What Amherst GOP Candidates for Town Board Say About Westwood Project

Joe Spino                             Erin Baker                   Chris Drongosky

None of the three Republican candidates in Tuesday’s primary election for Amherst Town Board want to see the former Westwood Country Club developed into a mix of housing for 1,700 people, retail and commercial space.

They all want to see the privately-owned 171-acre site between Sheridan Drive and Maple Road remain as green space, either as a recreational park or in its current form as a golf course.

How they get to that point is where their positions diverge. The two party-endorsed candidates want to revive a land swap idea. The third wants to seize the site through eminent domain.

The future of the biggest development proposal the town has seen in a decade will undoubtedly be on the minds of some of Amherst’s 26,000 Republicans when they choose from among Erin Baker, Chris Drongosky and Joe Spino to appear in November’s general election.
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4 Responses to “What Amherst GOP Candidates for Town Board Say About Westwood Project”

  1. Chris Drongosky Responds says:

    Erin Baker Langworthy now wants to swap the properties and bring Westwood Country Club back as a golf course. Interesting? The cost to bring back Westwood back would be 10-12 million dollars. This is just a slick way of allowing the Mensch group to get their hands on the Audubon property for commercial development and place the cost on Amherst Taxpayers. Joe Heins has repeatedly told me he wants mixed use commercial development on Westwood Country Club. Its no surprise to me that Erin Baker Langworthy has been so deceptive of who she is married to is now being very deceptive on her true intentions More Commercial development in Amherst.

  2. Tim Hopkins says:

    The only one being deceptive is you apparently Chris. Why haven’t you followed any campaign finance laws? What are you hiding? How can you be trusted to run the town ethically when you are already breaking the law in your campaign? Are you not capable of following the law or are you hiding something that you don’t want primary voters to see?

  3. Chris Drongosky Responds says:

    Tim the only thing that was missed was 2000 spent on bee advertising with 600.00 not having to be reported yet.Signs 2400.00 and 2200 for canvassing. I have not taken any money from anyone and actually turned down contributions.On the the other hand the 12 mailings that the NYS Republican party has done,and want everyone to believe cost only 5,000.00 dollars.Now thats deception.

  4. John Snyder says:

    Is any candidate capable of quoting what the Westwood green space would cost?

    1. Initial purchase cost

    2. Yearly maintenance

    3. Loss of yearly tax revenue

    4. Loss of potential tax revenue when developed

    Is is wrong to inform taxpayers WHAT YOUR PROPOSAL WILL COST? Remember, you have NO MONEY RISK! Only the taxpayers do.