GOP Begins Obamacare Repeal With Post-Midnight Vote

US Capitol

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They’ve taken the first step.  Though Republicans haven’t coalesced around a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, a 51-48 vote in the dead of night passed a budget setting the repeal process in motion.  Democrats put forward amendments to protect women’s health services and coverage for pre-existing conditions, but both were defeated by Republicans, and GOP Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado dismissed them as “playing politics.”

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A House vote on the budget, which specifies that repeal legislation must be written by Jan. 27, is expected tomorrow.

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Statehood Push for DC and Puerto Rico Gains Momentum

52 star flag
Taxation without representation no more. That’s the hope from politicians and activists fighting to create the 51st and 52nd states. Some believe their best bet is joining the union as a pair, with the left-leaning District of Columbia and conservative Puerto Rico balancing one another politically. D.C. has already passed a statehood referendum, while Puerto Rico elected a pro-statehood centrist governor who’s talked of a “Tennessee-style plan” to march on the Capitol and demand recognition. If they do, their friends in “New Columbia” will be nearby.

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CVS Generic Competitor to EpiPen, Sold at a 6th the Price

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KidsOutAndAbout Buffalo Newsletter January 12, 2017: Life as Lab

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Recall Alerts In Our Area

The problem was discovered when a distributor notified the establishment that the chicken breast product had been incorrectly labeled.

RECALL: Hostess Twinkies

These products have been recalled due to a concern of Salmonella contamination.

RECALL: Chicken Tender Products

These products are being recalled due to possible foreign matter contamination and misbranding

RECALL: Dunkin’ Donuts

The glass tumblers can crack or break, posing laceration and burn hazards.

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Donald Trump Must Be Impeached As Soon As He Becomes President


Today the President-elect held his first news conference since July.  He was as fake today as he was as a candidate.  He put the fear of Russia and other countries he has deals with into our psyche.  He is not a loyal American but a loyal “make a buck Charlie.”

He has broken enough rules to be brought up on impeachment charges immediately, before he causes severe damage to our country.  He has shown his ignorance.  He is a man who should not run our country.  He and his cabinet of wealthy people plan to become richer when their boss, Donald Trump, becomes President by dealing undercover with our enemies.

Trump is a danger to anyone who speaks against him.  He must be impeached.

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Louie’s Texas Red Hots Celebrates 50 Years


Since opening its doors in 1967, Louie’s Texas Red Hots has proudly been serving its delicious Sahlen’s hot dogs, special sauce, Greek favorites and more. The name has become synonymous as one of Western New York’s landmark chain restaurants and they’ve recently partnered with Sahlen’s, another Buffalo original. This year, as the restaurant celebrates its 50th Anniversary, they will show gratitude to its customers with “Take it Back Tuesdays” until May.

The community that has helped Louie’s grow from one to seven locations is welcome to stop by any of its restaurants on the first Tuesday of every month until May, and if they purchase one hot dog they receive a second at a “retro” price.

“When I opened there were about 20 Texas Hot places and they all went family style. We stayed true to the Texas Hot to make it the leader of his business,” said Louie Galanes, owner, Louie’s Texas Red Hots. “We are extremely grateful to Western New Yorkers who have made Louie’s Texas Red Hots a culinary institution. Without them we wouldn’t be able to serve residents and visitors throughout Niagara and Erie Counties. ‘Take it Back Tuesdays’ is a way for us to show thanks as we think about the past 50 years.”

In addition to “Take it Back Tuesdays,” Louie’s is celebrating its 50th anniversary by being the official sponsor of the Buffalo Bandits, a new app; and promoting it’s “Skip the Dishes” amenity, an online delivery and pickup service.

Louie’s Texas Red Hots may be best known for their Sahlen’s hot dog grilled on a flat top, served on a steamed roll with mustard, silver onions and topped with Louie’s special, 100-percent beef, spicy meat sauce, but certain locations serve a variety of dishes 24/7. There is a full breakfast all day, in addition to made-to-order sandwiches such as Souvlaki Beef and Chicken along with Gyro’s and homemade spanakopita. Try Louie’s Old Fashioned Milkshakes made with real ice cream, milk and syrup, which has been popular for 50 years.

Louie’s Texas Red Hots originally opened May 2, 1967 on Bailey and Delevan Aves, and now has seven other locations. Its newest location is on Webster St. in North Tonawanda. They also have locations at Delaware and Hertel Ave., Bailey Ave. and Route 33, Elmwood Ave. near Forest, Harlem and Mineral Springs, Transit near Losson Rd., and Southwestern Blvd. and Abbott near New Era Field.

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In Farewell, Obama Maintains Hope, Calls for Unity

“Yes, we did. Yes, we can.” President Barack Obama’s farewell address to the nation in his hometown of Chicago ended with a twist on his campaign slogan after recounting two terms of accomplishments while acknowledging that “for every two steps forward, it often feels like we take one step back.”

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Life Is Good For O’Reilly,Sabres

Image result for buffalo sabres

Our Sabres have won 3 of the last 4 games they played.They are coming to life.  May they keep popping the puck in the opponent net. Go Sabres

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Williamsville School Board Members Question Membership in State Group

Williamsville school logo
After members of the largest suburban district in Western New York raised concerns in November about continuing membership in the New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA,) the Williamsville Central School Board got a visit Tuesday night from the association’s executive director.

It’s not unusual for school board members to question why they pay to belong to organizations like NYSSBA. Williamsville’s NYSSBA dues are $12,259 this year.

But in Williamsville’s case, some board members seemed more concerned about the agenda of the association.
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