Why People Play the Lottery

It is almost assured that every time you purchase a lottery ticket you are going to lose. The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you and we all know the big winner in gambling is the “house” or in this instance the state education system. Well, let’s at least hope the state is properly allocating the funds to the education system! Many people scoff at coughing up the spare dollar to try their luck because they just as soon spend that extra dollar somewhere else, ironically on some other “vice” such as extra calories, tobacco products, or that daily espresso. Or they internally calculate that the one dollar per week adds up to $52 over a year which is too much to bear. These are all lottery dream killer thoughts.Why I play the lottery.

The most important aspect of spending the dollar or two every weekend on the big jackpot is simple. I am purchasing the “dream”. What exactly is the dream? The dream starts with the fascination of checking the lottery ticket on a Saturday or Sunday morning to realize that my numbers actually won. The dream is enhanced by knowing that I can fire my boss and choose my own employment at my own terms. The dream then becomes enhanced by sharing this new found wealth with family and friends that may need the money even more than me. The dream involves having more time to dedicate to family, hobbies, and charities. By dreaming, I am not referring to …

How to Win Georgia Lottery

Georgia lottery Cash 3 is the game to play right now. The Georgia lottery winning Cash 3 numbers are dropping right after the other.

They are playing straight, by the way. That is unheard of. If you are planning a quick weekend gate away, you may include Georgia. The least you can do is tell your friends and family over there.

The money Georgia lottery is paying out this time is huge.

I cannot remember the last time they played this group over such a short period of time.

The importance of the GA Cash 3 numbers playing straight for the readers who may not know, is that each winner pays about $500 on $1 straight win.

To give people the opportunity to make that kind of money three times in one week is unbelievable.

The good news is that the trend is not exhausted.

Winning Georgia Cash 3

The trend started with 523 that HIT on 8/4/2011. They couldn't wait for the customary extended period of time before dropping the next winner, 717 on 8/14/2011. That will be just ten days from the time Georgia lottery results played 523.

You must thank Georgia lottery for this opportunity. The fans can use that money. You would think that the next GA Cash 3 numbers might take a little longer and possibly play in any of the other six-way positions.

They continued the trend two days later with 132 that played straight on 8/16/2011. The next winning Georgia Cash 3 …

Winning the Lottery: Rags to Riches, or Riches to Rags?

There's a story my Mom likes to tell, of how I picked the lottery numbers the Christmas I turned two. They had me draw numbers out of a hat, and Daddy went to the store to play the ticket. Apparently I matched four numbers and the power ball. Everyone was very excited, except for Daddy, who had changed my numbers on the way to the store. No lottery winnings for our family. I'm not sure I believe that story now, my childhood was too happy to be concerned about a phantom ten grand that probably never existed. All the same, for years I would wonder if I could do it again. There is no doubt that winning the lottery would change my life in many ways. Here are five ways winning the lottery would change my life.First of all, no more debt. My husband and I are working to pay off a mixture of credit cards and student loans. I desperately want to get all those debts paid off, and then never use credit cards again. If we could win the lottery and pay off our debt, we would have a surplus of money at the end of the month, rather than basically breaking even.

The second way winning the lottery would change my life is no more guilt. This goes right along with no more debt. I have chosen to be a stay at home mom, and I feel guilty for taking out student loans for a …

World Wrestling Entertainment: 2007 Draft Lottery Preview

World Wrestling Entertainment first introduced the “brand extension” concept in 2002 in response to a decline in ratings following the downfall of competition within the Pro Wrestling Industry. The original idea was to divide WWE’s immense talent pool into two separate rosters that would compete on WWE’s RAW and Smackdown television shows. With the innovative concept came another element which would be a first time ever in Pro Wrestling, and that was a “Draft” similar to those of other sports that would decide the future of many of WWE’s Superstars. Now, five years after the first draft following the brand extension, the draft makes its return live on June 11th, 2007 during a special three hour edition of RAW on USA.The first draft in 2002 following the announcement of the brand split was one that saw Vince McMahon and Ric Flair, representing Smackdown and RAW respectively, make their draft picks until the entire roster was divided. Since then, however, the impact and significance of the draft has seemingly diminished within the WWE. In 2004, for example, only six superstars from each brand were traded over to the other brand and it wasn’t as a result of a draft but rather a “random” lottery. In 2005, the draft went down in the same way that 2004’s did, in that it was a “random” lottery, although this time the draft spanned over four editions of RAW and Smackdown in an attempt to increase ratings during that month. In 2006, the …

How to Win the Lottery

You're probably thinking "who doesn't want to win the lottery?" Sure, we'd all love to have tens or hundreds of millions given to us for simply picking a few numbers. But often, winning the lottery is often the worst thing to happen to a person rather than the best thing. Just ask Jack Whittaker, winner of $315 million through the lottery – his winnings made him one of the least popular people in his community and resulted in the death of his granddaughter. Dozens of other big jackpot winners have found their relationships with friends and family go bad, thanks to their winnings. Yes, we all could use more money, but as we'll see, the lottery is the worst vehicle for it.Gambling in general is one the worst uses of time and money. The book "The Millionaire Mind" by Dr. Thomas Stanley contains statistics about millionaires and how they became wealthy. One point that Dr. Stanley makes is that the amount of gambling one does is inversely proportional to their wealth. Most deca-millionaires (people with a net worth in excess of $10 Million) gamble only rarely (if at all) and yes, the lottery counts as gambling.

