Win New York Lottery

New York lottery fans are in luck. The rest of this year is going to be fabulous for you. You might as well get your shopping bag ready. This type of luck is rare to come by. This is like shopping and getting paid at the same time.

I am talking about the New York lottery number that is set to play. This number could HIT any moment. You cannot miss this opportunity. The potential payout is huge. New York numbers pay upwards of 500% on $1 straight winner. You cannot get that type of opportunity very often.

You might have missed some of the winners in this group. The trend started on 7/10/2011 with number 968. That number played straight. I do not expect you to win it. I do not because I cannot in good conscience give you any prediction unless the trend is in place.

New York numbers in this article refers to pick 3 or what some states might call Cash 3 and Play 3.


I am only concerned about making sure that you win the money coming your way.

New York lottery results.

The New York lottery results are dropping this group so close together that you are bound to save some money. The potential of winning in a relatively reasonable amount of time based on history is good.

I can say that because the next winning New York lottery number in the group that dropped were 757 on 7/15/2011. That would be less than one week from the time the trend started. The next member of the group that played was 575. That winner played to cap July on 7/31/2011.

New York winning numbers.

The winning number is in place because the trend just resumed for the month of August with 958 on 8/11/2011. The group played right after one another. The trend is not violated.

That is the single most important reason why you should get your shopping bag ready.

Win New York Lottery.

The big question is, are you going to participate in winning the money?

You will need two things to win.

One is the winning number. That problem is solved because the winning New York lottery number is 505. New York fans that winner is coming.

The second thing you need is patience. That is the only thing you need to bring to the table. This history of the group in this trend is very good. The trend is not violated. If it takes you another month to win this money, it is worth it.

You will have ample time to do the end of year shopping.

You can check the trend in every state. The New York lottery money is so much for you not to win some.

Start with winning the 505 and study how to read the trend.

There is no better way to win consistently.

I look forward to you smiling soon.

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