Teens Vie For Her Autograph To Get Out Of A Town Board Meeting They Don’t Understand

An Amherst Town Board meeting earlier this year. (Stephen T. Watson/Buffalo News)

One hour into Monday’s Amherst Town Board meeting, high school students started lining up to meet Town Comptroller Darlene Carroll.

Why is Carroll so popular? She signs the paperwork proving the students fulfilled their class requirement to attend the meeting for an hour.

Deputy Supervisor Francina Spoth on Monday directed the students to her.

Carroll said she’s been the signer for at least 10 years or so, because she sits closest to the railing that separates town officials from the public. Her service started soon after a student walked up to former Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein – while the meeting was in progress – to get his autograph.
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2 Responses to “Teens Vie For Her Autograph To Get Out Of A Town Board Meeting They Don’t Understand”

  1. Bobby says:

    It is nice to see that Ms. Spoth after voting herself a pay raise, last year, and getting a bonus for being deputy supervisor, has found her niche. She can sign her name.

  2. John Snyder says:

    It would be worthwhile to assign those students a real life reason or problem to report back on for attending the meeting. What is the teaching/learning point? Why?

    This business of “broadening” the mind is BS! Why attend a town meeting? Why? What got done? Was the public really involved? How much do our representatives get paid? Could you do it for that much money? Is it money well spent? Are these people leaders? What are the attributes of leadership you witnessed?

    Time and space – go through the motions is not enough. Our education dollars in action…..