Town Board Meeting Oct. 10, Columbus Day ~ Very Important Meeting


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There will be an important Town Board meeting Oct. 10, Columbus Day, at 7:00 P.M. in Town Hall on Main St.  The Town Board will be discussing the raises they plan to give to themselves by taking money from a different Town source.

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Public input to what their planning will be helpful.  A major topic will be asking the TB for a 6-month moratorium from any type of development until what is being done in Amherst concerning development is thoroughly explained to the people.

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Republican Party Could Recover as Early as 2096, Experts Say

The New Yorker

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In what is being described as a best-case scenario, some political experts are predicting that the Republicans could once again be a viable political party as early as the year 2096.

Davis Logsdon, the head of the University of Minnesota’s political-science department, said on Saturday that the eighty-year time frame for the Republican Party to recover was “admittedly optimistic, but still doable.”

“It’s not going to be easy, and they have very little margin for error,” Logsdon said. “But if they do everything right and a lot of things cut their way, they could be up and running as a somewhat serviceable political party as early as 2096.”

According to the political strategist Tracy Klugian, however, Logsdon’s 2096 target date for the Republicans’ comeback is “laughably upbeat.”

“In order for the G.O.P. to become even a marginally functional political party again, all memory of the 2016 campaign will have to be obliterated,” Klugian said. “That means everyone who witnessed it will have to be dead, and probably those people’s children, and their children’s children, too. I wouldn’t bet on the Republican Party recovering any earlier than the year 2132.”

When asked about Klugian’s assessment, Logsdon said, “Yeah, 2132 is probably more like it.”

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Obama Hits Record-High Approval Rating Despite Turning Country Into Jobless Crime-Ridden Hellhole

The New Yorker

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Republicans on Friday expressed bafflement that President Obama had garnered a record-high second-term approval rating despite having turned the United States into an economically devastated, crime-ridden hellhole.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” the Trump surrogate Rudolph Giuliani said he was “dumbfounded” by the disconnect between Obama’s high approval rating and the President’s near-total dismemberment of a formerly strong nation.

“This country used to be a wonderful place to live,” the former New York mayor said. “Today, all you see is a hellscape of smoldering ruins.”

Giuliani blamed the mainstream media for not properly informing the American people about the destruction and havoc Obama has wrought since his first day in office.

“We have an unemployment rate of forty per cent and a murder rate of fifty per cent,” he said. “We are losing a million jobs a day to China and hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees are swarming over our border with Mexico. Those are the facts.”

He also questioned the methodology used to determine the President’s approval rating. “These pollsters are just talking to people who are still alive,” he said. “They’re not talking to all of the people who have been killed.”

Having witnessed their President transform a once-great country into a dystopian nightmare unfit for human habitation, the American people’s decision to give Obama a record-high approval rating filled Giuliani with bewilderment. “Maybe they approve of the job he did founding isis,” he said.

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Jill Harth Speaks Out About Alleged Groping by Donald Trump

Harth said of her wish for an apology from Trump: ‘I don’t fully expect one.’

A woman at the centre of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump has spoken for the first time in detail about her personal experience with the billionaire tycoon who this week became the Republican nominee for president.

Jill Harth, a makeup artist, has stayed quiet for almost 20 years about the way Trump pursued her, and – according to a lawsuit she instigated – cornered her and groped her in his daughter’s bedroom.

After Trump mounted his campaign for the White House, details emerged of the 1997 complaint, in which Harth accused him of “attempted ‘rape’”.

She said she was quickly inundated with interview requests from major US television networks, but resolved not to speak about the events – until Trump publicly said in May that her claims were “meritless” and his daughter Ivanka gave an interview in which she said her father was “not a groper”.

Harth, who feels she has been publicly branded a liar and believes her business has suffered because of her association with the allegations, decided to speak out about her experience with Trump because she wants an apology.

Harth stands by claims of incident described in 1997 lawsuit as ‘attempted rape’ and wants apology from Donald Trump: ‘Don’t call me a liar’
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A 6 Month Moratorium On Development Must Be Given To People

The citizens of Amherst can’t let the most self-center, money spending Town Board we had in the last 3 years tear apart our town.What they are doing to our once charming town is turning it over to a group of-money  hunger people in our local government, the bloody developers and good old boys of Amherst is to make it little New York City.

This Monday,Oct.10 at 7:00 p.m. in Town Hall the citizens of Amherst must ask the Town Board to give the people a 6-month moratorium on development for the people to understand what is truly happening in our Town.

Why does this Town Board act like they are in wonderland?

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Money Is The Main Reason Some People Run For Our Town Board


I would suggest that you just make a statement that:
it was an insult to all town residents the way that they rammed this budget resolution through and attempting to justify it using three town administrators, of which they all, one way or another, owe their jobs to the town board. Also, the comments made by counsel member Sanders that this was a good time to dot this because it is an off election year and the electorate will have forgotten about it by the next election. Also, our new bee council member Spoth’s remark in support of this resolution that she spent a portion of her time keeping track of her time and she calculated her average hourly rate to be only $16.28 an hour, and this is from someone who has only been on the board for 9 months. I guess we all know what really motivates her to run for office. Well council member Spoth, I have news for you, a lot of good people that could probably do the job you do doing the peoples’ business as good if not better than you make a lot less!

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US Blames Russia for Hacking Political Sites

The suspension of joint research on nuclear energy projects between the US and Russia came after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a halt to an agreement with the US on weapons-grade plutonium disposal

The U.S. on Friday blamed the Russian government for the hacking of political sites and accused Moscow of trying to interfere with the upcoming presidential election.

Pressure has been mounting on the Obama administration to call out Russia for the hacking of U.S. political sites and email accounts. The hacking claim Friday was another setback in already strained U.S.-Russia relations.

The White House declined to say whether the formal attribution would trigger sanctions against Russia. A senior Obama administration official said the U.S. would respond “at a time and place of our choosing,” but any retaliation may not take place in the open.

The official said the public won’t necessarily know what actions the U.S. has already taken or will take in the future against Russia in cyberspace. The official wasn’t authorized to comment by name and requested anonymity.

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How Sweet it is: Fowler’s Chocolates

Fowlers Candy

The roots of Fowler’s Chocolate date back to 1901, when Joseph Fowler came to Buffalo to attend the Pan American Exposition. There, he sold “a small variety of chocolate confections and sweets,” according to Fowler’s Chocolates. His success inspired him to set up a small shop in Buffalo with his brother, Claude. The business stayed in the family for decades, but in 1993, it was purchased by Buffalo residents Randy and Ted Marks. The Marks moved chocolate factory to the River Rock Drive location.

Each year, Fowler’s Chocolates opens its factory on River Rock Drive in Buffalo to the public. Part of proceeds from tours Oct. 8 and 10 (tickets are $3) will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie County.
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12 Honored as Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame inducts Class of 2016

From left, Sal Buscaglia, Bud Carpenter, Reggie McKenzie, Benjamin Bluman, Cindy Wyatt and Ed Michael were inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday night at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center.

Bud Carpenter was quite athletic growing up.

He played football, basketball, baseball and ran track and field at Allegany High School. He also played volleyball in the Air Force.

But those feats aren’t why he was among the 12 being inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday night at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center.

The reasons he received the distinguished honor:

His award-winning work as head trainer for the Buffalo Bills the past 20 years.

• His dedication to high school sports, specifically Western New York wrestling as president of the Ilio DiPaolo Scholarship Fund.

• His willingness to give back to the community.
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Donald Trump Has Often Donated to Prosecutors Investigating His Business

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