Tasty Heart-shaped Goodies for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for flowers and traditional chocolate anymore.

Lovers with a wicked sense of humor may want to get to Sweet Jenny’s (5732 Main St. and the Mill, 56 E. Spring St., Williamsville) or its sister location Oh Pour L’amour Du Chocolat (4476 Main St., Snyder) for an anatomical chocolate heart ($9.99).

Owner Howard Cadmus tells us the hearts are true to size, like the one beating in your chest right now.

Get your lover’s heart pumping with this realistic chocolate heart. (Photo courtesy of Sweet Jenny’s.)

“The hearts are the size and shape. Everything like a real human heart. The detail is correct down to the ventricles,” he said. (We wonder how they made that chocolate mold?)

“The cool thing is we are selling them all over the United States because of Facebook and Instagram. We have recipients of heart transplants, heart surgeons and clinics calling,” Cadmus said.

One Response to “Tasty Heart-shaped Goodies for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Linda tricoli says:

    Come on Dad, Momma T really wants a real heart! lol