Amherst Democrats To Endorse Mark Manna As Their Candidate For Amherst Supervisor.

Mark manna 1

This Wednesday 5/15/13 the ADC will endorse Democrat Councilman Mark Manna as their candidate for Supervisor of Amherst.

The Republicans have endorsed Dr. Barry Weinstein for a second term for Supervisor.

This race should be the one to watch.  It should be a very interesting race for Supervisor.

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Moore, Oklahoma Needs Our Prayers and Anything Else We Can Give

Two men stand in front of Plaza Towers Elementary after a tornado destroyed the school on Monday.

Our prayers go out to the people who lost everything in the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  Dozens died including at least twenty children.

Prayers will help but anything more that anyone can do to help the people affected by this terrible tragedy, please do it.  They need to know the rest of America will do all they can to help.

Classes were still in session at Plaza Towers when the twister, estimated to be packing winds of 200 mph or greater, crushed nearly every corner of the school. Teachers’ cars were thrown into the building, and the playground no longer exists.

“I can only hope those little kids killed didn’t suffer,” said Earnest, one of many who rushed to the school to help survivors.
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Manna vs Weinstein For Amherst Town Supervisor.

manna weinstein

Wednesday night Mark Manna was officially endorsed by the Amherst Democratic Committee to be the Democratic candidate to run for Supervisor of Amherst.

Mark is currently on the Amherst Town Board.  Mark’s opponent is Republican Dr. Barry Weinstein, who is the current Amherst Town Supervisor.

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Interview With Amherst Town Board Candidate Howard Cadmus

Howard Cadmus

I met with Howard Cadmus, Candidate for the Amherst Town Board on Thursday May 17, 2013.

As the interview progressed I became aware of the fact that I just met a man who isn’t your typical politician.  He wasn’t touting the patterned answers I usually hear from political candidates. He spoke with sincerity and a clear understanding of what must be done to help Amherst.

Cadmus was fully aware of the hotels being built in Amherst and how they relate to the three Town Boards: the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Amherst IDA. He plans to do more research on the subject and understands that many people are unhappy with recent “developments.”  He wants to learn more about why the people are unhappy with the developments.

He favors the plan the Village of Williamsville is working on.

An important part of his tenure as a Town Council member, when he wins, will be transparency in government.  The people will learn to trust his word.

Cadmus plans to tour the Waste Water Treatment plant which seems to be a concern of many residents. He thinks that the town might benefit from an evaluation done by outside experts.  Those experts would be expected to submit a written report of their findings. We need to understand what work must be done to have it operate more efficiently.

Howard says that taxes will be one of his top priorities.  He will also focus on the infrastructure of Amherst, as infrastructure can always be improved.

I asked what his image was of the Amherst IDA.  He felt that in general, any IDA needs to help smaller businesses and not give tax breaks to companies which don’t need them.

Some businesses in Amherst need help. Every business area in Amherst needs to find fresh and creative ways to attract new customers. One of Howard’s first efforts will be to work with the small businessmen in Amherst to help where he can.

Cadmus is a visionary who believes in working with people, whether they are town officials or citizens. He doesn’t care where the ideas and plans come from to help Amherst remain a place of beauty and thriving community.

He ended our meeting by saying, “I want to be elected because I believe in the ability of the people of Amherst and my ability to work with them.  I will study and Amherst’s problems to better understand them and work to find real solutions that will benefit us all.

I found Howard Cadmus to be a rare person, a man of virtue who believes in people and himself.  There is hope for Amherst.

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Audit Finds County Carelessly Dumped Social Services Records

Stefan Mychajliw3

Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw calls Social Services security lapse a serious matter. 

Social Services tossed confidential documents in unlocked containers, comptroller’s office says

Erie County’s Department of Social Services potentially imperiled the privacy of hundreds of county residents seeking benefits because of the sloppy and inefficient way in which workers disposed of old records, according to an ongoing audit by the county comptroller’s office.

Comptroller Stefan I. Mychajliw said department employees have been careless in how they discarded of sensitive data that the county received from individuals who applied and re-applied for government assistance. Among the inappropriately discarded documents, he said, were copies of birth certificates, personal medical records, Social Security numbers, bank accounts, tax returns, inmate records, payroll information, court records and passports.

“This is mind-blowing for two reasons. First, this would have been an identity thief’s dream. Also, this supposedly highly confidential material that our auditors were not allowed to look at, Social Services was dumping in unlocked boxes and bins and leaving them at the curb,” Mychajliw said.
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ADClub Meeting


Amherst Democratic Club

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Loughran’s – 4543 Main Street

Snyder, New York – 7-9 p.m.

Stop in to meet with fellow Democrats –

Discussion of Amherst issues and candidates

Come on Down!

Questions, call Dan Ward at 444 – 5326


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County Legislature Chairperson Announces Summer 2013 Internship Program

Erie County Seal

           Erie County Legislature Chairperson Betty Jean Grant (D-Buffalo) is seeking six students age 16 and older to serve as unpaid interns for the Summer 2013 semester.

             Interns will assist the elected legislators and their support staff during the regular session of the Erie County Legislature for college credit or for experience, and will be expected to commit to 15 hours of service a week. Interviews will be scheduled with prospective intern candidates to determine the selected interns; women and minority students are strongly encouraged to apply.

           The desired intern qualifications are:

  • A strong desire to learn about public policy and the legislative process;
  • Good written and oral communication skills;
  • Strong analytical and research skills;
  • Strong work ethic;
  • Mature judgment;
  • Ability to handle a fast-paced environment.

Duties may include assisting staff in the day-to-day operations within the Legislative offices; answering inquiries by phone and through written communications; preparing letters, memos, certificates, resolutions, proclamations or reports; assisting with research assignments and special projects; analyzing policy; attending meetings or community events; filing, faxing, photocopying, etc.

Students meet weekly with legislators, department heads, and various committee members to deepen their understanding of all components of local government. Students interact with County officials as they learn about the function of county government, the procedures for introducing new legislation, and the roles of the various departments in each branch. Interns will be supervised by a legislative staff person and will be assigned to either subject-oriented committees or to the offices of the Democratic staff.

For more information, please contact intern program coordinator Shiana Denise Eve at 858-8853 or

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Amherst Republicans Endorse Candidates

Steven D. Sanders

Steven D. Sanders

Howard Cadmus

Howard Cadmus

Local Republicans announced that they have formally endorsed 2 candidates for the Amherst Town Board.

The two are Steven Sanders, who is looking to be re-elected, and Howard Cadmus, a local businessman and lawyer.


As an interesting side note to this item,  we just received a comment from, Oh My” on our story: Republicans Put Off Endorsing Candidates For The Amherst Town Board which was posted back in April.

That story did not mention Cadmus at all, although he was mentioned in a comment from TowneWatcher.  “Oh My’s” response to TowneWatcher follows:

Townewatcher: You claim the chocolate lawyer Cadmus is both a newcomer and someone with government experience? Can’t have it both ways? Either he is a rookie or a veteran…and how is running a candy store any qualification for town board …unless he plans on giving it all away ..

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Kara Buscaglia, Esq. for Amherst Town Judge

Kara Buscaglia 1
Andrew’s first t-ball game and he won the game ball. I am so proud of him. And look at what I found at the fields. Lou Gehrig baseball supports Kara A Buscaglia for Judge. — at Lou Gehrig Youth Baseball.
Andrew's first t-ball game and he won the game ball. I am so proud of him. And look at what I found at the fields. Lou Gehrig baseball supports Kara A Buscaglia for Judge.

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School Board Election Message From Peter Bergmann

Peter Bergmann

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