Delaware North to Open Tim Hortons at Buffalo’s Airport

Delaware North said Thursday that it plans to open a new Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop location in the food court at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in late 2016.

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“Tim Hortons is beloved in Western New York and around the world, so we are thrilled to bring it to Buffalo Niagara International Airport,” said Kevin Kelly, president of Delaware North’s travel group. “With its iconic coffee and expansive menu of high-quality baked goods and breakfast offerings, we will be giving travelers convenient access to a local favorite and a true taste of the region.”

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The new cafe will add to the array of existing food offerings at the airport, including Lake Erie Grille, Anchor Bar, Villa Italian Kitchen, Coffee Beanery, Blue Zone, Checkers, Freshens, Queen City Kitchen, Matties Texas Red Hots, Buf Bar and Which Wich. Buffalo-based Delaware North has operated the food, beverage and retail services at the airport since 1952.
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Buffalo Brew Pub is Best of Two Worlds: Sports Bar, Brew Pub

Watch games from the NFL, MLB and NHL, among others, at Buffalo Brew Pub.

The Buffalo Brew Pub — which is celebrating its 30th anniversary  is a true hybrid brew pub/sports bar. It’s the best of both worlds. If the game you’re watching starts to head south, the great beer and food are excellent fall back options. (Or, simply overload on the free popcorn and peanuts.)

Obviously, beer is king. The ever-changing menu of 34 tap beers is updated every few days with a good mix of local and New York State beers and long-time favorites. Four house beer are always on tap and worthy of your attention.

Buffalo Brew Pub subscribes to sports packages for its multiple TVs (with the exception of the NBA and UFC).

On Sundays, main televisions are tuned to the Bills game with the remainder to other NFL games for the out-of-town folks who stop in from nearby hotels. (In other words, don’t ask the staff to change a channel. Move to another TV to find your game.)
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Buffalo’s Firefighters First To Use Narcan In New York To Save Lives


Use of Narcan Spreads Throughout New York State

In May 2014, firefighters in Buffalo became the latest first responders department in the state of New York to introduce the drug Narcan to its kit for saving lives. The drug is used to save the lives of those suffering from an opiate overdose. In a report on The Buffalo News website, the city’s Mayor, Byron W. Brown, announced that “All of the city’s firefighters recently completed the required training in administering the drug, which will be carried on all the Buffalo Fire Department’s first response apparatus”, going on to say that although the obvious aim is to rid the streets of Buffalo of drugs, firefighters and police officers are also there to save lives. The introduction of the drug to firefighters’ kit follows its introduction to Buffalo’s police department in February 2014. The drug has been carried by first response professionals in nearby Amherst since December 2013.

What is Narcan?

In science terms, Narcan, also known as Naloxone, the RxList website identifies the drug as being used for “complete or partial reversal of opioid depression, including respiratory depression, induced by natural and synthetic opioids” and also “for diagnosis of suspected or known acute opioid overdosage.” Narcan can be given intravenously, intramusculary or subcutaneously. Russell Barbera has said that it is “a prescription drug used to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose”, but points out that it can also be used to reverse the effects of other opiates. Rebecca Vogt explains that the drug prevents “opioids from reaching receptors in the brain and nervous system that would normally suppress breathing” and explains that in Buffalo, firefighters will be administering the drug via a two dose nasal spray, with one dose administered in each nostril. The Gates-Chili Post reports that the training take three hours for each officer to undertake, and permits them to teach other in the administration of Narcan.

Narcotics use in the state of New York.

The timing of introducing Narcan to first response officers might be appropriate. J. David Goodman recently reported that “Roughly 35 percent of heroin seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration nationwide since October was confiscated by agents in New York State”, and that previously, “the state has accounted for about one-fifth of heroin seizures nationwide.” Goodman also states that the level of heroin coming into New York City is at its highest for two decades. In light of the New York heroin epidemic, Dave Lucas reports that officials from the national drug control policy is planning to meet with New York State Police and local governments “to help create the first-ever heroin tracking database.” The database will “identify patterns, crack down on heroin rings across county lines, target resources to high crime areas, determine which drugs are more sought after, and pinpoint necessary security changes in drug distribution networks.” Between the creation of this database, and first response officers being trained and equipped with a life saving drug, it appears the state of New York’s battle with heroin is very much alive.

For residents of New York state who might be concerned about friends or family using heroin, or any other narcotics, it may be comforting to know that there are plenty of resources available throughout the state that can provide the help, support and advice needed to successfully treat those suffering from addiction. One such resource is Treatment 4 Addiction, which “includes information on inpatient facilities and drug detoxification centers, as well as aftercare options such as sober living homes and outpatient programs.” In Amherst, the Sisters of Charity Hospital has its own drug rehabilitation department, which provides outpatient counselling and prescription drug treatment programmes.

Although it has only just been introduced in Buffalo, Rebecca Vogt reports that Narcan has already been used in the field by firefighters. According to Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield, the first time the drug was used, the casualty had regained consciousness within five minutes and was brought to hospital. Between the introduction of Narcan and the creation of a state-wide database on drug distribution, it’s clear that federal authorities are aware of the rising heroin trade in New York state, and are undertaking steps to counteract this. One can only hope that positive results from these efforts will be seen sooner rather than later.

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Williamsville School Board Considers Replacing Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples Day

Williamsville School District is considering changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

The largest suburban district in Western New York, with about 10,000 students, would follow several smaller districts and communities in designating the day to recognize the history and culture of Native Americans.

