Kochs Hope to Be First to Pollute Water on Mars

by Andy Borowitz

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(The Borowitz Report)—Just hours after NASA revealed the discovery of water on the surface of Mars, a spokesman for Koch Industries said that the company would spend billions to become the red planet’s first major industrial polluter.

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“At Koch Industries, we are well aware that our practice of spewing over six million pounds of toxins a year into Earth’s water is not sustainable,” said the billionaire Koch brothers’ corporate spokesman, Harland Dorrinson. “That’s why this discovery of water on Mars is so exciting.”

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The company hopes to conduct the first toxic-dumping mission to Mars by 2030—at a projected cost of three billion dollars, or roughly the price of four Presidential candidates, the spokesman said.

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In response to a reporter’s question, the Kochs’ spokesman offered no opinion about whether the water on Mars could sustain life, saying only that it would be unlikely to in the future.

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Implosion of Millard Fillmore Hospital Set for 7 a.m. Saturday

Ten to 15 seconds.

That’s how long it’s expected to take for the last brick to hit the ground when the 11-story main tower at the old Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo is imploded Saturday morning.

“If you haven’t seen one, it’s cool,” said John Yensan, president of Ontario Specialty Contracting. Between 300 and 500 pounds of explosives will be used to take the structure down.

The collapse will begin at the southwest corner and progress toward the northeast – away from Gates Circle, Yensan said.

Nearby residents should have windows and doors closed and sealed, Yensan said. Air-conditioning units should be sealed, as well.

Preparations with residents closest to the site will begin Friday.
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Bordon Breaks Her Word Again


I suppose Hadar Bordon’s word is not worth much after she promised the ADC to support the committee’s endorsed choices for ATB, and then she went right out and (continued) her campaign after losing the endorsement.

Not sure if she is doing much now, BUT she sure has her signs everywhere – with  Freedman’s – maybe being put up by the same “team?” on every possible highway right-of-way, littering the community illegally.  That sure looks like an active campaign to me.  I figure the ADC/you/me et al have no obligation to endorse her in 2 years given this treachery either.  I think she has minimal chances, given her primary loss, but she is still on the ballot and it seems to me her role can now only possibly be as a spoiler, siphoning off enough Dem votes to cause one of of the two endorsed candidates to lose.

If Chairman Schad is now truly your corner, I would suggest you get him to take her out now – lock, stock, signs and all – and at least do nothing, if she cannot/will not support you.

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Is Amanda’s Day Coming?

by Peter Reese

Amanda’s legal team filed their memorandum of law today.   I am glad that I will never have to respond to a brief which ends with the words, “This case cries out for justice for a grieving mother.  If ever there was a time for the Court to fashion such an appropriate and creative remedy, this case is that time.”

There is an old legal trick to deal with an opponent who is acting like a scoundrel.   You flip him a quarter and tell him to, “Call your mother and ask her if she is proud of what you are doing.”    It won’t do any good to flip me a quarter, my mother has been in Heaven since September, 1988.    But I know she is smiling down on her favorite son today.

This is a good brief.   Hell it’s a damn good brief.   It might even be a God damn good brief.   Thanks to all who had a hand in it:  Jim Ostrowski, Mike Kuzma, Daire Irwin, and other good people whose names have been changed to protect the innocent.
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Boehner to Continue Repealing Obamacare After Leaving Congress

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) House Speaker John Boehner announced that he would resign as Speaker and leave Congress in October, but said that he would continue repealing Obamacare from his home in Ohio.

Explaining his decision, Boehner told reporters, “A lot of the Speaker’s job is administrative, which is time-consuming and tiring. In retirement, I’ll have more time for what I really love: repealing Obamacare.”

Boehner said that he plans to begin every day with a good breakfast, some exercise, and a vote to repeal Obamacare before lunch.

“No one knows how much time one is allotted on this planet,” Boehner, striking a somber tone, said. “But if the Lord above grants me good health, I will repeal Obamacare thousands of times before my journey ends.”

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House Speaker Boehner to Resign From Congress at End of October

  Marco Rubio
John Boehner                               Marco Rubio

Republican House Speaker John Boehner will step down from his post as the country’s number-three elected official and leave Congress effective October 30.   The bombshell announcement came a day after Boehner fulfilled his two-decade dream to one day host the Pope at the Capitol.

The Ohio Republican’s decision was sure to touch off a divisive leadership fight among House Republicans even as lawmakers hunt for a way to avoid a looming government shutdown. There was no obvious successor.
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Williamsville Oktoberfest This Weekend

Oktoberfest 2015
SEP  24
$10 to join a fun dash in island park, includes one beer, admission to the beer tent, first 80 registered get a tee shirt and live music from the Nerds

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Observations Of The Present Town Board By A Concern Citizen

Our Town Board  4 years ago we had some real fighters on the Board but as  time passed we the audience discover most the member on this Board we cowards.  Little got done in Amherst. Losers like Sanders were all talk and very little action.

Mark Manna started out as a fighter for the people which burned out as he wasn’t given any support by his fellow cohort on the Town Board.

New to the Board was Ramona  Popawich who quickly learned how our Town Board really worked.

The last member on our Board was Marlette, who kept up with the Town’s problems and try hard to solve them.

The election coming up there are two outstanding candidates Tara Cadmus, Fran Spoth. CHECK THEIR RECORDS.


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An Alternate Theory of the Mensch Westwood Development Strategy


To successfully pull off the Mensch “10 year plan” is going to be very challenging, and meeting the target profit goals quite difficult given the property is contaminated, and community opposition is so strong. They probably knew this almost from the start, as evidenced by their initial attempt to swap it for the town owned Audubon golf course.

I question how much of the contamination problem was known by the original owners before they sold it. It’s hard to imagine that the original Westwood owners did not know they had a some sort contamination problem, even if they did not know its extent. So unloading it, even for a reasonably low amount to Mensch could have “solved” their problem. Mensch could then take their bargain basement priced property, and threaten to develop it into some sort a gigantic eyesore in the middle of Amherst to “persuade” the surrounding residents to pressure the town to buy it at a much higher price than they paid for it.  I am not saying this is what happened, but it makes a lot sense given the actions Mensch has taken to this point.

Putting up the fence seems to be another way to inflame residents opposition, and increase pressure on the town. Selling the property to the town for a much higher price than they bought it would give them a quick, hefty profit without having to commit to a difficult long term development with its associated higher risks. It would also leave the town holding the contaminated property and all the problems that go with it, while Mensch and the original owners are that much richer.

It may not have happened this way, but an investigation is needed given how well the Mensch actions match this theory.

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Veterans Conference, Register NOW

Patrick Welch
Message from Patrick W. Welch, PhD:
Dr. Charles Hoge, Col USA (Ret) will be the keynote speaker. I have had the opportunity to meet with Col. Hoge while he was still in charge of the Mental Health area at Walter Reed Hospital. He is an expert on military PTSD and you will find his insights very informative.
Yours truly will be presenting a session on Military Culture and there will be many other great programs to attend.
Some of you are out of the Buffalo, NY area and wonder why you are getting this. It’s because its important for you all to know the continuing efforts that we veterans advocates are doing in the Western New York area. And maybe you might want to do something similar in your area, its called networking and exchange of ideas. Thanks for all you do in your areas and in the nation. Best.
Please register NOW to insure you have a seat at this great event.
WHEN: 16 October 2015
WHERE: Hilbert College, 5200 South Park Ave., Hamburg, NY
TIME: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Thank you.

Patrick W. Welch, PhD
U.S. Marine Corps (Ret)

Veterans Advocate & Educator
Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court – Senior Mentor

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