Over 22,000 Take Advantage of Free State Tuition

The Buffalo State College campus.  (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)
The Buffalo State College campus.

One out of every five students receiving an Excelsior Scholarship — New York’s new free tuition program — attends a public college or university in Western New York.

The University at Buffalo, the state’s largest public university, enrolled 1,576 Excelsior recipients in the program’s first year, the highest number in the state. The University at Albany and Binghamton University, respectively, followed with 1,044 and 940 scholarships. In all, the state awarded 22,044 of the so-called free tuition scholarships to undergraduate students at public colleges statewide. More than 4,300 of the awards went to students at Western New York campuses.
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George W. Bush Says America Has Lost Its Identity in Trump Era

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Amherst Symphony Orchestra

Time & Place:
Amherst Middle School, 55 Kings Highway, Amherst, NY.
Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 7 p.m

Contributions encouraged but Admission Free!

Conductor Paul Ferington


Glazunov – “Autumn” from The Seasons, Op. 67
Dvorak – In Nature’s Realm, Op. 91
*Bellini – “Ah, non credea mirati” from La Sonnambula
*Lehar “Vilia” from The Merry Widow Sydney Anderson, soprano
Vaughn Williams -Serenade to Music (1938)
Vaughn Williams -Toward the Unknown Region (1906)
Mascagni – “Regina Coeli” from Cavalleria Rusticana

Sydney Anderson, soprano
Buffalo Master Chorale
Amherst Central High School Concert Chorale

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Comments: Jim Allen’s Monetary “Gift”

I totally agree with Joe Spino concerning the IDA. I don’t agree with him on removing the two top members of the Amherst IDA. If you can find corruption in the IDA then you should expose who was involved. You mention Republican Steve Sanders, a present town board member whose term is up and will be leaving both the town board and IDA.

Sanders, a Republican who also serves on the Town Board but is leaving that body at the end of the year, said “he would not want to see the Town Board remove IDA board members before their terms have expired, “short of a specific scandal,” because that would make the appointment process even more political than it is”.  Mr. Sanders was one of those on the IDA Board who was placed there for political reasons.

Joe, you need better advice. When you hit on a good point don’t add political junk.
*** ***
Diogenes says:
Wow! And this lion finally roared.

Now if Mr. Spino would only come out for rolling back half of the obscene salary increases both political parties conspired to give themselves in 2017 if elected, I just might say I’ve finally found one and put my lamp away. Mr. Spino, if elected on these two issues, should find no trouble getting a second, as Ms. Bucki ran on a campaign promise to roll back town board salaries by 10%. Let me also add that this motion to cut back salaries should include the provision that in the future any salary increases for elected town officials cannot take effect until after the next election cycle.

Forget the notion of a citizen’s salary review committee that candidates from both parties are touting. That’s just a wishy-washy cop-out to avoid handling the salary debacle. With the passage of the proposed law regarding salary increases and when they should take effect and have the elected officials themselves do their dirty work by voting for their own salary increases would be a far more effective way to curtail politician overreach than having a salary review committee that would be appointed by the same politicians only to get the very same elected officials off the hook.
*** ***
Chris says:
Joe, you just demonstrated the depth of your ignorance of what has been going on with the IDA for years…and the millions of dollars foolishly granted under the direction of this man. If it took a golden parachute, to finally cut the strings, these people, including Steve Sanders, did the taxpayers of Amherst a golden favor.

Next time, get your facts straight and do a little homework about the politics of Amherst. Don’t allow your puppet master to control your strings. One has to wonder who would be pulling those strings, once you’re on the Town Board. My advice would be to get a new one.
*** ***
Marie says:
Joe, didn’t anyone tell you how foolish this “press release” would make you look? Not even Steve Sanders? What’s that about? Eating your own, eh?

These voters saved the taxpayers millions and saved more embarrassment for the town. Should have checked out old press releases for yourself.
*** ***
Annette says:
I’m not sure that the IDA board members did anything wrong
In negotiating Mr. Allen’s departure. Personnel settlements
are routinely negotiated in executive session, as I assume this one was.
Glad the IDA got rid of Mr. Allen as he represented the old corrupt ways.
That resulted in many giveaways for ridiculous development
resulting in few good paying jobs. After 36 years, I don’t
think $123,000 is that much in separation. Also, Mr. Allen was
obligated as a consultant to provide assistance regarding a lawsuit during those 8 months, if required. Should we expect
more of these sound bite meaningless statements in the few weeks before the election meant to bolster your position in the polls? I hope the public isn’t misled by this overt politicalization. Could your suggestion that the Chairman and vice chairman be removed have anything to do with them being democrats?

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Amherst OB/GYN Practice Opens New, Larger Offices

A view of the new Audubon Women’s Medical Associates offices, in this photo provided by the practice. (Courtesy of Allison Raffaele)
A view of the new Audubon Women’s Medical Associates offices, in this photo provided by the practice.

Audubon Women’s Medical Associates, the largest OB/GYN practice in the Northtowns, has moved into its new offices in Amherst.

