His Intentions Were Honorable But His Conduct Was Not

Pravin V. Mehta

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Do you feel good? Tens of thousands of people don’t feel good and need a boost.

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There was a 77 year old man in Niagara Falls named Pravin V. Mehta.  He used to be an MD but lost his license to practice. Still, he wrote over 10,000 prescriptions over a 5 year period. He is now known as “Dr. Feel Good”

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Dr. Pravin Mehta sold pills to people who suffered from opiate addiction.

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He is now going to prison for two years and has been fined $500,000.

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Erie County Comptroller Accused of Downplaying Role in Ethics Probe

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw originally proposed expanded contract for accounting firm whose chairman had helped pay Mychajliw's tuition to attend a Harvard program. (Buffalo News file photo)
Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw originally proposed expanded contract for accounting firm whose chairman had helped pay Mychajliw’s tuition to attend a Harvard program.

County officials say he misled Board of Ethics on award of contract to accounting firm

Members of the Erie County executive’s administration have accused Comptroller Stefan I. Mychajliw of being deceitful with the county Board of Ethics and misrepresenting facts regarding the award of a major contract to a local accounting firm after its chairman helped cover the tuition for Mychajliw to attend a Harvard University leadership program.

Local accounting firm Freed Maxick was awarded a $40,000 county contract two months after its chairman, Robert Glaser, agreed to help pay for Mychajliw to attend a monthlong Harvard program for government officials in July 2014. And Mychajliw had originally recommended a more expanded contract with Freed Maxick that could have been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“That is some interesting timing,” said Timothy Callan, the deputy budget director for County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz.

Mychajliw responded that the words of a “biased and hyperpartisan political hack” should not overrule the findings of the impartial, independent Ethics Board.
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Mad Hatter Returns

Mad Hatter

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Chili Cook Off, Library Gala & Winterfest 2016

Chili cook off

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Snyder Man Charged With Impersonating Police Officer

special police badge

A man who claimed to be a police officer and brandished a badge was arrested Saturday by Buffalo Police.

Douglas H. Naylon, 27, of Snyder, was charged with criminal impersonation of an officer.

Police said Naylon was staying at a downtown hotel and, after being denied entry to a closed bar, became irate, claimed he was a police officer and demanded special treatment from the hotel.

A further investigation, police said, revealed that Naylon is not an officer with any law enforcement agency. Police said they confiscated a badge inscribed with “Special Police.”

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Opiate Deaths Projected to Double in Erie County Epidemic

‘Staggering’ total exceeds 200 in ’15

In 2014, there were 128 opiate-related deaths in Erie County.  That number is expected to be doubled by the time the backlog of toxicology tests for suspected drug overdose deaths dating from early October through December is completed.  That is NOT a number to be proud of.

An analysis of the 201 confirmed deaths shows that the epidemic continues unabated and cuts across the county’s cities, suburbs and rural areas.  Some health officials estimate that the number of fatalities will rise to 264.  Some in law enforcement say the number could hit 300.

“The staggering reality is that if we continue at this pace of doubling overdose fatalities each year, we will lose a thousand lives to heroin in 2017,” State Police Maj. Steven A. Nigrelli said. “This is not a neighborhood problem. This is a crisis for society.”

And if the opiate antidote Narcan had not been administered more than 450 times by Buffalo police officers and firefighters, the toll could have been five times higher.
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Buffalo Ex-pats Wonder What All the Fuss is Over Washington Snowstorm

Sled riders hit the hill Friday at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Winter storm Jonas was expected to bring up to 2 feet of snow in some areas. The federal government shut down at noon Friday in anticipation of the event.
Sled riders hit the hill Friday at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

As massive snowstorm hits nation’s capital, residents prepare for long haul

Two feet of snow in 36 hours would be enough to test the will of the people – and endanger lives – in any city, including Buffalo.

Yet it’s even more of a threat in a place like the nation’s capital, where snowplows are as common as bipartisan compromise.

That being the case, as an epic blizzard’s first few inches of snow started to pile up on Friday afternoon, so did the worries – except, it seemed, among the city’s large contingent of expats from Buffalo.

“I find the panic and run to the grocery stores laughable,” said Sam Sanders, 30, a Buffalo native who now lives on Capitol Hill.

