14.91 Acres of Audubon Recreational Complex SOLD!

Deed to 14.91 Acres of the Audubon Recreational Complex

The 14.91 acres of the Audubon Recreational Complex needed to construct the 500 Maple Rd Surgery Center and Medical Office Building for UBMD is now owned by an entity called the 111 North Maplemere LLC.  Sale price was $2,982,000.00 and the deed was recorded by the Erie County Clerk on 07/30/2020.

On September 17, 2020 the Planning Board will review the detailed site plans in preparation for the construction of this “project’. Amherst must cooperate with the new owner in the demolition of all the sports related and other building infrastructure currently on this parcel.

    Property located at 500Maple Road (portion)
    Audubon Park MOB, LLC, Petitioner

The original New York State parkland alienation was for 93± acres of the Audubon Recreational Complex.  The Supervisor/Town Board asserted that 52.8 acres of this alienated parkland was available for a “deal” to acquire the Westwood property from the Mensch Capital Partners LLC, and that the 14.91 acres of the recently sold portion was part of this lesser amount.

Frankly we do not believe the Supervisor is even considering using just the remaining 38 acres as the maximum offer to Mensch for Westwood as stated in the MOU with Mensch. Even the MOU states that the “Town has agreed to transfer an adjoining parcel of land having an address of 1615 Amherst Manor Drive”. That is another 18.9 acres of the 93± acres increasing the potential land being offered to about 57 acres. We suspect when the smoke finally clears. and if the deal actually happens very close to 93± acres will be sold.

The not to attractive alternative is that no deal happens, Westwood is not acquired by the Town, and the 14.91 acres of the Audubon Recreational Complex now has a 177,0000 sq ft UBMD Surgery Center & Medical Office Building and surface parking lot in place of former sports and recreational area.

We await the “Definitive Agreement” called out in the MOU with Mensch supposedly on a maximum 6 calendar month time limit to find out what we finally end up with.

2 Responses to “14.91 Acres of Audubon Recreational Complex SOLD!”

  1. Arthur says:

    Isn’t this a special kind of corruption?…The whole process of this mindless, behemoth being built on parkland taking up ball fields and a golf course, during a world pandemic, without input from stakeholders. The very stakeholders that will suffer the consequences of, unsafe, unhealthy traffic and other infrastructure issues.

    Optics are deplorable. Just when the public is craving open, healthy green space, Amherst has town officials more interested in appeasing their big donors to build more of exactly what the people do not want and never did.

  2. Marty says:

    Wait till the general public gets a load of what Kulpa and his henchmen have been doing, and continue to, under cover of the China virus.

    UBMD on North Maplemere is just the beginning. The taxpaying stakeholders are being left out of this Audubon/Westwood swap. In their stead, Kulpa uses his established yes-people. What is worse, he is hiring more minions to bolster what is destined to become a boondoggle..All on the backs of taxpayers and stakeholders.

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