Investigate the Secretive, Dishonest Water Authority

June 13, 2018

Jerry Schad

When Paul Wolf, President of the Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government, asked me to choose a town or agency to see how transparent they were, I chose the Erie County Water Authority.

It was very difficult to get any information from anyone from the water authority. I have written many articles on this site explaining why this authority was corrupt, and a major place to place politicians in a patronage job.

Jerome Shad is the Chairman of the Amherst Democratic Committee he has placed many of the members of this committee in jobs so their allegiance is to this corrupt person.

Jerome Schad needs this job as Chairman of the ECWA so his pension will be higher. Schad worked as a lawyer and still does work for this firm. He was given a job as the attorney for the Erie County Legislature. Jerome Schad accepted money from the Pigeon Pac to give to the candidates who were running for office.

When Dennis Ward, before he became a judge, came to the Amherst Democratic committee looking for $111,000 which was missing, I was still a member of the committee. I asked Dennis if any of the Pigeon Pac money was given to our Amherst Democratic Committee through Chairman Zellner  to Jerome Schad, Jerome Schad was Chairman of the Amherst Democratic Committee  Mr. Ward said, “most likely.” Dennis said he would locate that missing money. Mr. Dennis Ward became a judge shorty after his visit to our committee and I have no idea who, if anyone, followed up on the search for the missing money.

When I was a member of the Amherst Democratic Committee I would ask Mr. Schad serious questions about what our committee was doing to help local candidates. He didn’t want to hear or answer these questions. Schad has a long history of shady leadership.

Now Mr. Schad has been called out and asked to resign from the ECWA. He is facing possible criminal charges. A movement has started for the Democratic Chairman of Erie County, Jermery Zellner, to start putting political pressure on the people who would want to prosecute Schad for his crimes. Zellner doesn’t want another scandal involving his good democratic friend. Chairman Zellner is putting pressure on others to help Schad get out of this mess. Chairman Zellner doesn’t want a full blown investigation of the Democratic regime in Erie County which could bring Zellner’s control of the Democratic party to its knees.

The Democrats had a rough year with many people in our area being let go for many different reasons.

The Board of the ECWA hired an outside law firm for over $140,000 for no reason. This firm hasn’t been involved in any legal matter so they are collecting this fee for – doing NOTHING. I guess Mr. Schad figures it’s not his money but the taxpayers, so it doesn’t hurt him.

Mr. Zellner, and the corrupt way he runs the Democrats in Erie County, needs to be looked at by all taxpayers.  He is the man who spreads money to anyone who will help him keep his power and control over the little rats who scurry around for his good.

I’m very please our group the  Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government helped to get the ECWA investigate.

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