Except for a few rare instances, it is nearly impossible to make a profit (forget about a living) from any legal form of gambling. The odds in a casino overwhelmingly favor the house; otherwise the casino wouldn't remain in business for long. Consider the fact that the payoff rate for table games are substantially …

3 Weekend Escape Ideas: City, Surf, & Gambling

When you are burnt and you just need to break out for the weekend, there are a multitude of ideas for your weekend escape dollar which can be both rejuvenating and refreshing. Depending on where you live, how far you’d like to travel, and what you’d like to do, you have so many choices. Here are three different vacation ideas in three distinct areas which you can use for your weekend escape ideas.Broadway/Manhattan/Times Square: One of the most relaxing things anyone can do is get a room right in the middle of the center of the world. Times Square can be a trip but if you’re looking for a weekend escape package and you live locally, jetting in to New York City for a weekend getaway can be a thrill. Especially if you are going to be making your way to the Big Apple during off-peak season (after the winter Holidays is a real good time) you may be able to snag quite a deal. Another good idea when visiting Manhattan for a weekend escape is to wait up until right before you’re going to leave and see if you can’t call the most expensive, best hotel you’ve never been to (Marriott Marquis, W Times Square) and see if you can’t shake a better deal out of them. Don’t call the 800 number; call the hotel directly. Of course make your reservations at your usual haunt and get hip to their cancellation policy. Who knows? You could be …

What Happens when You Win the Lottery?

A woman came home and wheeled into the drive,
Jumped out of the car and went running inside.
She yelled to her husband, "Go pack your trunk,
I've won the lottery, and it's quite a chunk!"Her husband got so excited it effected his speech
He said, "Mountain stuff, or stuff for the beach?"
"It really doesn't matter", he heard her shout.
"I don't care what you take with you, just get out!"…

Life's Lottery

Her hopes high upon the convenience store purchase

Until the young woman divined the game was lost

Her last three dollars gone to waste

So into the dirty gutter it was tossed

Until the young woman divined the game was lost

She dreamed of paid bills and a Hawaiian beach

So into the dirty gutter it was tossed

When the sweet dream was yanked from reach

She dreamed of paid bills and a Hawaiian beach

As she did when she was going to be a movie star

When the sweet dream was yanked from reach

Now serving drinks to slobs in a topless bar

As she did when she was going to be a movie star

She looked at herself in the mirror

Now serving drinks to slobs in a topless bar

The ravages of dreams lost stand out clear…

Kansas Senate to Debate Bill for Gambling Law Changes

Southeast Kansas lawmakers say that they Wednesday’s action in the Kansas Senate’s Federal and State Affairs Committee is promising. Encouraged by a 5-4 vote, the committee endorsed bill that would allow racinos-combined racetracks and casinos- to keep more revenue from slot machines. This bill would also reduce the minimum investment required by the manager for a state-owned casino in Crawford or Cherokee counties.The state law on these operations was enacted in 2007, and this bill was one of the first legislative moves that loosened the requirements for casinos.

The vote, completed on March 24, will send the bill to the full Senate for debate.

“I’m encouraged,” said state Sen. Bob Marshall, R-Fort Scott. “I was afraid we weren’t going to get it out. It’s very late in the session.”

This bill would require the racinos to share 22 percent of their slot machine revenue with the state. The current law has the racinos sharing 40 percent.

If the Kansas Senate approves the new casino measure, the bill would go to the Kansas House for a vote. State Sen. Bob Marshall, R-Fort Scott, said he is even more confident of passage in the House than he is of passage in the Senate.…

Betting a Broader View on Broadbands

The mere mention of broadband comes to mind high speed access and telecommunication. But things are not as simple as that. The term broadband applies to many technologies. Broadband access for instance is a tool that delivers media services and communications-oriented applications. The media services and applications that broadband usually offers are entirely new. This distinguishes it from dial-up Internet access. It is not surprising that broadband is fast becoming the mainstream in the industry and is quite popular with consumers. Broadband improves access to audio and video and the fact that it offers always-on access connections make it even more appealing to subscribers.There are two ways for consumers to get broadband access. The first is through DSL or Digital Subscriber Lines. DSL is another technology used for high-speed and high-bandwidth. The high-speed and high-bandwidth are directly related to the amount of data transmitted or received per unit time. There are six different times of DSL and they are as follows: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL), ISDN Digital Subscriber Line (IDSL), High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL), Very high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL), and Rate-Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line (RADSL). Each of the six types has various limitations, capabilities, and ranges. Another way for consumers to acquire broadband access is through cable modem. Cable modems function over cable TV lines. They offer high-speed access to the Web or corporate Intranets. Cable modems usually require a power splitter and a new cable. The splitter is used to divide …