Democratic Rally!

Let’s Get Out The Vote For Our Democratic Team!!!

Congressman – Brian Higgins
State Senator – Tim Kennedy
Assemblyman – Dennis Gabryszak

When:  Friday, November 2nd  6-8PM
Where:  Father Justin Hall
2735 Union Rd.
Cheektowaga, NY 14227
[one block North of William St. across from Friendly’s Restaurant]

* FREE *

Beer * Wine * Pop
Light Snacks

Frank Max, Jr. – Cheektowaga Democratic Chairman
Dan McParlane – West Seneca Democratic Chairman
Camille Brandon – Cheektowaga State Committeewoman

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Madigan Challenges Higgins’ Plan to Dramatically Increase Government Dependency

Congressional Candidate Brian Higgins supports the current Administration’s plan to continue to spend a record breaking $1 trillion dollars per year over the next ten years on government subsistence programs. This plan excludes the Welfare to Work programs that were so effective at reforming welfare in the past, and freeing people from the oppressive control that has emanated from government dependency.

Candidate Michael Madigan has a very different vision from Candidate Higgins. Madigan is committed to transforming our oppressed inner cities from government dependent violent war zones to thriving economic zones. Madigan contends the common denominator in our top ten most impoverished and violent cities which includes Buffalo, is our failed public education systems. Graduating only one of every four African American males, this tragedy must no longer be ignored.

Madigan states that the greatest hurdle in almost every case to reform the failing public inner city schools is the teachers unions and its leadership, with Phil Rumore in Buffalo. Madigan contends if a Congressional Investigation can determine a civil rights violation has occurred, Union contracts can be voided and true reforms can then follow.

Madigan insists it is time to recognize that the current condition is an open festering wound on the ethical and moral character of the country, and that continuing to ignore this wound is no longer an option. We must restore our country to that shining city on a hill that is part of the American dream, and this opportunity must exist for all Americans.

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Poloncarz, EMS Officials Send Off Swift Water Rescue Teams

Erie County Helps Out Downstate Neighbors With Manpower, Equipment

ERIE COUNTY, NY— Today, Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz was joined by County EMS officials to send off six local swift water rescue teams to assist in downstate relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Five teams from Erie County and one from Chautauqua County will be deployed to Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

“Here in Erie County, we are used to helping each other out in times of crisis,”said Poloncarz. “While the brunt of the storm bypassed us, our neighbors and friends downstate were not so lucky. I salute these volunteers who are mobilizing to lend a hand, leaving their lives here behind for a few days to assist others in their moment of need. They are great models of what our community is all about.”

Erie County departments responding to the call came from Alden FD, Getzville FD, Williamsville FD, Vigilant FD, East Seneca FD, Winchester FD, Lake Erie Beach FD, Blasdell FD, and Hamburg FD. These volunteers, along with their counterparts from Chautauqua County, will form the rescue teams working downstate.

The swift water rescue teams are specially equipped to work in the high-water areas left downstate in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Following a briefing on their deployment, the teams started out for their assignment. They will report to the Suffolk County Fire Academy to begin their 72-hour deployment at 8 pm tonight.

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Raices – A Play Reading Series Of Voces Latinas

Four Different Latino Playwrights, Full Casts Of Local Latino Actors…Our Stories Shared With The Community.

October 30th, 2012 – For the first time Road Less Traveled Productions and RLTP Ensemble member Victoria Perez will join forces to bring a unique play-reading series to WNY. The RAICES series will consist of 4 plays written by Latino playwrights and dealing with the Latino experience.

“Some plays will be in English, some will be in Spanish, and most of them will be in Spanglish,” said Perez, who is the artistic director of the series. “Spanglish is the way we think, therefore it has to be the way we see ourselves on the stage.”

On Sunday, November 18th, at 6pm, RAICES will open with the first play of the series: La Gringa, written by Carmen Rivera, directed by Sheila Lopez, and starring Sarielys Matos, Rolando Gomez, Victoria Perez, Jose Rivera, Mercedes Perez, and Dewel Perez.

Also included in the series is Carlos Ferrari’s El Insolita Casa De Miss Pina Colada (The Preposterous Case Of Miss Pina Colada), Nilo Cruz’ The Beauty Of The Father, and Marco Antonio Rodriguez’ La Luz De Un Cigarillo (The Light Of A Cigarette). Dates will be announced shortly.

La Gringa is a play about the search for one’s identity. Maria Elena Garcia, a Nuyorican, visits her uncle in Puerto Rico during Christmas holidays and arrives with plans to connect with her homeland. The only problem is that in Puerto Rico she is thought of as an American – a Gringa.

El Insolita Casa De Miss Pina Colada (The Preposterous Case Of Miss Pina Colada) is a hilarious play about a mother’s outlandish and incredible measures to make sure that her daughter is crowned Miss Piña Colada. Carlos Ferrari’s play is a bitingly funny exploration of society’s frivolous consumption and its obsession with appearances.

La Luz De Un Cigarillo (The Light Of A Cigarette) unfolds over the course of two evenings, as mother and son, two estranged generations of Dominicans living in mid-town Manhattan, attempt to rekindle the love and appreciation for each other and their roots… but unexpectedly reveal intimate and taboo secrets which threaten to destroy an already thin bond.

