Times They Are A-Changing, the Story of Toni Vazquez, A Rebel With A Cause

May 11, 2018

Mrs. Toni Vazquez is number 4A on the ballot.

Voting for Williamsville School Board members and the school budget will take place in the gym at Williamsville North High.  Polls are open from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. on Tuesday May 15th, 2018.

On the lower right side of the front page of Friday’s Buffalo News there is an article concerning who wasn’t endorsed for the Williamsville School board.  The article is about a lady who is an incumbent on our present board.  She wasn’t endorsed by the Williamsville Teachers Union. Instead the union chose to endorse a gentleman who worked with orchestras around the country.

The union had held Mrs. Vazquez in high regard because she was the only member of the board who called for an investigation into employee complaints about Superintendent Scott Martzloff.  In addition, in the last school board election she was the only incumbent the WTA endorsed.

Through her time on the school board she has shown she was a leader and strong force for our children. She’s been recognized for her “out of the box” efforts to improve any condition in our school system which cheated our children of the very best educational chances to succeed in their life choices.

The Buffalo News showed in this article that if you aren’t endorsement by the WTA you will not win. This fact is based on the past 5 elections in which only the endorsed WTA candidates have won. It’s a death knell if you don’t get the union endorsement.

The union spends thousands to pressure teachers and school personnel to vote for their choices. Bozo the clown would win if the WTA endorsed him.

There’s nothing but praise in Toni Vazquez’s record as a member of the Williamsville School Board.  She has been praised for her leadership and her efforts when she was President of the Board. She found ingenious and useful ways to improve the education of our children. Her own children have all gone through the Williamsville School System, the youngest one is still in the district.

Toni is a fighter who really stands up for her beliefs, no matter her adversary; she is a woman whose family history shows strong leadership.  She is following the lead of her father’s friend, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Toni has taken his philosophy to heart, “When you see something wrong you must try to correct it.”

This is the kind of person the Williamsville School Teachers union needs yet doesn’t want on our Board. The chains the union have on our elected school board members must be broken now and forever.

Please vote your conscience, not the union choices. I was a member of the teacher’s union for many years. Unions can be so helpful and do so much good. Sometimes they make mistakes, like in this case.

One Response to “Times They Are A-Changing, the Story of Toni Vazquez, A Rebel With A Cause”

  1. jjtric says:

    Mrs.Vazuez is the type of person we need on our school board. A PERSON WHO PUTS THE CHILDREN’S NEEDS AND WELFARE ABOVE THE SCORN OF THE WTA’s WISHES.