Win New York Lottery

New York lottery fans are in luck. The rest of this year is going to be fabulous for you. You might as well get your shopping bag ready. This type of luck is rare to come by. This is like shopping and getting paid at the same time.

I am talking about the New York lottery number that is set to play. This number could HIT any moment. You cannot miss this opportunity. The potential payout is huge. New York numbers pay upwards of 500% on $1 straight winner. You cannot get that type of opportunity very often.

You might have missed some of the winners in this group. The trend started on 7/10/2011 with number 968. That number played straight. I do not expect you to win it. I do not because I cannot in good conscience give you any prediction unless the trend is in place.

New York numbers in this article refers to pick 3 or what some states might call Cash 3 and Play 3.


I am only concerned about making sure that you win the money coming your way.

New York lottery results.

The New York lottery results are dropping this group so close together that you are bound to save some money. The potential of winning in a relatively reasonable amount of time based on history is good.

I can say that because the next winning New York lottery number in the group that dropped were 757 on 7/15/2011. That would be less …

Pennsylvania Lottery Tips

If you play the Pennsylvania Lottery, you are probably always looking for tips on how to win the big one. There's no foolproof way to increase your Pennsylvania Lottery winnings, but here's are a few things that you can do to help your chances (or at least a few pieces of information that will help you along your way):- Make sure to rub off the entire ticket when playing Pennsylvania Lottery Instant Games: This may sound like common sense, but the Pennsylvania Lottery is changing its validation codes in 2007, which may make it harder for lottery players to determine whether or not they have a winning ticket. Previously, when rubbing off tickets, you could look at the codes on the top and bottom of the playing area to double check your winnings. Because of fraud issues, the Pennsylvania Lottery has now moved these validation codes to be within the ticket itself (you should visit the Pennsylvania Lottery website to see how the new codes will appear in the instant lottery tickets).

Check the Pennsylvania Lottery's Remaining Prizes section to determine how many big prizes are still out there: The Pennsylvania Lottery provides up-to-date information regarding how many large prizes are remaining for each of its instant games on its website (a link is provided below). This is a good place to check before buying your tickets to make sure that you're playing the instant games which have the biggest outstanding jackpots.

Use Pennsylvania Lottery coupons

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How Does a Non-gambler Pass Time at a Casino?

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Recently I was invited to take a trip to Atlantic City with a friend who had first class accommodations and got royal treatment wherever she went. I soon learned this was because she often frequented resorts where there was gambling and that she definitely played in the big leagues.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed a paid-for airline ticket, being picked up at the airport in a long black limousine, and having every need attended to before I even had to ask, I found myself bored on the nights she spent six or eight hours pumping bills into slot machines.

Not having the funds to take advantage of massages and other special treatments, I swam, went to the gym and walked around taking in the sights.

But still, after dinner, when the pool was closed and the free shows over, I found myself at a loss.

For awhile, I was content just to watch her gamble. She inserted a lot of bills we never saw again, but every so often hit just enough to break even. Watching how the casino personnel handled big wins- those that paid out more than $1,200 in one a roll- personally at the machine instead of making the guest go to the cash-out window was a new and exciting experience for me.

But watching $20 bills slide into the machines with a chance they’d be lost wasn’t my cup of tea. My family finances were in shambles after my son lost his job and I started paying …

Financial Betting – the Best Chance You Have to a Life of Financial Freedom

The recent global economic crisis has seemed to narrow one's access to stock investments, steering those with limited funds clear from dreadfully volatile market highs and lows. Today's times seem to deny traders from committing to long-term investments that may only eventually yield to losses. A more rational move today is to engage in short-term trades and minimize losses by staking little, if at all, personal funds. But can one really gain by gambling a few eggs and putting them tentatively in many different proverbial baskets?During these times when traditional businesses offer only meagre hopes at ever attaining success, Financial Betting may be a good option towards your financial freedom.

Through a wagering system called financial Betting, a person is allowed to engage in the activity of buying and selling shares of stock without having to own them. In other words, during the most opportune moment, Financial Betting allows a trader to wager on the direction towards which the value of these shares of stock, commodities, currencies, and other similar financial products are heading. The Financial Betting trader will necessarily have to diligently "follow" a certain stock share or commodity or team (in the case of sports Financial Betting) to make a good wager.

A number of Financial Betting companies exist in the market today. Their role in the industry is to forecast the standing of a share or other financial product at a point in the future. A trader registered with a financial Betting company makes the final decision …

I Won the Lottery – in My Dreams

I have never earned enough money in my life to be able to save for my retirement, and now at 55 and poorer than I have ever been in my life, I can’t afford to save enough to scratch the surface of what I need to be able to live comfortably when I retire.Financial planning experts would tell you to put away that $5 a week into a retirement fund, but in reality, what is $5 a week going to get me in say 15 years?