The Beauty Of The Father is about a young American girl who travels to Spain in order to meet her estranged father and becomes romantically involved with his Moroccan companion. This passionate triangle explores the conflict between love and sacrifice.

All of the readings will take place on Sundays at 6pm at the Road Less Traveled Theater inside the Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre. Admission is a suggested donation of $5.00. For more information, please contact Victoria Pérez at 716-238-1522 or email at

Road Less Traveled Productions (RLTP) is a professional, non-profit theatre company dedicated to the development and production of new theatrical works by Western New York playwrights, as well as presentations of esteemed modern dramas of outstanding literary merit. RLTP, a member of the National New Play Network, is located in the Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre in the Theatre District of Downtown Buffalo, NY. For more information about RLTP and to purchase tickets, please visit or call (716) 629-3069. RLTP’s work is made possible through public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

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Romney Says He Favors Abortion in Cases Where It Makes People Vote for Him


KETTERING, Ohio (The Borowitz Report)—Hitting the campaign trail one day after the arrival of Superstorm Sandy, Republican nominee Mitt Romney tweaked his position on abortion today, saying he now supports it in cases where it makes people vote for him.

“It was important for Mitt to come up with a new position on abortion today,” said his campaign manager, Matt Rhoades. “It sends a message to the American people that in the aftermath of Sandy, things are getting back to normal.”

Mr. Romney made no reference to his comments about eliminating FEMA, which have been declared a disaster area.
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Amodeo Will Fight to Increase Minimum Wage

Challenger Blasts Incumbent’s Inaction on IssueMike Amodeo, Democratic candidate for New York State Senate’s 60th District, pledges that when elected, he will support a minimum wage increase to $8.50. His opponent, Republican Mark Grisanti has publicly stated that “$8.50 an hour is too high,” which Amodeo calls a slap in the face to the constituents of his district.

“Other states like Massachusetts and New Jersey are proposing minimum wage increases and we can’t get past the poverty level at $7.25,” Amodeo said. “I believe this is the single most important issue that separates me from my Republican opponent who sides with Dean Skelos against a minimum wage increase for Western New York families.”

New York State’s minimum wage has not kept pace with the cost of living, based on statistics from the Fair Labor Standards Act, and has been stuck at $7.25 since 2009. Seventy-eight percent of New Yorkers polled stated they are in favor of a minimum wage increase that would positively impact close to one million residents, providing working men and women with more money to place back into the economy.* Raising the minimum wage to $8.50 would bring $600 million in economic activity and a net creation of 4,800 new jobs to New York State.**

“People want a minimum wage increase and Republican Mark Grisanti should not be standing in its way. Increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.50 will create economic and consumer demand, which will benefit the local economy when those same wage earners spend their money in local small businesses,” Amodeo said.

An increase in New York State’s minimum wage is the hallmark issue this election season of the state Working Families Party who has endorsed Amodeo over Republican Mark Grisanti. The New York State Assembly has already voted to increase the minimum wage but Grisanti and Republican leader Dean Skelos refuse to bring this issue up for a vote in the Senate.

It’s time Albany brings some relief to our working families here in Western New York. Blocking a minimum wage hike is not fighting for us. It’s both hypocritical to me that my opponent can consider a raise for himself, but not address the issue of helping the working families of Western New York,” Amodeo said.



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Storm Forces Markets to Remain Closed

The New York Stock Exchange, which did not open Monday.
New York Stock Exchange, which did not open Monday.

The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and BATS Global Markets said in separate statements that they have agreed to close, after consulting with other exchanges and clients.  This is the second day they were closed.

Stock markets in the United States will be closed again on Tuesday for a second day without trading as Hurricane Sandy’s approach intensified the wind and rain in the New York area.

The New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq stock market and BATS Global Markets said in separate statements that they had agreed to close, after consulting with other exchanges and clients. The N.Y.S.E. added that it planned to operate on Wednesday, pending developments in weather conditions.

The stoppage is the first time the markets have been closed for consecutive days because of weather since a blizzard forced the N.Y.S.E. to close for two days in 1888. And it remained the first unscheduled market closure since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
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Message From “Concerned Citizen”

Got this from a reader.  Somehow in this photo Poloncarz appears like a little boy confused by life.

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Microsoft Adds Features To Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone software, is the company’s plan to win back sales lost to the iPhone and Android handset makers.

Microsoft has now officially launched its latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.

(Microsoft) currently has just over 3 percent of the smartphone market, according to the latest figures from IDC, but is hoping to crack the iOS-Android duopoly of Apple and Google. The new platform closes some of the gaps in performance between Microsoft and its chief competitors, but it’s not clear yet how well that will transfer to market share gains.
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Higgins-Madigan Debate

Would you like to hear what Congressman Brian Higgins and his opponent Mike Madigan have to say when they are debating?  Then tonight’s event is where you should be.

Congressman Brian Higgins and his opponent Mike Madigan will be debating at a Candidate Forum tonight, October 30th, at the Niagara Falls Public Library, at 6:00 pm. 

The address is:

Niagara Falls Public Library
1425 Main Street, 2nd floor auditorium
Niagara Falls, NY

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