The practice had been located since 1995 in an 8,600-square-foot office at 1360 North Forest Road, near Maple Road, but sought more room to accommodate growth and new services provided by its employees. Audubon Women’s Medical Associates has 33 employees and receives 32,000 patient visits annually.

The practice’s developer, Kulback’s, received permission to rezone 2 acres at 2240 North Forest Road, near Millersport Highway, and to construct a 14,500-square-foot building there.
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Officer Lehner’s Funeral at Keybank Center Will be Open to the Public

Buffalo police say the public is invited to Officer Craig Lehner’s wake and funeral next week.

Lehner’s funeral will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 25, at KeyBank Center, Chief of Detectives Dennis Richards said at a briefing Thursday morning. Interment will be in Forest Lawn.

Calling hours will be held from 3 to 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday at Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home, 4199 Lake Shore Road, Hamburg.

Police said further details about the funeral would be announced at a later date.
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Williamsville School Board OK’s Muir Woods Land Sale


The sale of a nearly 15-acre parcel owned by the Williamsville Central School District that will allow Ciminelli Real Estate Corp. to build a second access road into its proposed Muir Woods development was approved Tuesday by the School Board.

Ciminelli purchased the land at 520 Campbell Blvd., between North French and Dodge roads, for $220,000, more than three times its assessed value of $71,000. The access road will allow entry into the property from Campbell Boulevard to the east.

The district has owned the vacant 14.8-acre property since January 1967, according to Erie County real property records. The district has never developed the land.

After 17 years in the making, construction on the first of the 133 homes in the Muir Woods subdivision in Amherst will start by fall 2018, according to Ciminelli.

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When Power Becomes a Powerful Drug, as Exhibited by Our Supervisor

Oct. 19, 2017

Presidents Who Fooled Around: A Look At Mistresses Who ...
President Harding, the Republicans idol of today, the most corrupt President of all time.

by James Tricoli, editor of the Amhersttimes.com

If you plan to speak at Town Hall concerning the Supervisor’s budget be aware that if you already spoke about the town budget at a different meeting, you can’t address the Town Board again on the budget. Supervisor Weinstein created a new rule, “If you already spoke on the budget you can’t speak on it again if no changes were made to it.”

The budget is like a living doctrine.  It changes all the time until it is voted on.  There will be 3 Town Board meetings to ask questions concerning the Supervisor’s budget.

There isn’t any rule or law which says you only can speak once on this budget.  Dr. Weinstein made up this rule in his mind but failed to have written anywhere for the public to see it.

I went to the podium to speak about the budget at the 3:00 p.m. Town Board meeting Oct 18, 2017.  I was told I couldn’t speak because I spoke about the budget at the last meeting.

One of the citizens in the audience asked during public expression time. “Who nixed the Open Government Forum of Oct. 12?  Supervisor Weinstein told me directly, to my face, that he did it.  He also told me he could have shut down the meeting totally, but decided not too.

This was the only forum where citizens could ask questions of the candidates who were running for offices in Amherst.  The question’s weren’t written on paper but came from the citizens in the audience over a 2½ hour period.  All candidates were invited to attend.  The Republican candidates refused to come and they included Joe Spino, Erin Baker, and our own Town Clerk Marjory Jagger.

This group of candidates are using the President Harding routine, don’t answer any questions, just let the public see how attractive you are and they will vote for you.  He turned out to be the worst President in America’s history.  He was  past corrupt but the devil from hell.

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Amherst IDA Board Must Be Kept Under Very Close Scrutiny

The following post shares the part of the Amherst IDA meeting minutes where they decided to give Jim Allen a very unearned severance pay to a corrupt man.

Edward Stachura made a motion to come out of Executive Session. Aaron Stanley seconded the motion. With aye votes from Brock, Marconi, Stanley and Szukala, the motion to come out of Executive Session and resume the board meeting was carried by a vote of 6-0.

Steven Sanders made a motion to suspend the rules of order to discuss an unlisted agenda item. Michele Marconi seconded the motion. With aye votes from Brock, Stanley, Stachura and Szukala, the motion to suspend the rules of order to discuss an unlisted agenda item carried, 6-0.

Steven Sanders made a motion that the board approve a severance package related to James Allen’s retirement which will compensate him until the end of the year.  Michele Marconi seconded the motion.  With aye votes from Brock, Stanley, Stachura and Szukala, the motion to approve a severance package related to James Allen’s retirement which will compensate him until the end of the year.

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Bernie Tolbert Going Door to Door to Meet the People

My wife and I live in the Village of Williamsville.  Yesterday a tall gentleman rang our door bell.  He introduced himself as Bernie Tolbert and shared that he was a candidate for Erie County Sheriff.  He handed me a flyer about his credentials and what he done to quality him to run for Sheriff of Erie County.

I asked him several questions about his past work.  He was very open about himself.  He informed me about what must be clean up in the system. He mentioned that there were 22 people who died last year in our Holding Center.  Never once attacked his opponent.  That impressed me.

Mr. Tolbert was in the FBI as a Special Agent and was in charge of the Buffalo office until he resigned.  He decided to stay in Buffalo and make it his home.  Now he wants to make sure all of us are safe.

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