Police Shoot to Death Bear That Wandered Through Amherst

July 10, 2018
A bear was seen near Transit Road in Amherst last night with obvious signs of distress. (Photo provided by Trish Penetrante)
A bear was seen near Transit Road in Amherst last night with obvious signs of distress. 

A bear that gained a considerable following as it wandered through Amherst in the past two weeks was shot to death Monday night by an officer, Amherst Police said Tuesday.

Officers had kept close tabs on the bear and had hoped it eventually would leave town as it continued on its way. But the animal was seen dragging one of its legs, an injury suffered after it was struck by a vehicle, and that likely limited the animal’s normal travels, said Capt. James McNamara.

Once officers found it in another populated area Monday, they made the decision to take down the bear, McNamara said.
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One Response to “Police Shoot to Death Bear That Wandered Through Amherst”

  1. JOE D. says:

    Police had been in contact with the DEC, and had been working to arrange to trap and tranquilize the animal. But those arrangements were not complete by Monday evening and it wasn’t clear that would be possible, McNamara said.

    “The officers at the scene made the determination, once it was safe to do so, to “euthanize” the bear because its injury meant it was having trouble moving to a less-populated area, McNamara said. They did not seek the go-ahead from the DEC for that decision.

    An officer killed the bear with one shot fired from a patrol rifle around 9 p.m., McNamara said. He said he didn’t know how close the officer was to the bear when the fatal shot was fired.”
    The DEC knew about this bear 2 weeks ago…how long does it take for DEC to get off their a$4 and get a bear trap or tranquilizer gun to the Amherst Police Dept. I hope that cop who made the judgement call to kill the bear has a tough time sleeping at night…and if he has children ..explain why the alternatives werent used..especially since this bear has been seen for days in the Amherst area. I guess this cop had Veterinary experience . and used his knowledge to make the decision to put the bear down!