Fighting Hunger in WNY!

We all, at one time or another, have felt hunger with stomach pains and occasional lightheadedness. What if this were a common occurrence or a daily struggle?

Thousands of Western New Yorkers suffer from hunger, and it could happen tomorrow to a neighbor, to a friend, or to a relative. Hunger strikes when least expected, and it’s everywhere. Hunger is not confined to one group or to one region. Hunger is in the suburbs, as well as rural and urban areas, affecting all races and ethnicities.

The BPC is teaming up wit the Food Bank of WNY to fight back against hunger and provide nutritious food to those who need it.  On Sunday, March 10, the BPC is presenting Handel’s Messiah at Eastern Hills Wesleyan.

We ask all Messiah concert attendees to bring non-perishable food donations to benefit the Food Bank of WNY.

Handel’s Messiah

In 1740-1741, Ireland was hit with a terrible famine. The magnitude was similar to the Great Famine, or Potato Famine, of the 1840’s.

George Frederic Handel was approached by the Charitable Musical Society in 1741 to premiere his new oratorio in Dublin as a charity concert supporting famine relief and other needs that arose from the famine.  Handel accepted the offer and premiered Messiah at noon on April 13, 1742 at the Musick Hall on Fishamble Street in Dublin, Ireland.

The concert was expected to be so well attended that ladies were asked not to wear hoops in their skirts and men were advised not to bring their swords to ensure there would be enough room for everyone. The performance did “sell out” with over 700 people in attendance and several hundred more rumored to have been turned away. Handel and all of the performers donated their time, so all of the £400 collected was split evenly amongst the three selected charities.

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Jim Donahue, A True American Hero

James C. Donahue - obitJames C. Donahue 

James C. Donahue’s courage and sense of daring would take him to the Vietnam War as a member of the Green Berets and when the war was over, back again twice on top-secret missions in search of missing prisoners of war.

He was a recipient of the second highest honor the Army can bestow on a soldier, the Silver Star, and three Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart and two Air Medals.

Mr. Donahue died Monday in his home in Lakewood Ranch, Fla., after a two-year “courageous battle with cancer,” according to his son, Michael. He was 70.

As a civilian devoted to improving the image of Vietnam Veterans, he organized an annual 100-mile run through Death Valley that began with a 3,000-foot parachute jump into the wasteland. Each day participants ran for 15 miles until the race was completed.

The purpose of the race was to prove that veterans from the unpopular war could finish what they set out to do. First started in 1983, the race continued for 13 years.

After completing his studies at the University at Buffalo, which included a master’s degree in social sciences, he was hired in the early 1970s to head the City of Buffalo’s Absentee Control Unit. In that role, he uncovered no-show jobs and corruption.

He later advanced to a post with the U.S. Labor Department as the assistant state director for veterans employment in Buffalo. He retired in December 2002 and moved to Florida.

“My dad had been shot in the head twice. He was surrounded by Viet Cong and dressed his own wounds and continued fighting the enemy until he passed out and was medevaced,” Michael Donahue said.

Because of those head wounds, he suffered severe headaches, especially during severe winters in Buffalo, which, the son said, “necessitated his move to Florida.”

As a boy, Mr. Donahue often spent his afternoons at the Butler-Mitchell Boys Club on the West Side, honing his athletic abilities in the boxing ring, on the basketball court and playing tennis. After graduating in 1960 from Grover Cleveland High School, he joined the Marine Corps at 17 and ended up at Guantanamo Bay during the fiercely tense Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

After completing his hitch with the Marines, Mr. Donahue enlisted in the Army and volunteered for Special Forces, serving with the 6th and 7th Special Forces Groups at Fort Bragg, N.C., and with the 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam.

In 1987, he wrote a book, “No Greater Love,” which was later retitled “Blackjack 34,” and won praise from the Freedom Foundation, which awarded it the George Washington Honor Medal. His war experiences also provided him material for two other books, “Mobile Guerilla Force,” and “Blackjack 33.”

He was selected by AMVETS as the Outstanding Civil Servant in the nation in 1983 and received the “Silver Helmet Award.”

