Tim Koller Must Be Removed From the Town Clerk’s Office

There have been about 1,000 people who have already read the story about Tim Koller on the amhersttimes.com blog.  That post tells of him removing signs of mostly Democratic candidates valued at about $4,000 dollars.  Koller did admit to the Amherst police that he was the person who took the signs.

Brian Kulpa, our Supervisor elect, has dropped the charges against Mr. Koller.  Kulpa’s signs were the ones Killer mainly removed because he was running against Tim’s boss in the Town Clerk office, Marjory Jaeger.  Miss Jaeger was running against Brain Kulpa for Amherst Town Supervisor.

Mr. Koller committed a crime and he wasn’t the only one involved in this criminal act.  I believe his honesty and credibility have been badly tarnished.  If he skates on this crime he must at least be removed from the Amherst Town Clerk’s office.  The Town Clerks’s office contains a large amount of private information concerning  citizens of Amherst.  I have suggested before that he should be reassigned to another department, like the senior center, where he would have limited or better yet, NO access to citizen’s information.

4 Responses to “Tim Koller Must Be Removed From the Town Clerk’s Office”

  1. Phil says:

    All good points and I agree that Koller’s crime needs some further resolution. In addition I would add:
    – The fact that charges have been dropped does not vindicate or in any way lessen his crime.
    – There shouldn’t be any taxpayer supported position for Koller in Amherst government.
    – I find it most disturbing that Marjory Jaeger has not fired him and has yet to express any comments on this crime.

    Does that imply that she condones this criminality or is it possible she was aware of Koller’s activity? Koller works directly under Jaeger and was stealing her opponent’s signs – they never discussed what he was doing?

  2. Ron says:

    Where is the rest of the story? Amherst taxpayers need to know who exactly is in the town clerk’s office, appointed by the town clerk. They either have integrity and honesty or they do not. Accountability and transparency is once again lacking. They lost for good reason.

  3. jjtric says:

    Ron, Hopefully I will be able to write the whole story about this incident. This week looks good.

  4. Money Talks says:

    Tim made a bad decision, but there should be some sort of consequence for it.

    I have refrained from commenting up until now to give him time to acknowledge his actions and apologize to the residents for it. If he had done that, shown us he had the integrity we expect from someone in his position, then I for one would be disposed to see this as one-of-a-kind misguided decision.

    This hasn’t happened, and more to the point the Town Clerk hasn’t said anything either. Not even a denial. Nothing period.

    The police report needs to made public. Tim is the Assistant Deputy Town Clerk, and as it now stands he has lost my trust. Sadly I also suspect he has also lost the trust of many other residents.

    If the plan is just wait for this to blow over, and get on with business as usual in the Town Clerk’s office hoping that all will be forgotten, then we all lose. It also sends a message that this type of behavior has now become acceptable. Everyone should remember messing with the signs of a political opponent is political “Dirty Tricks”.