Why People Play the Lottery

It is almost assured that every time you purchase a lottery ticket you are going to lose. The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you and we all know the big winner in gambling is the “house” or in this instance the state education system. Well, let’s at least hope the state is properly allocating the funds to the education system! Many people scoff at coughing up the spare dollar to try their luck because they just as soon spend that extra dollar somewhere else, ironically on some other “vice” such as extra calories, tobacco products, or that daily espresso. Or they internally calculate that the one dollar per week adds up to $52 over a year which is too much to bear. These are all lottery dream killer thoughts.Why I play the lottery.

The most important aspect of spending the dollar or two every weekend on the big jackpot is simple. I am purchasing the “dream”. What exactly is the dream? The dream starts with the fascination of checking the lottery ticket on a Saturday or Sunday morning to realize that my numbers actually won. The dream is enhanced by knowing that I can fire my boss and choose my own employment at my own terms. The dream then becomes enhanced by sharing this new found wealth with family and friends that may need the money even more than me. The dream involves having more time to dedicate to family, hobbies, and charities. By dreaming, I am not referring to leaving a life in pajamas and gluttony, but having the power to do what you want to do.

Abusing the Dream

You always hear about those people that turn their lottery dream into a nightmare after winning the big jackpot. They become bewitched by their newfound wealth and later find themselves bankrupt, divorced and alienated by friends and family. They became drunk with power and abandon any values or morals when the money flows in. I am not sure exactly how this happens whether it is karma or lack of direction. It seems these people were ill-intentioned before the money even arrived.

Those that maintain the Dream

There is a rational way to handle such winnings. Treat yourself well if you win. Indulge yourself with things you always wanted but didn’t have the resources to achieve. But more importantly, keep your head out of the clouds and focus on the real value of what you won. Winning the lottery means more time with your family. Having this extra time allows you to get involved with children’s activities. Get involved with community or church by donating your time and lending support and resources to those in need. Hop on a plane and visit a relative or friend you haven’t seen in ages.

Share the Dream

Some people like to pool their lottery resources together. Often you will hear people discuss how they all contribute to a big drawing that has a jackpot of $100 million or so. This happens at many workplaces throughout America. If you follow this dream on a weekly basis, try starting a “lottery club” of your own which everyone contributes a dollar or two on a weekly basis. This will not only increase your chances but allow everyone to share their “dreams” within the group.

So why do I play the lottery on a weekly basis knowing that my one dollar ticket will most likely lose? I play for the guaranteed dream knowing I will save that spent dollar somewhere else and still make the mortgage payment and buy food every month. Buy a ticket this weekend and dream a little!

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