Ten Best Acting Roles Portraying Gamblers

Hollywood has always had a love affair with gamblers. I’ll wager a bet that you too love this kind of movie and that you have your own list of favorites. Here’s mine:

  • 1. John Malkovich in “Rounders”: What a great movie about poker! Some reviewers compare it to “Caddyshack”. We think John’s portrayal of Teddy KGB is terrific, one of his best roles ever.
  • 2. Joe Pesci in “Casino”: Joe has had so many terrific roles – it’s always hard to single one out, but his take on Anthony Spilotro aka Nicky Santoro was volatile and scary, just how we like it.
  • 3. Dustin Hoffman in “Rain Man”: An iconic role for a master actor. His casino scenes are classics. Word is that Dustin used to wander off set to play dice with the crew.
  • 4. James Caan in “The Gambler”: His role of Axel Freed has weathered well over time. Our favorite line: “It’s only insane if I lose and I’m not going to lose”. It’s a hoot!
  • 5. George Clooney/Frank Sinatra in “Ocean’s 11”: How often is a remake as good as the original? I’m not sure which version was better, but I think both stars portrayed Danny Ocean beautifully. These guys are cool.
  • 6. Paul Newman in “The Hustler”: The quintessential pool movie, Paul played Fast Eddie Felson with all the required desperation. Originally, Paul turned down the role due to a conflict and Bobby Darin was supposed to get it. Luckily for all of us,
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NFL Playoff Betting: Chicago Bears (14-3) Vs. New Orleans Saints (11-6)

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Chicago, Ill.January 21, 2007

3:00 ET

The improbable NFC Championship matchup between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints is now a reality that will have football fans all over the country tuned in to see if the Saints, the team all of America is pulling for, can continue their surprising Cinderella season or if the big, bad Bears, can make the clock strike 12 and take another step towards their stated goal of reaching and winning next month’s Super Bowl XLI.

This, classic, offense vs. defense showdown could go down as one of the most memorable NFC championship matchups ever and at the very least, should provide ample entertainment for three and a half hours.

Here is a look at the upcoming game, both point spreads and a prediction on the outcome.

Chicago Bears (14-3)

The Bears, who were lucky to escape with their win ove the Seattle Seahawks, will try to do waht they’ve been doing all year long – run the ball effectively with their pair of bruising running backs, Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson, while throwing the ball just enough with oft-maligned quarterback, Rex Grossman.

If Chicago can move the ball consistently on the ground, then the Saints will have their work more than cut out for them and Grossman should be able to complete more high percentage passes.

Defensively, the Bears will be facing the most complete offensive team in the league this season. If Chicago can pressure and hurry New Orleans quarterback Drew …

A Review of Gambler Loose Tobacco

Cigarette prices increased today in the state of Ohio. I simply cannot afford to pay six dollars for a pack of smokes these days, and I am trying to quit. It is not going well! After freaking out and snapping at my dogs, my neighbor and my boyfriend I decided to switch to hand rolled cigarettes. I am a nicotine addict, I am not proud of that fact but I am at least honest about it.I bought Gambler tobacco in a light variety today, I got a generous sized pouch of loose tobacco and a package of 36 rolling papers for $1.54 and my favorite gas station. I am hoping that I will be able to give up the bad habit easier if I am smoking something cheap and non filtered.

Maybe it is just the fact that I had not had a cigarette yet today, I actually like the flavor of Gambler light tobacco! The price is right and I should be able to get at least 50 hand rolled non filter cigarettes out of this single small package.

The flavor is better than you would get from basic full flavors. It is not as harsh, it doesn't taste like you are smoking hay. It is smooth and aromatic. For the affordable price I am very pleased with my purchase of Gambler light loose tobacco in a pouch.

What I don't like about this tobacco is easy to understand. It does have a lot of tobacco stems inside the …