The Public Has Treated Amazon Very Well

73600 Dinah Shore Dr
A warehouse for rent

This article is kind of hard to believe. Studies by several watch dog groups challenged the premise that Amazon warehouses would jump start the economy and bring additional employment growth to the area it’s placed in.

An Amazon depot showed no growth in the number of total jobs in the wider economy additional in the two years since an Amazon warehouse was built in Middletown, Del.

This same scenario has occurred in all the Amazon warehouse areas. Why would Amazon play such a devilish scheme against the public where they put their warehouses? The answer is simple once you understand the hunger Amazon has to be the number one store in America, even outdoing Walmart.

In another case in Chattanooga,Tenn. the officials of the city offered Amazon $30 million in property tax rebates, 80 acres of free land and $40 million in state payments to prepare the site for a warehouse built in the area. This was in 2011.

There hasn’t been any improvement in the economical picture in Chattanooga.

Finally, if Amazon is pushing to come to your area the answer is a big NO. Their lying words have set a poor track record for this money hungry company.

Let us not forget Amazon’s CLAIM. They will hire 50,000 people as soon as the warehouse is built.

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