Board President Toni Vazquez made the suggestion at the end of Tuesday’s meeting, and the board will discuss it at its next meeting, Dec. 13. She said she had seen a presentation put together by students at Niagara Wheatfield School District, which this year changed the holiday known as Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

“I also think it would be a good idea,” she said.
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Bills Could Be Down Several Big Pieces vs. Dolphins

Following Wednesday’s practice, it seems the Bills could be without several important players for Sunday’s game at Miami.

Running back LeSean McCoy, who leads the NFL in rushing yards, left practice early with tightness in his hamstring, coach Rex Ryan said.

Meanwhile, Robert Woods – the Bills No. 1 receiver with Sammy Watkins on injured reserve – was still wearing a walking boot on his right foot/ankle in the locker room.

To top it off, defense tackle Marcell Dareus missed another practice with his hamstring injury and seems unlikely to make his season debut this week, saying he and the trainers are still “working our way to” running full speed.
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Growing Danger on Amherst/Williamsville Roads


Amherst traffic is becoming more and more horrendous as more and more development is being squeezed into every open area.

A town-wide traffic study has not been done since the mid-1990’s. We are long overdue. There has been a glut of development over the past several years. Shoehorned developments feeding into arterials and viewed as “no Impact” is ludicrous. It is the cumulative effect throughout Amherst and Williamsville that is producing horrific and dangerous traffic.

The development du jour being contemplated for Amherst is “Imagine Amherst,” a high-density, urban-development concept. It is an attempt to change the zoning codes throughout Amherst where developers can move into neighborhoods, declare it suitable for their mixed-use plan and proceed without input from neighbors.

The Hyatt Hotel on Main Street, in a residential neighborhood, will be the norm, not the exception.  This urban-plan development, in addition to what we already have, will extend and stress the traffic conditions further.

An independent, town-wide traffic study needs to be done to evaluate the existing situation before additional development is allowed. Increasing density in Williamsville and Amherst without addressing the traffic problems is making it exceedingly treacherous for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Our leaders need to consider the safety of its residents over the pockets of developers.

Judy Ferraro

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7 Ways David Letterman Is Passing the Time During Retirement

David Letterman at the New Yorker Festival earlier this month.

David Letterman is doing more than growing that crazy-man-living-in-a-cabin beard during his retirement from late-night television.

In a new interview with the New York Times, pegged to his episode of Years of Living Dangerously airing Oct. 30 on the National Geographic Channel, he talked about life after the Late Show With David Letterman, which went off the air in May 2015. It turns out that the man who was engaged in late-night wars with Jay Leno for years doesn’t miss it and is actually “embarrassed” that he spent so much time focused on the show.

Here’s what the 69-year-old funnyman says he’s up to now that he’s no longer tied to 9-to-5ing…

1. Growing the beard.

2. Shopping in Target.

3. He also rides the commuter train.

4. Dogging Trump.

5. Having dinner with Paul Shaffer.

6. Traveling.

7. Hanging with Harry.

Most interesting though was that Letterman said unequivocally that he doesn’t “miss late-night television,” adding, “I’m a little embarrassed that, for 33 years, it was the laser focus of my life.”

Sounds like he has plenty of other interests that are making him happy.
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Immigration Raid Targets Four Mexican Restaurants

Federal agents raided several Mexican restaurants Tuesday as part of an immigration investigation.

The raid resulted in nine arrests and allegations that the restaurants – Don Tequila on Allen Street and Agave on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, El Agave in Cheektowaga and La Divina in Kenmore – harbored illegal aliens.

Among those arrested are Sergio Ramses Mucino, 42, Jose Sanchez-Ocampo, 37, and Marguin Sanchez, 22, all of Buffalo. They were charged with conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens. The charge carries a maximum of 10 years in prison.

“This office will continue to ensure that all employers play by the same set of rules regarding the operation of their business,” U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr, said in a statement. “This is particularly true in the restaurant industry, where health, safety, and financial rules apply to protect the public and staff alike.”

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Breaking News: Taco Bell Refried Beans Carried Toxic Bacteria


After testing refried beans from 23 different Taco Bells it was discovered that refried beans carried a toxic bacteria which causes a person to vomit from 30 minutes to 6 hrs after the refried beans are eaten.

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Nation Fears Drug Test Would Reveal Trump Not on Drugs

The New Yorker

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump’s suggestion that both Presidential candidates submit to a drug test has sparked fears that such a test would reveal that he is not on drugs.

In interviews conducted across the country, voters said that they would be “alarmed” and “distressed” to learn that the billionaire’s statements and actions were the product of a mind unaltered in any way by a controlled substance.

“It never occurred to me that Donald Trump might not be on drugs,” Carol Foyler, an accountant from Toledo, Ohio, said. “That would be terrifying.”

Harland Dorrinson, a mechanic from St. Petersburg, Florida, said that the chilling possibility of Trump not being on drugs was a strong argument against submitting the candidates to drug testing. “If it turns out that he isn’t on anything, this is something that the American people shouldn’t have to find out,” he said. “We’ve suffered enough this election.”

Concerns that Trump might not be on drugs led the nominee’s running mate, Governor Mike Pence, of Indiana, to allay voters’ anxieties in an appearance on Fox News. “All Donald Trump said was that there should be drug tests,” Pence said. “He never explicitly said that he was not on drugs. The media has really run away with this story.”

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