Questions and Answers for Candidates Running for Office in Amherst

The Eggertsville Community Organization (ECO), which has been around for a long time, held their “Meet The Candidates Night” last evening.  Steve Matisz, President of ECO, was the monitor of the meeting.  He did an excellent job.  Matisz has the right personality to handle the people who came to listen to the candidates and ask questions of them.

Some candidates answered questions, like Democrats Shawn Lavin and Jacqui Berger.  Tom Loughran, another Democrat running for the County Legislature was there.  Conservative Guy Marlette was present.  He is Tom Loughran’s opponent for the County Leg.  Both Loughran and Marlette answered questions.

Brian Kulpa came late, mixed with the crowd and answered questions.  He is running for Amherst Town Supervisor. Kulpa said he will be a full time Supervisor and will give all his energy to protect the people of Amherst from any unscrupulous developers.

Three Republicans running for the Amherst Town Board were there but didn’t take any questions.  They were Erin Baker, Joseph Spino and Marjory Jaeger.

All candidates were allowed seven minutes to address the group.  The three Republicans talked about themselves for the entire seven minutes which left no time for the audience to ask questions.  Erin Baker did say in her seven minutes that she is fighting hard to get the possible subway line to go in the right part of town. It was evident that none of the Republican candidates knew anything about the real problems of our town.

So far the Republicans have avoided informing the residents about how they would try to help solve Amherst’s problems.  They haven’t answered any questions in public.

On October 12th the Amherst Open Government Committee will hold a Meet the Candidates event where once again candidates can share what their positions are concerning Amherst’s problems and future.

I must credit the ECO group for all their efforts to have a meaningful night.

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