Zellner’s First Volley Against A Good Man ~ He’s Such a Fool

 The article below is known as stick it to your opposition with surface type headlines and no guts.  Mickey Kerns is the best man for county clerk.  The article below is the first attack on good politicians.

Erie County Democratic Chair Jeremy Zellner’s Statement on GOP County Clerk Candidate Mickey Kearns’ First Week on the Campaign Trail

Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner has lambasted Assemblyman Michael P. Kearns for accepting the GOP line.

GOP County Clerk candidate Mickey Kearns has had a rough first week on the campaign trail. First, he accepted the GOP endorsement from Trump’s transition team member Nick Langworthy and posed alongside Chris Collins’ PR man, Mike Kracker.  The next day The Buffalo News called Kearns a liar on the front page of their City & Region Section.  And now Kearns has GOP operatives tweeting on his behalf from the official County Clerk’s Office account.  This seems like highly unethical behavior and I am calling on the Erie County Ethics Commission to investigate this matter as soon as possible.

This week shows exactly why Mickey Kearns and the GOP should not be running the Erie County Clerk’s office.  He is nothing more than a typical politician who cares more about furthering his own job prospects than actually serving the people of Erie County.  He has shown this week he is willing to do anything in order to get a leg up on his own career.  This County deserves better leadership and a new voice, not the same names playing politics as usual.

3 Responses to “Zellner’s First Volley Against A Good Man ~ He’s Such a Fool”

  1. Joan Seamans says:

    This controversy can end quickly. Janique Curry is a democratic candidate running for Erie County Clerk. She is by far the most prepared and qualified for the job. You might want to investigate why she is not being given the attention she needs from her own party.

  2. Clara Miller says:

    I’m a bit disheartened that we are drawing lines in the sand by the party leadership prior to the voters in the area being allowed to voice their opinion. I would think that both the Democrat and Republican leadership should keep their opinions to themselves and let the primary voters decide who they want to run in the general election. I, for one, will be supporting Janique Curry, who is the most qualified for this position of all of them. Having heard all these candidates speak, she was the one that impressed me with her knowledge and organizational skills.

  3. Lynne Mason Wicks says:

    Mr Zellner, notice the movement? Woman, and men are taking control, and, are moving our country. Take the advise, we are seeking a qualified candidate. Janique Curry is running for Erie County Clerk, and I find her very qualified! I am certain, with backing, the rest of Erie County would find this too!