Time to See Justice Served

by Lynn Dearmyer-Lee

AwfulPAC spent “in excess of $18,000” to defeat me in the Primary Election in 2013. I don’t have the exact amount at my fingertips but I know that I didn’t raise, or spend, anywhere near that amount. $18,000 and I still came out ahead of that candidate by about 450 votes – I only lost to the winner by about 80. Why did I lose? It wasn’t because I didn’t wear out the shoe leather. I went through 3 pairs of sneakers and personally knocked on 4,000 doors – all while working full-time. I lost because of the unethical and illegal activities, and outright blatant lies, from all of the people being charged – Steve Pigeon, Kristy Mazurek, Frank Max, and Dave Pfaff. Are there more? It definitely wouldn’t surprise me.

Some people might think we should all just get over it and move on. We have – mostly. The major issue I have is that even though I did better than the candidate who was benefiting from the $18k, the process was hugely tainted, and that’s just not right. Those of us who followed the rules were disparaged beyond the typical political crap.

I will be satisfied when all of the people involved are in orange jumpsuits and have to serve actual time behind bars. For me, THAT will be justice.

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