The Invocation, a Part of Our Town Meetings, Has Turned into a Self Love Moment

by James Tricoli
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The definition of the word Invocation is that an invocation prayer is to request for the spiritual presence and blessing of God in a ceremony or event.  Most religious people knew this before I defined it.

At the last two Town Board meetings I cringed when, at the beginning of our Town Board meetings in November, both of the Invocations were given by Council members.  The first by Ramona Popavich and the next Town Board meeting by Councilman Stephen Sanders.
These two Board members didn’t mention anything which was holy, but instead we heard both of them tell the audience what they did as members of the Town Board.  These two members will not be on our new Town Board as of December 31, 2017.
If we don’t want to ask for guidance from a spiritual presence we must drop  the invocation.  In place of the invocation maybe we should have a moment of silence to pray for spiritual guidance or have nothing at all.

One Response to “The Invocation, a Part of Our Town Meetings, Has Turned into a Self Love Moment”

  1. Monet Talks says:

    I totally agree. Listening to the last two invocations was more political posturing then prayer, and everyone in the audience knew it. But get ready for Barry Weinstein to do it again at tonight’s Town Board meeting.

    These people can’t help themselves. They crave praise and expressions of appreciation from the public for their perception of the good they did while on the board. The really is “they can’t handle the truth”, a great many of us have judged them as flawed leaders whose personal agendas often caused significant problems.

    The invocation is neither the time nor place to praise yourself. They know it, but do it anyway. How pathetic!