In 1976, he was honored as one of seven Vietnam War veterans in the country who made “truly significant contributions to their communities since returning from the war.” The award was bestowed by No Greater Love organization.

Mr. Donahue also served in the New York National Guard, where he attained the rank of major.

He was credited with coming up with the idea of building a version of “The Wall,” the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., on Buffalo’s waterfront and once the project gained support, he stepped aside, loved ones said.

In addition to his wife, Sandi, and son, Mr. Donahue is survived by a daughter, Sarah Hanson; a brother, Mark; and a half brother, John.

A celebration of life is planned Saturday at 11:00 in The Chapel at Crosspoint, Amherst.

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Manna Fundraiser Set

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New T.S.A. Rules Draw Praise Of National Arbitrariness Association

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WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Under fire from flight attendants and others, the Transportation Safety Administration’s new rules allowing air passengers to carry small knives, baseball bats, golf clubs, and other sporting goods onto airplanes got a vote of confidence today from the National Arbitrariness Association.The N.A.A., whose stated mission is to “enhance the randomness, disorder, and confusion of American life,” called the new list of approved items “just what the doctor ordered.”

“We love that the list appears to have been put together with no organizing principal or logical system,” said N.A.A. executive director Carol Foyler. “It combines the virtues of making no sense and being impossible to remember. Knives, bats, golf clubs, billiard cues—it’s like they made this list using refrigerator-poetry magnets.”

Ms. Foyler’s only criticism of the list, she said, was that she “would have replaced billiard cues with fencing foils. That would have been even more random, in my opinion.”

On the whole, though, she called the list “very solid, from an arbitrariness point of view—especially when you consider that they are still banning bottled water.”

John S. Pistole, the administrator of the T.S.A., denied that the list of approved items was arbitrary, telling reporters, “This agency is committed to redoubling our efforts in the war on water.”

Mr. Pistole said that thanks to the ban on bottled water, the T.S.A. had foiled over seven hundred Evian-based terror plots last year alone.

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Town Board Treats Public As Fools, Jerks, Idiots And Dirt


Our Town Board members don’t have the courage to go against the moneybag donors who donate to their campaign funds.  They fear losing any upcoming election they’re involved in if they don’t have enough money to finance their campaigns.  Developers need stooges on the various Town Boards and keep their money flowing to ensure the boards pass/approve what they need to continue making the “big bucks.”

The members of these boards and the people greasing their palms are simply scum.  Scum of dirtiest kind. They go to church, say their prayers, go the parades but really are as immoral as any human can be.  Scruples have been buried and they are using the “greenbacks” they collect to buy a ticket to a place in hell.  When their run is over there will come a time when they think back on how they lied, cheated and fooled the people they swore to protect and help.  It won’t be a proud moment.

A perfect example happened at this past Monday’s Town Board meeting.  There were two pieces of property developers wanted rezoned.  Several residents addressed the board along with a world renowned biologist who wrote a four page letter addressing the wildlife living in the wetlands on one piece of land.  He said there not only several wildlife species which were protected by law living in that area but he has also see rare birds and wildlife in the wetlands these developers want to flush down their project toilets.

The Amherst Town Board will vote for both these projects to go forward with some BS.  It was interesting to see that Mark Manna was the one who pushed hardest to have these projects passed.  The entire Town Board was in favor of passing it that night but the vote didn’t occur.  They will vote on it in the next March meeting.

It was nasty watching the Town Board justify why the projects should be passed over the objections of the jerks, idiots and fools (a.k.a. residents) who spoke from their hearts as the Town Board totally ignored them.

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3 Men Arrested For Narcotics Distribution In Amherst

On Monday, March 4th at about 10:30 pm, the Town of Amherst Police Department received a complaint of narcotics activity at the off- campus student housing complex at 4105 Nickel Way.

Responding officers were informed that the complainant, Jacob Schiller of Amherst, was agitated and might “take matters into his own hands”.  Inside, officers discovered Michael Sussman of Tonawanda lying on the floor with his hands behind his back in flex cuffs.

Further investigation revealed that the two were involved in a dispute regarding narcotics distribution. Sussman’s associate, Jeffrey Barber of Kenmore, was located in the lot and taken into custody without incident.

