The Uglyiness of Power WTU

May 14, 2018
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Mrs.Toni Vazquez

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 12th, one of the most important races for the Williamsville school board will take place in the Williamsville North High School gym.

The¬†Williamsville Teachers Union doesn’t want Toni Vazquez, an incumbent on our school board, to win.¬† She is a fighter for the rights of our children, not a person on the Board who has political ambitions to leave the Board and run for office.

The Teachers Union has spent over $500,000 to crucify Mrs.Vasquez. They have sent out literature against her, they have hired a company to do Robo calls, and have used individuals to go door to door.

She is following in her father’s footsteps, a man who walked with Martin Luther King Jr. for people who needed a leader.

In this election teachers are being pressured to vote against Mr. Vazquez by their union. I was in the teachers union and like any other union it does good and bad things for their members.

I hope the teachers remember the Judas Goat who led his flock to their end falling over a cliff.

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