The Birth of the Federation of Neighborhoods

Strength against Strength is the answer the neighborhoods of Amherst have decided to use to defeat the people who are backing the influx of more hotels and development in Amherst.  They have formed a Federation of Neighborhoods which consists of roughly 10,000 people.  These residents are being assigned certain jobs to communicate to all the residents of Amherst the danger of uncontrolled development.

Currently Amherst has five hotel developers who have submitted plans to the Planning Department. Director Rick Gillert, the developers “pet,” will break his back to get them passed by the Town Board

The Federation knows that many of the Town Board members are in the developers pocket.  On November 7th, election day, the candidates who are currently hiding behind their Republican campaign manager, Joe Heins, will find they have suffered badly in the vote count.

The Republican’s plan is to send more flyers which Federation members will throw directly into the garbage.  If and when Republican candidates turn to TV and radio ads that too will be a huge waste of money.

The members of the Federation will help their friends and family members understand that all these ads are ‘FAKE NEWS’ as their leader in Washington is famous for saying.

One Response to “The Birth of the Federation of Neighborhoods”

  1. jjtric says:

    This is a great effort to fight back against developers and development. The Federation can make many needed changes in Amherst which are badly needed.