Child Safety Seat Inspection Planned Saturday in Amherst

A child safety seat inspection will be held Saturday in Amherst at the Delta Sonic on Niagara Falls Boulevard and Maple Road.

Child safety seat inspectors from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office will provide free checks from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Each inspection includes a free car wash, along with free photos with Santa, face painting and giveaways.

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Sean Bunny Condemns Rep. Collins’ Vote Raising Taxes on WNY Families

Collins kept his promise to campaign donors and left WNY families to pay the price

East Aurora, New York – Army veteran and prosecutor Sean Bunny issued a statement denouncing Rep. Collins’ vote to raise taxes on WNY families.

“We desperately need tax reform in this country that puts more money in the pockets of middle-class Western New York families. Sadly, Congressman Collins voted for a bill today that does the exact opposite.

“In fact, this tax hike is so devastating to New York families in particular, that almost all of Collins’ Republican colleagues from New York voted no. In explaining why, New York Republican Lee Zeldin said ‘I just have too many constituents who are going to see their taxes go up.’

“However, Congressman Collins admitted to reporters last week that when it comes to this tax bill, he’s only interested in giving breaks to his biggest campaign donors – leaving Western New York families to pay the price.

“Chris Collins is an embarrassment to Western New York: he’s under an ethics investigation, he takes his orders from campaign donors, and now he voted to RAISE OUR TAXES.  He is everything that’s wrong with Washington, and it’s time for him to go.”

Sean Bunny is campaigning against Chris Collins because it’s time Washington starts working for everyone here in Western New York.  Chris Collins self-interest has created more gridlock and it’s time for a change.  Sean Bunny will work with Democrats and Republicans to help WNY families get ahead, not the Washington special interests.

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Trump Must Stop Lying to America

by James Tricoli
Editor:  the

“The rich will not be gaining at all with this plan,” Trump told reporters during a meeting with lawmakers in mid-September.  But analysts at the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center who studied the proposal reached a very different conclusion. They predict that nearly three-quarters of the savings from the tax overhaul would go to the top 20 percent of earners — those making more than $149,000.  More than half the savings would go to the top 1 percent — people who earn more than $732,800.  The tax breaks are even more tilted to the wealthy by the 10th year of the overhaul, when the Tax Policy Center projects nearly 80 percent of the savings would go to the top 1 percent of earners.

This plan will leave 13 million people without any health care protection in 10 years.

It is well known that when our President gives a speech he wants the people to love him.  He’s pushing this tax cut as the BIGGEST TAX CUT IN AMERICAN HISTORY.  He is saying this tax cut will help the middle class and poor.  In reality it’s business as usual.  The rich will get richer in this 8th biggest tax cut in American history.

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Kulpa’s Election Offers Promising Amherst Future

There are two kinds of elections. Time for a change or more of the same. It’s the choice between business as usual or a vote for new leadership and direction. The selection of Supervisor-elect Brian Kulpa in Amherst is a clear vote for change.

The issues facing Amherst are not new. They have just not been addressed, satisfactorily or sometimes at all. Land use decisions made by appointed boards and the Town Board itself have been increasingly out of sync with the vision the residents have for Amherst, the place where we live and raise our families.

But add Brian Kulpa an architect, land use planner and green infrastructure professional on the scene as the new town leader and enter new ideas and a fresh approach. A Business First 40 Under 40 honoree this year, lauded by the Sierra Club, an award-winning municipal planner, Kulpa has a lot to do.

The self-described policy wonk is smart and personable, unflappable and reasonable, experienced and inclusive. Here’s hoping that he also has experience in resetting the decision-making pendulum that swings too often in favor of building more and bigger buildings everywhere in suburban Amherst.

Kulpa is the right guy at the right time with the right experience. He represents a new generation of leaders for the town and I for one am thankful he has opted to continue his work on behalf of the people as a pendulum balancer and an agent of change.

Michele F. Marconi

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Four Windermere Students Raise Over $500 For Hurricane Relief

Four fifth-grade students from Windermere Elementary School in the Amherst School District raised over $500 for the American Red Cross general disaster relief fund by participating in a “readathon.”

Three students from Heather Rogers’ class and one student from Sara Mazurek’s class combined to read over 40 books in four weeks. The students received pledges from family, friends and neighbors to help raise money to support victims from the recent hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.
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Amherst Board Proposal Would Restrict Use of Town Seal

Residents of Erie County legislature’s 5th district received a mailer from Amherst Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein that uses the town seal.
Residents of Erie County legislature’s 5th district received a mailer from Amherst Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein that uses the town seal.

Use of the Amherst town seal in campaign material could be prevented if a proposed law is passed.

The issue came up in the days before Election Day when a letter carrying the town seal went out from Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein in which he endorsed Guy R. Marlette, a candidate for the Erie County Legislature’s 5th district.

Now, the restriction is among a series of amendments proposed for the town’s Code of Ethics. A public hearing on the amendments is scheduled for Jan. 2.

Council Member Deborah Bruch Bucki said she objected to the seal’s use in the Weinstein letter and is pushing for the new restriction. Also, at least 10 variations of the seal are known to exist and Bucki wants the Town Board to settle on one.
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New Policy For Buffalo School Board Members: Put Down the Cellphones

Buffalo School Board members no longer will use their phones during board meetings. (Flickr/yanki01)
Buffalo School Board members no longer will use their phones during board meetings.

Who hasn’t used their smartphone at work to send a text, scroll through emails or search the internet?

Well, no more if you’re a member of the Buffalo Board of Education.

The board passed a policy Wednesday that says School Board members and executive-level staff will “refrain from using electronic communication devices during meetings.”

The issue was raised awhile back by Board Members Theresa Harris-Tigg and Sharon Belton-Cottman, who felt board members were paying attention to their phones a little too often during the course of the meetings. Constituents apparently noticed, too, and commented to them.
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Cuomo to Make Announcement at Buffalo School

(News file photo)

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is expected to make an education announcement this morning at a Buffalo school.

Cuomo is scheduled to be at Hamlin Park Claude and Ouida Clapp Academy on Donaldson Road, a pre-K through grade eight public school, at 10 a.m.

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul is also expected to be at the announcement.

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Transgender Day of Remembrance Service

Monday, November 20th St. Stephens-Bethlehem United Church of Christ will hold a memorial service at 7:00 p.m. for those who have suffered for living their true lives.
The church is located at 750 Wehrle Dr. in Amherst NY.  All are welcome.

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Comment: Concerned Citizen’s View on a Crime

All good points and I agree that Koller’s crime needs some further resolution. In addition I would add:
– The fact that charges have been dropped does not vindicate or in any way lessen his crime.
– There shouldn’t be any taxpayer supported position for Koller in Amherst government.
– I find it most disturbing that Marjory Jaeger has not fired him and has yet to express any comments on this crime.  Does that imply that she condones this criminality or is it possible she was aware of Koller’s activity? Koller works directly under Jaeger and was stealing her opponent’s signs – they never discussed what he was doing?

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