting. Instead I would enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. The Town Board will get their wish very soon.

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Breaking News

Sept. 17, 2018

Nick Langworthy

Embattled Republican Rep. Chris Collins will not attempt to remove himself from the congressional ballot, reversing his earlier position, according to multiple reports.

The Buffalo News reported that Collins’ attorneys do not believe he could extricate himself from the ballot without inviting a challenge from Democratic lawyers. Buffalo-area NBC affiliate WGRZ also published a similar report, citing unnamed sources.

Under state law, Collins’ name can only be taken off the November congressional ballot this late in the election cycle if he dies, moves out of state or is nominated for another office.

“This is a big curve ball,” Erie County Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy said at a press conference this afternoon. He said local Republican officials still believed they could safely move Collins’ to another seat, but he needed Collins’ assent to do so.

“They’ve chosen not to do so,” he said.

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Oktoberfest 2018

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How Bad Are The Bills? Cornerback Vontae Davis Retired at Halftime On Sunday

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Concerned Citizen Comment: Their Most Precious Right, the Right to Vote Taken Away From Them

Sept. 16, 2018

Jeremy Zellner
It does not seem that anyone has made any kind of a fuss about a truly horrible failure that occurred this past week. The Buffalo Board of Elections failed to have sufficient ballots for the Democrats in some Buffalo EDs. That failure should be placed squarely on Zellner – who of course was paying more attention to his unpaid party chairman business than his paid BOE job.  Here’s another question.  Why holding those 2 positions is incompatible, I wonder what his hours are at the BOE?

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