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What to Expect If You Win the Lottery

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Over the past five years when I hear people talking about what they would do when they win the lottery fromĀ bandar slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan it gives me a little chuckle inside. Most people immediately think they know what it would be like and have most of their winnings accounted for. They believe they would be set for life and not have a care in the world. The sad fact is they have absolutely no clue what is to come their way if indeed they won a large sum from state run lotteries.I use to be a nursing assistant that worked in a nursing home making $11.00 an hour. Sometimes I would work sixty hours a week just to make enough to pay bills. My husband was a long haul truck driver who was only home three days a month. We missed each other greatly. We were hard working but narrowly getting by.

In the spring of 2004 my husband broke his ankle coming out of truck terminal in Dallas, Texas. He was shipped home to mend his broken bone. Our income was drastically cut. We were in major turmoil over finances. Bills were piling up quickly.

One day in June of 2004 my husband drove me to work. Payday was only one day away. We had five dollars left in our pocket. On the way home my husband bought a scratch off ticket. Then is when it happened.

An hour after I started my nightly grind at work I received a phone call. It was my husband who I could barely recognize through the over whelming joy in his voice. He told me we had hit it big on a scratch off ticket. It was a prize of a thousand dollars a week for the rest of his life.

I could not believe what he was saying to me. I actually told him I didn’t have time for his practical jokes or personal phone calls at work. I had a family to support after all. It wasn’t until he picked me up that night that I saw the ticket for myself and believed it.

Then it hit. The feeling was unbelievable and exhilarating. It was like pure adrenaline. I was so much in shock it literally made me sick to my stomach. Maybe I should have paid more attention to that sick feeling. The following is what to expect when you win the lottery.

This is how the win for life ticket works. You do not get a weekly check from the lottery commission. They send you a yearly check. At the time the tax rate on winnings was twenty-eight percent. So after everything was said and done we were left with a yearly check of something like thirty eight thousand. So be aware of the tax man because he will certainly get a nice chunk of it.

Try to resist of the new found money rush. Winning the lottery was like a drug. Our heads were swimming with thoughts of what we could buy for our family. We bought new lap top computers. We put a down payment on a house. We bought a brand new decked out Chevy Avalanche, with heated black leather seats of course. We bought ATV’s for the whole family to enjoy. Life was good, for awhile that is.

You will find friends and family you never knew before. Yes it is true people come out of the wood work when they find out you won. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy helping out my immediate family. But people who never gave you a second look before are shaking your hand and patting you on the back like they were your close and personal friend all your life. Even an old high school girlfriend of my husband came out and claimed her fifteen year old daughter was his. It turned out not to be true of course. Be cautious of who you keep company with.

People will seek you out. Over night our phone seemed to be the most dialed number ever. We had calls from charities and people looking for business capital. All night and all day we had phone calls of every type. And believe me they make what they are selling to you sound absolutely wonderful. The venture capitalists are the one thing we didn’t fall for hook, line and sinker.

Watch out for the annuity companies. These are companies that will buy up your yearly payments for one lump sum. You end up with much less than what you started with. This is something we did fall for. We needed the lump sum to fund our big dream of buying real estate and turning it over for profit. This by the way never came true for us. Because around every corner there was something else we were paying the bill for.

So what is the aftermath five years after we won? My husband is back to driving truck. I stay at home taking care of the children and doing odd jobs and freelance writing for a little extra money. We don’t have luxury vehicles. We drive a used minivan to tote our five children around. We don’t have ATV’s anymore. We had to sell them off. We do not have any winnings left. The yearly payments will not kick back in again until my husband turns sixty-two.

In hindsight, would we do things differently? Yes we would. But you know what they say about hindsight. People tell us all the time they would do it differently. They tell us they would never do what we did. Well it is quite different when you are in the situation. Like I said before winning is like a drug. You become high, especially if you never had that kind of money before. You have absolutely no idea what to do and what options lay ahead of you.

My best advice would be if you do win, tell no one. Keep it under your hat and live modestly. Seek a professional financial advisor for financial help to structure your life and money for stable happiness and success. It is said that one third of lottery winners end up filing for bankruptcy because of poor budgeting. We didn’t have to go that far, but others do.

Am I happy for the experience? In a way I am. It has taught me a great deal about money and human conditioning. It has given me a great insight to a person’s character and the way they conduct themselves. It is a lesson we had to pay greatly for.

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