Tim Wendel, an author of nine books who grew up in Lockport but now lives in the D.C. suburb of Vienna, Va. went to a local Wegmans on Wednesday night and had an experience that would probably make Jimmy Griffin, the late Buffalo mayor, curse and reach for a cold one.

“Wegmans, of course, was packed, but what I couldn’t believe was that the produce section was cleaned out,” Wendel noted. “Not a carrot or green bean or mixed salad to be had. But there was plenty of beer. I couldn’t help thinking these folks have their priorities mixed up.”
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Teen Protesting Her School’s Dress Code ~ Forced by Her Principal to Get on Her Knees

Teen Protesting Her School's Dress Code Was Forced by Her Principal to Get on Her Knees
Amanda Durbin in the outfit in question.
Like a growing number of teens across the country, Amanda Durbin, a 17-year-old senior at Edmonson County High School in Kentucky, decided to protest her school’s sexist dress code. Instead of receiving a warning, detention or even suspension, as others have before her, the teen was forced to get on her knees before her principal.

The protest: After an influx of female students were recently punished for wearing leggings and dresses deemed too short, Durbin and a group of her peers decided to push back on what they saw as an unfair policy. The students led a “mature protest,” Durbin told BuzzFeed. Last Friday, Durbin wore leggings and a dress that her parents described as one she could “wear to church,” according to a local WBKO report. She was sent to her school’s office during her third class, BuzzFeed reported Thursday.

What then transpired left the teen “embarrassed” and “humiliated.” The school’s principal, Tommy Hodges, asked Durbin to kneel before him so he could measure her skirt length. Durbin said she felt uncomfortable doing so and requested her parents’ presence. Her request was granted, but the student missed valuable class time while waiting two hours for her parents to arrive.

“They didn’t give me any other option,” Durbin told BuzzFeed. “I had to sit there.”

Once her parents arrived, the principal still forced Durbin to kneel and measured her skirt, which met the code’s parameters. The principal was not satisfied, however, and then asked Durbin to walk across the room with her hands up and kneel once more for another measurement, at which point she was deemed out of dress code and sent home.

“I didn’t really appreciate having to get down on my knees, especially while I was in a dress,” the teen told BuzzFeed. “It did make me feel a little embarrassed, a little insecure of myself.”

Durbin’s mature protest ultimately resulted in a violation of her dignity — one rooted in an ironically sexual request given the attempt to curb her supposed indecency. Perhaps even more ironically, the purported attempt to maintain an optimal educational environment resulted in missed class time. All that was accomplished, it seems, was effectively sexualizing and objectifying a 17-year-old girl.
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Concerned Citizen is Angry At The Abuse Of Power By the Supervisor

After reading these comments, I went to the town video of the meeting. It was a travesty! There was a blatant, in-your-face abuse of power. The new majority, elected by the people, to correct such abuse, were cowed! Are they not able to counter out-of-order behavior by a supervisor giving the finger to everyone, including them?

Major issues, such as cell towers didn’t have a public hearing? Didn’t pass through the attorney before voting? It goes to the ZBA for a hearing? Everyone knows the ZBA is another rubber stamp board doing the bidding of the old town board and have permitted a great deal of damage in Amherst. How many variances did the Hyatt Hotel get? How legal were they? How did the old attorneys justify that travesty?

All new people, on all boards, need to know when the supervisor is exceeding his authority and shut it down. They were not elected to be Weinstein’s lapdogs.

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Pope Changes Church Rule For Gender-Friendly Pre-Easter Rite

Pope Francis is flanked by Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia and Father Leonardo Sapienza at the end of an audience with workers of the Catholic Shrines in the Paul VI Hall at the Vatican

Pope Francis has changed church regulations to correspond to his rule-breaking celebration of the Easter Week ritual of washing the feet of men and women, Christians and not, in a sign of universal service.

Vatican rules for the Holy Thursday rite had long called for only men to participate, and popes past and many priests traditionally performed the ritual on 12 Catholic men, recalling Jesus’ 12 apostles.

Shortly after he was elected, Francis raised conservative eyebrows by performing the rite on men and women, Christians as well as Muslims, at a Roman juvenile detention facility in Rome.
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