Plan for Metro Rail Extension to Amherst Coming Into Focus

A proposed Metro Rail extension would mean a 30-minute trip from downtown Buffalo to Amherst.

Planning a major infrastructure project like the Metro Rail extension to Amherst isn’t like painting a house, but it does provide a useful analogy.

Just as a painter starts with the broad strokes of a sprayer, followed by a roller and, finally, a small brush, details on the proposed $1.2 billion extension to the University at Buffalo North Campus will become finer in each stage of the planning process, said Rachel Maloney Joyner, a transportation planner at the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority.
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2 Responses to “Plan for Metro Rail Extension to Amherst Coming Into Focus”

  1. Walt Brewer says:

    “—Amherst isn’t like painting a house, but it does provide a useful analogy.”

    Nonsense. We are at the stage of deciding aboit an expansive new paint job, when a good one is already in place doing a satisfactor job
    The jobs, apparatus and foreign procure, hurt, not help our National economy attempting to recover from deep resession.
    Most funds wold have to be borrowed overseas.
    Do taxpayers know just just use and mainainun for rider subsidy will be around $30 million annually if like the exosting Metro Rail?

    What funds we have should be supporting new innovative oods and services to sell in the global marketplace.

  2. Walt Brewer says:

    For readers in general, I have an MIT degree in aeronautics, but do not represent MIT, or anyone else in these issues.
    My retirement challenge foe 15 years or so has been urban transportation, and the revolution underway with on call service for all.
    Expensive ineffective service in Southern California are the bases for my concerns about Buffalo, especially with its well thought out road system.

    Walt Brewer