Urgent Matter in the Race for Mayor! Please Help!

Folks –

I just received word that Nick Langworthy of the local Republican Party is up to no good in the City of Buffalo. It seems the Erie County GOP convinced a dear hearted woman named Mary Jo Caroll, a housekeeper from North Buffalo, to circulate petitions for Mayor.
They are now harassing her to decline the nomination, which would allow Langworthy and his committee on vacancies several weeks to appoint Mayor Byron Brown — who is already planning on losing the Democratic Primary — so that he can run on the Republican line in the General Election!
If you are able, please reach out to Mary Jo Carroll (on Facebook at the link below) and convince her to stay in the race!! She is a sweet woman who won’t be able to take Langworthy’s harassment by herself!  
Please do encourage her to run an active campaign for Mayor. Now more than ever we need ordinary people to take back our democracy from the Party Bosses who have long stolen it from us. This GOP conspiracy is all designed to Stop Betty Jean Grant — the only Real Progressive in the Primary — from becoming the next Mayor of Buffalo.
Best wishes for a better tomorrow!

One Response to “Urgent Matter in the Race for Mayor! Please Help!”

  1. Deception by Langworthy says:

    Is this the same Langworthy thats married to Erin Baker I mean Erin Baker who is married to Nick Langworthy. Just imagine the damage she can do to the town.