The Public Wants and Need to Know What Candidates Stand for on Issues Facing Amherst

We are waiting to hear from our candidates.

Debates are the most popular method for the public to learn about where candidates stand on subjects important to the public of that community.  The evidence overwhelmingly indicates that the most important debate, at least in terms of information acquisition, is the first debate.  The first debate is held at a time when voters have less information at their disposal and a larger share of voters are likely to be undecided.

It is paramount that candidates make their own decisions as to if they will attend the different “Meet the Candidates Nights” and debates which will be offered to them.  It isn’t meant for their campaign mangers to decide for them but only for the candidates to decide for themselves if they will attend these different arenas for the public to get to know them, to hear what and where they stand on the important issues facing Amherst.

There is no logical reason candidates wouldn’t want the public to know where they stand on the issues facing Amherst.  The various events are where the public will lend their ears to hear what is said by their possible leaders for the next 4 years.

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