Short But To The Puck

Northtown Center

Our hockey’s facility at the Northtown Center has been losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year or at best breaking even.  Our Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein is raising the prospect of having private operators run this facility as he’s done with other public facilities during his 7-year tenure.

I strongly support we DON’T turn over this facility to private operators.  It’s been run by capable people who care about Amherst.  We need to have these people taking care our facilities, not strangers who have no regard for our town.

The group who are running this facility have brought tournaments to our town which enriched our town coffers by thousands of dollars in hotel stays, dinning in Amherst and entertainment.

3 Responses to “Short But To The Puck”

  1. John Snyder says:

    RISK! The consequences of yearly profit and loss gone bad should not be another burden for the taxpayers. Privatize and move the profit and loss risk to the private operators. It should be government’s role remove business operational risks from taxpayers. Government has big problems trying to run business. They hate to be measured.

  2. Chris says:

    John Snyder,
    Will the private operators also assume the debt payments?

  3. John Snyder says:

    Chris: Taxpayers are on the hook for debt payments. Our town owns the rinks and (taxpayers) is responsible for debt payments.

    Wheb the Grelick ice rinks are run by private companies contracts with those companies would include rental agreements with the town. The rental fees should help taxpayers with the debt service.