With the way that costs are increasing, and the number of retirement savings plans plummeting in value due to the economy, or crooks like Bernie Madoff, I believe that we are better off playing the Lottery instead.

By doing this, chances are we will lose. Of course we know that. However, since $5 a week would make precious little difference to our savings in 15 years, we both consider buying a couple of Lottery tickets a good investment.

Just imagine if we did win, even half a million pounds or dollars? Even a million is not a lot these days, but it could make a huge difference to our lies nevertheless.

If we did win the Lottery, we would definitely try to invest our winnings, and to live off just the interest, leaving our nest egg intact for our future, and for that of our children and grandchildren as well.

Hard to believe I know, but I wrote a poem about this…

My retirement

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Reality TV: Has it Become a Form of Gambling

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Reality TV shows have become a fact of life. If you watch any TV, you will have at least one favorite reality show. They range from man versus man (or woman) in physical contests, to skill contests, to job skills to weight loss. The current crop of reality shows – including the high-dollar game shows that are put on during prime-time, such as like Deal or No Deal, 1 vs. 100, Set for Life and the singing shows – have a very similar theme. How do we as a network get you the viewer to pay for our show so that we get to keep all the advertising dollars?I first began to wonder about these shows when reading the play at home games that many of them have, such as Deal or No Deal where you can text in a guess on your cell phone for a fee of 99 cents and have a chance at the lottery drawing at the end of the show. I may not be the brightest light in the lamp but if they have 50,000 people or more text in this has got to be a money maker. The text underlying company just made $50,000 in less than an hour. The show has to be sharing in this profit and 50,000 participants is probably pretty low.

This type of game has the appeal of the lottery. When taken to the next level those numbers become great for marketing the very products to these …

If My Lottery Dreams Came True, Here Are the Five Ways My Life Would Change

Winning the lottery would be a dream come true. I’m a simple person with simple values so though a win like that would probably change my life in major ways, I would do my best to stay grounded. Thinking of going from rags to riches immediately brings to mind at least ten different ways I could spend my lottery winnings. First and foremost I would make sure to make a generous contribution to my church to show my appreciation for God and all the blessings He has brought to my life, including the big win.In addition to this contribution, I would set aside an amount of money that would be available for me to help others with. Rather than making a large donation to one or two charities, I would help in smaller ways so I could touch more lives. For instance, I may pay an electric bill for a friend one month, give a an unusually large tip to a server at a restaurant, pay for a stranger’s coffee or meal, or pick up the tab for someone’s prescription at a drug store. Hopefully by helping out in a small way everyday I would inspire others to pay the kindness forward.

Next, I would pay off all of my debt and my immediate family’s debt. I would be able to breathe easier and sleep better at night knowing that I no longer owed money for student loans, car payments, credit card debt or a mortgage. I don’t need a …

How to Win the Lottery?

Dreams of winning the lottery comes to the mind of the million of hopeful people looking for an instant win to become a millionaire. We all have dreamed of what we would do if we won the lottery. Buy a car, house, quit your job, charities and take care of the family are the most common statements made by lottery winners.You see lottery software on how to beat the lottery advertised throughout the Internet. Does this software provide an advantage or just give you a glimmer of hope? How to beat the lottery is statement that is heard throughout hallway conversations of the lottery jackpots such as Powerball or Megamillions. Can the lottery really be beaten or is there just no possible way for a random number game to be beat? Statistical evidence has proven that the odds of winning the lottery are impossible. But for some of around 20-50 a year the lottery pays off even with the odds that are projected by Powerball and Megamillions.

To dream is great, but realistically winning the lottery jackpot is near impossible. However, there's a very slim chance that you could beat the lottery and win on pure luck by having 6 correct numbers. People always say that you are wasting your money playing the lottery, but the view I have is that I'm getting a slim chance to win and if I don't win the lottery I'm giving to a good cause because most states that have a lottery system give …

2011 Betting Picks for Women's World Cup Semi-Final

Sweden +130 vs. Japan. I like Sweden in this matchup over the Japanese. Sweden took care of business in their quarterfinal, and continued their undefeated run including a win over the United States. Japan came in as big underdogs to the host nation Germany, but somehow fought out a tough win in overtime. However I believe their cinderella run won't last long. I think the Japanese side will be too emotionally drained and over confident after beating one of the tournament favorites. Look for Sweden to keep the unbeaten streak rolling into the finals.

USA +100 vs. France. This game was a much longer thought process when determining which line I liked best. I settling on USA +100 because I believe had it not been for Abby Wambach's late heroic header, the US may have been eliminated due to a referee (which is debatable but still where my opinion stands). Due to this, I think the US is going to come into this game with the mentality that they are going to put this game in no ones hands but their own. The French do have a fast and high powered offense, but the American's midfield is going to be able to keep up with the French, disallowing a lot of distribution to their speedy forwards. And after all, Hope Solo is in the goal for the US, who in my opinion is the best goalie in the tournament.

The games are scheduled for Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 at 12:00pm …