An inoperable handgun was located in the kitchen trash. Both Sussman and Barber were charged with conspiring to commit a narcotics felony. Schiller was charged with felony assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. All three subjects were arraigned today in Amherst Town Court by Judge Mark Farrell.

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Letter to Carl Paladino From Gina Massimi:


I have observed Mr. Paladino’s crusade and maybe when a person finds things wrong and really cares, he is overcome with frustration and anger and responds by being loud and direct. Maybe Mr. Paladino has had enough and feels the only way to wake people up and get the message out is by being loud. Maybe that’s because idiots are in positions in politics that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing! So To be quite frank, I find his passion and his intelligence admirable! I watched the segment on the news where he stated, “This man deserves to be fired,” and I loved it. Too bad if the people on the board were embarrassed, which explains why they called security. However, Mr. Paladino is a fighter and he fights for what is right. Don’t hate a person because you do not like their delivery of a message. STOP and really listen to his message. This man is completely accurate in his assessments of what is going on and we all know it. Things need to change, and sometimes you need an unconventional approach to make that change. Good luck Mr. Paladino. Don’t ever stop trying. You have everyone’s attention, and we are all listening!


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Open letter to Phil Rumore, President, Buffalo Teachers Federation


To:       Phil Rumore, President, Buffalo Teachers Federation

From:   Carl Paladino, Park District Candidate for the Buffalo Board of Education

Date:   March 5, 2013

Hey Phil, I called you last week but you haven’t had the courtesy to return my call.  You see Phil, I believe in transparency.

For years our complacent community has come to accept as reality the lie that the complicity of members of the Board of Education and its executive staff with you, as President of the teacher’s union, is good for the kids.

You have done wonderful things for the teachers but at the same time you have literally destroyed the lives of thousands of poor inner city youth who were relegated to a dysfunctional city school system.

You have had the almighty gall to point your figure at the parents, most of whom are victims of the same failed system their children now attend.

You foster and promote the illusion that the system will improve for the kids under the continued guidance of you and the pathetic Board of Education under your control. You have brought the City of Buffalo to the brink of financial ruin to satisfy your ego and greed. On your watch, the City lost its working and middle class who couldn’t pay taxes and also afford private school alternatives for their children. In turn, the City’s failing tax base and most of the crime on its streets can be directly attributed to your predatory manipulations.

Send me with dates, names and amounts of all of the contributions, donations, gifts, gratuities, lunches, dinners and any other extensions (hereinafter referred to as “favors”) made by you, your union officers or delegates, PACS, or other affiliated entities to Board of Education members, superintendents, executive staff, etc. over the past 10 years.

By the way, we consider such “favors” to be bribes.

Elected or appointed, school officials, like others in government, have an obligation to disclose conflicts. If you want respect in this community, disclose your “favors”.

The law allows you to donate to the election campaigns of whoever you wish but 268,000 other Buffalonians and I feel that allowing you to control, influence or otherwise impact “our” elected or appointed officials inhibits their loyalty to act in the best interests of the citizens, the parents and the children in their deliberations on the many issues that involve your union.

Have you disclosed your “favors” to your teacher membership?

Do you tell them how you have spent all their money over the years?  Oh, yes, the teachers don’t elect you so who cares what they think. You have delegates who elect you. Do you disclose to them?

Did you pay the attorney fees for Ralph Hernandez to defend fraudulent petitions submitted by him when he ran for councilman as he boasted to others?

Did you give or promise “favors” to Ralph, Ruth Kapsiak and Roz Taylor to vote for rescinding the residency rule?

How can you legitimately negotiate over the table with less than qualified officials who you have bought and paid for?

You see, Phil, you are the number one antagonist and adversary of the Board of Education and our children.

If you are paying off or otherwise intimidating our elected and appointed representatives, we have a right to know about it.

There are no records of any Board member or employee ever publicly disclosing your “favors” nor have any of them ever, to my knowledge, recused themselves from a deliberation or vote due to his or her conflict of interest.  If they failed to disclose their conflicts, are their votes legally in-operative?

