The Mayor Says This Will Not Happen. Have You Heard That Before?

Village of Williamsville

The newest battle between a developer and the people has started.  The battleground is the Hirshfield~Richfield project.  Developers plan to build a three story building which will meet the sidewalk like Mr. Paladino’s hotel at Main and South Forest.  The second floor will be businesses and apartments.

As they reach the end of the project they will include parking in the rear of the building on the Richfield side and continued down the street.

This invasion of our neighborhood is the beginning of the destruction of this neighborhood.  Under no circumstances should developers be allowed to go down neighborhood streets.

I’m a man who believes in the power of the people.  We must not be sweet-talked into allowing this invasion by anyone.

This is our village we must not let it be taken away from us.  We will find legal ways to stop these money people from stealing our heritage, our town.

P>S. The Town Planning Board OK 99 parking spots for this project not 83. There will be 20 apartment and 8 garages for these apartments.

One Response to “The Mayor Says This Will Not Happen. Have You Heard That Before?”

  1. Lynne says:

    This is an abomination! These residents have to plea with the public officials from both Amherst and Williamsville.

    When did public servants become public officials who care nothing about the average resident and the serious issues they are already contending with? In this case, it is the traffic and parking problems on their streets, in addition to the obvious misfit of a three-story building in their neighborhood.

    Public officials, in all their arrogance, still defer and prefer developers’ pockets over common sense and what is really best for the citizens and community. Are they honestly proud of what they have allowed on Main Street? On Sweet Home with “the projects” looming over the area like a curse?