In your letter of February 11, 2013 to your membership you begged teachers to send in donations because you “need to raise a substantial amount to have any chance of electing pro-education….members of the board.” We assume “pro-education” means pro-union leadership incumbents or new pro-union leadership candidates.

That says a lot Phil.  You fear the loss of incumbents will work against your twisted control of the dumbed down Board that you now own or who fear you.

You said it clearly. “Please remember that the Board of Education will be making decisions not only on teaching and learning conditions but also our contract, residency, APPR’s etc.”

Your brazen hypocrisy is amazing.  I will expose your incestuous relationship with the Board and past superintendents and how the Board  and you throw the students under the bus to satisfy your maligned desire for power and money.

Phil, have you been promising to financially support candidates in this election? You then have an obligation to disclose to the citizens all promises of favors.

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Chamber Seeks Nominations for the 2013 Small Business Awards Luncheon and Showcas

Amherst Chamber of Commerce

AMHERST, NY- The Amherst Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce that nominations for the 2013 Small Business Awards Luncheon and Showcase are now open! The Chamber is soliciting nominations for businesses or individuals who represent industry or geographic diversity in our community as well as a commitment to excellence and value in the products or services that they provide.

Nominations are being sought in the following categories:

•          Small Business of the Year: presented to a small business that has made extraordinary contributions to the regional economy through its success.

•          Small Business Advocate of the Year: honors an individual whose contributions promote the continued prosperity of other small businesses in the region. This individual goes above and beyond the call of his or her own professional duties to ensure the small business community thrives.

•          Trailblazer Award: recognizes a small business whose use of technology or integration of technology has produced a measurable increase in sales, product quality and profit-ability.

•          Community Stewardship Award: given to an individual or firm that exhibits community leadership qualities and has increased the quality of life in our geographic service area as a result of their activities.

•          At Your Service Award: honors a retail, hospitality or service business for taking action to make its store, facility location or website a destination for increased customer volume, loyalty and satisfaction.

•          Community Beautification Award: given to a small business that has redeveloped a depressed or distressed property in the Town of Amherst, adding to the value of the building’s neighborhood and the community as a whole.

•          Family Owned Business: presented to a business owned or operated by a family that shows a commitment to excellence in their field and an ability to continue their legacy for many years to come.

•          Award for Excellence: given to a company for outstanding achievement in its industry. This company also shows a strong sense of community through its investment of time and resources in an effort to make the area a better place to live, work and play.

Seven awards will be presented at the Small Business Awards Luncheon and Showcase, including the President’s Award, chosen by Chamber President and CEO Colleen DiPirro and the Sponsor’s Award, selected by the title sponsor of the 2013 event, on Friday, May 17, 2013 at Samuel’s Grande Manor. Businesses must be members in good standing of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and have 50 or less employees to be considered.

The nomination period for the Small Business Awards Luncheon and Showcase will close on Friday, March 22, 2013. To submit a nomination, please submit an online nomination form at

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Insensitive Remarks Led To Young Scalia’s Firing By Kinko’s

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WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) — At the Supreme Court today, Justice Antonin Scalia told his fellow Justices how privileged he felt to serve on the highest court in the land, adding, “I can say stuff here that got me fired at Kinko’s.”

Responding to quizzical looks from his fellow Justices, Scalia related a little-known chapter from his career, when he briefly worked for the copying establishment in the mid-nineteen-seventies.

“They were pretty uptight,” he reminisced. “It seemed like every time I opened my mouth I got hauled into H.R.”

According to Justice Scalia, “The gal in Human Resources told me, ‘Nino, you can’t just go around insulting blacks and women and whatnot. There’s not a workplace in the country that will tolerate that.’ ”

“Well, guess what? She was right—until I got this job,” he chuckled.

But even as he expressed gratitude for the freedom to offend gays, minorities, and women in his current position, Mr. Scalia admitted, “It has basically spoiled me for life in the real world.”

“I’ll be at some ballgame shooting my mouth off, and suddenly I’m face down in the ground with someone’s foot up my ass,” he said. “And then I’ll have to remind myself, ‘Nino, if you’ve got something to say, save it for the Supreme Court.’ ”

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